Custom Video Ad Developed for Video Marketing Your Business



We can embed video in video and even add hotspots to the videos so viewers can click out to your website or purchase a product.

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Custom Video for Video marketing (social media, email).  The above video alerts cardiologist to the availability of the service. Then a custom video is made for the cardiologist’s office. Your own customized video is similar to the one above.  Ready for you to distribute to your social network.  More importantly, you can include the link to your video in your emails.  In this example, the lower-left icon would be the logo of the target business, the background anything we want.  The video of the swimmer (placeholder) would be replaced by your video or one developed for you.

Several other health and general business videos are available now for customization with your business information.

Upon completion of payment, you will immediately be given a document with information to provide the initial information about your campaign to us, and setting up a time for a phone conversation.