Electronic Business Card Unlimited SaaS Subscription


This feature rich SaaS (Software as a Service) application allows you to set up an electronic business card simply, that will amaze everyone and engage your customers..  This ONE time payment is for a subscription that never ends.  Like all SaaS subscription apps, it is all in the cloud, so it works from any PC or MAC and even on your tablets and of course your phone!  As a bonus you get our 2017 stock photos collection in case you want to get real fancy with our card.

The Best way to understand the power is to watch the video below.  This is a temporary price before it goes to a regular monthly fee subscription.



This video shows how easy it is to set up you Uptown Electronic Business Card.  You can include many links so when someone receives your card via Text, Email, or Social Media, they will have all of your information in one place.  Then, read below on how you can start using it immediately.  Then, later when you change any of the information, anyone who looks at your card will see the updated information.

For business or pleasure, everyone should have one of these cards.

Immediately after your Uptown Card looks good to you while setting it up, you should have it thoroughly tested by yourself, and by sending the card to a few people close to you.  Just send the link to their phones, let them know it is coming first for testing,  and ask them that you want them to test it and let you know how it looks.   

THE POWER: Once the card is perfect, you can TEXT it to all of the contacts in your phone in about 5 minutes!  Of course you can exclude some people if desired. Here is how, click one: Android     Ihpone


The mass text message can simply say:


Friends and Family:

Hi, Here is my latest business card with all my latest info and links.  Xxxxxxxx Hope all is well your way!


Or professionals..

Hi, here is my ebiz card.  Let me know if you ever need anything – just wanted to be sure you had all my latest contact information handy in one place.  

Then hit HIT SEND.  

Then send the message and link to all your email contacts as well, with a little more information.



1) You meet someone. They ask for your business card, or you offer your business card

2) You say, OH. “I have a new electronic card that has all my info and links. You will love it!  I can text my card to your cell right now, what is your cell number?”

3) You text them your card link. BAM, you now have their cell # in your phone contacts. Go back and add their name.  They look at the text, click the link, and see your card. They will have that forever, with all of your links and info that you had set up.  ( Keep your text messenger OPEN all the time as you can do this in 10 seconds)

That is the FASTEST, easiest and most professional business introduction you will ever do.  That little card is the doorway to your information.