Smart Meetings Appointment SaaS Calendar – Even Charge People $ Ahead of Time!


This feature rich SaaS (Software as a Service) application will totally amaze you.  This ONE time payment is for a subscription that never ends.  Like all SaaS subscription apps, it is all in the cloud, so it works from any PC or MAC and even on your tablets and other devices.

This appointment calendar allows others to get on your calendar online, in slots that you pre-configure easily.  If you are consulting or need to charge for your time, you can even set the appointments up so people have to PAY AHEAD TO MEET WITH YOU!

The Best way to understand all of the features is to watch the video below.  This is a temporary price before it goes to a regular monthly fee subscription.

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Put the link to your interactive calendar right on your website!

Include the link in you email!

Text the link so people can simply pick a convenient time!

  • Unlimited #  Calendars/Events
  • Calendar Integrations:
    Google, Outlook, ICloud etc
  • Email & SMS Reminder
  • Embed Calendar To Your site
  • Follow Up Email
  • Stripe/PayPal Integration
  • GoToMeeting/Zoom Automation
  • Via Call/ Skype / In Person
  • Facebook/Instagram Booking Feature With AMP Tech
  • Unlimited # of Events
  • Automatic Timezone Optimization
  • Cancel/Reschedule via SMS
  • Intervals & Block Rules
  • Anlaytics & Power Dashboard