Hydra Will Call, Text & Email You When It Detects An Issue With Your Website


Don’t Let Website / Server / Port / Funnel / Product Listing Downtime RUIN Your Business

App will Call, Text & Email You Within 1 Minute Of Detecting An Issue With Your Website. Monitor Your Website, SSL, Email and Ports Uptime.  Up to 5 different Monitors can be configured.

SaaS Based Alert System monitors your uptime for a website, SSL, emails, ports, and pings and notifies you via email, SMS Text and phone call if there is an issue & also alerts you when the issue is fixed.  The system records every ping and response time in milliseconds, and also provides graphs for each item monitored!

What Do We Monitor?

  • Website
  • Emails
  • SSL
  • DDOS and Attacks
  • Pings
  • FTP
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Any Server Port

hydra dashboard


SaaS based alert system has just launched and we are offering it temporarily at a one time price.  Login in from any PC to set it up, which takes about 5 minutes.

This system utilizes  Amazon’s Content Delivery Networks To Check Your Site From Various Places Around The Globe from 7 continents.

The system sends the alerts when any monitor does not respond, then sends another alert when the monitor is responding again.  It checks every 5 minutes or more, depending on your setting.  Be sure to set up your phone number and email first thing.

Easy to Set Up:

Downtime happens. Get notified within 1 Minute. Up to 5 monitors, unlimited calls, 10,000 SMS Texts, 10,000 Phone Calls.  If you ever run out of Texts or Phone Call chits, just submit a help ticket and we will add 10000 more for free!  Use the help link in our main menu on every page.

This works in any country on Planet Earth.    

Easy to set up checking your email server:

easy setup email monitor


Hourly / Weekly / Monthly stats chart show trends and problem areas. The red line below shows one time the server did not respond.

all monitors have real time graphs