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Professional email marketing campaign to 100,000 medical professionals. Send from our own domain  You can imagine that an email coming from that domain looks immediately authoritative. Our goal is to implement it in exactly that fashion.

We design the email or we can use your already prepared material.  This multi-email campaign package includes FOUR follow up emails to ensure you’re band is properly branded.  Additional followup campaigns available to ensure maximum ROI.  We have tested many lists over the years and the RESPONSE spike always comes after email #4 in a campaign.  And continues to increase even to 10 emails.  It is very simple, because it takes 5 exposures for people to begin to trust your brand or cause automatically, just because they have ‘heard of it’ before and start to trust it.

This is for 100,000 emails sent gradually 5 different times from our list email servers, over 4 months.  The follow on messages will all be somewhat different.

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medical professionals
medical professionals


We will give you weekly statistics of:

  1. Numbers of people reading your email.
  2. Number of people and their information for those clicking your links in the email.  You could follow up by phone for a huge closure rate.

We can optionally have a separate mailing with deep targeting – thanking those people for clicking your link and asking if they had any questions, or you could offer some additional incentive.

The list is very professional and any mailing will include personalized information in the email like a business letter.

Get the concept of a professional personalized business letter campaign for 100,000 medical professionals?  The potential power of that?

Upon completion of payment you will immediately be given a document with information to provide the initial information about your campaign to us, and setting up a time for a phone conversation.

Some information backing up the High ROI of email marketing.  The links have the backup information.

59% of B2B professionals say that email is their biggest revenue-generating marketing source.