Social Marketing Getting Started Package – Consult and Ad Design


Consulting and ad design engagement to set up and your Social Media Facebook campaign and monitor it for 30 days.  Includes 2 ad designs and targeting analysis as appropriate. Custom targeting of viewers is available as much as Facebook allows.  As a free bonus we will point you to our custom video training course to help you manage this in the future.

We contact you within 24 hours to get specifics on ad development and approval, with the goal of starting the campaign within 2 weeks.  Customer must be ready to pay up to $5 per day to Facebook for running the ads. That is not included in the price.


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IT consulting engagement to set up a simple social media campaign targeted to your local area, with a simple Facebook advertising campaign spending $5 per day on Facebook ads for one month ($150 total) for a test.  Price does not include the Facebook Ads which are billed directly to you.

Not this:  (Instead we focus on high ROI (low expense advertising)  areas)


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