Influencers Hub Lifetime SaaS License Finds Influeners to Promote Your Products


This feature rich SaaS (Software as a Service) application will totally amaze you.  This ONE time payment is for a subscription that never ends.  Like all SaaS subscription apps, it is all in the cloud, so it works from any PC or MAC and even on your tablets and other devices.

The Best way to understand the power is to watch the video below.  This is a temporary price before it goes to a regular monthly fee subscription.

It finds the top social influencers who can promote your product to their ‘followers’ for a relatively small fee. With instant results vs any pay per click advertising

OR you can contact them to sell YOUR product to them to help them market their niche.

You contact them directly from your app, you do not even have to go to your email account to manually send the email.


This demo gives an overview and detailed instructions, so you can see underneath the covers.  The first few minutes is a quick overview with no speaker, the second part gets into the functions of the application.  Be sure to click the full-screen button on the bottom left of the video.

Businesses struggle with free traffic systems online, guys with low ads budgets losing out & big brands consistently wasting money on paid traffic online that doesn’t convert.

These unconventional marketers were silently doing something COMPLETELY different to OUTSHINE the competition.

Here is the deal…

They knew they had a tiny list, Little or No ads budget, No fame and NO authority attached to their name.. Hence they decided to CHANGE the rules of marketing and ‘traffic generation’ online…

They simply used Famous people on Social Media who are influencers in their respective niches to broadcast their marketing messages on their social media profiles.

These social celebrities are now more influential than traditional Hollywood actors.

Every single time these influencers on Instagram or Twitter broadcast their messages they get FLOOD of traffic and massive sales to any offer they promote because the Influencers already have an EXISTING audience related to the niche of the products they are selling.

This Is More Powerful Than Any Form Of Marketing…

IF you do the same, Your Entire Marketing Results Will Change Overnight, You Will Stopped Wasting Money On Ads And PR Campaigns.

Here is the basic process you follow with this great SasS application.

-Step 1: Find 1000s Of Influencers from social media





Using Keywords, Niche, Country, and Number Of Followers

-Step 2: Send Bulk Messages and Emails to Influencers

Send or Schedule Your Proposal via mass message or email to all of these targeted niche-specific influencers in just 1 click

-Step 3: Create Campaigns, Manage Campaigns and Get Traffic anywhere

Get Website Traffic, Promote Product, Service, Event or App

Track System, Get Deep analytics, With Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics Integrations

[+]Get Influencers to Promote your offer to their large 100k or 1million+ subscribers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and High Traffic Blogs.

Find Influencers On YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter based on Keyword Search, Niche, Country and

Find Influencers using minimum, and maximum followers bracket i.e., Influencer having followers or subscribers between 100k to 1 mil

[+]Find Influencers having High Traffic Blogs based on Alexa Rank, Country Rank, and Load Time when you search for it via keyword, Niche or Country.

[+]Get Email ID, and Contact Details of Any Influencer On YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and High Traffic Blogs Within a Click

[+]Send a personal message to the Influencer instantly And Send email to the Influencer instantly on their email id

[+]Power Of Finding Unlimited Influencers/ Unlimited Campaigns/ Send Unlimited Messages to them / Send Unlimited Mails to them /Unlimited Traffic.

[+]View Detailed Information about each Influencer like Engagement Rate, Post, Followers, Following, Last Account Activity, Last Online Time, Analysis of each post of each Influencer to get an idea of profitability with them

[+]Check all the saved Influencers in My Influencers Section.

[+]Save high converting messages/eMails and re-use them again to save time while dealing with other Influencers

[+]Create and manage Campaigns to send traffic anywhere

Set Campaign Goal – Get Website Traffic, Promote Product, Promote Event, Get App Installs, Promote Service, etc.

Provide General Info of Campaign like name, brand name to which traffic is sent, and campaign status

Set Contract with information like Traffic Destination URL, Your Budget for Influencer, Campaign Task, and Campaign Details

Set Tracking by entering your google analytics or Facebook pixel code, and DONE

Simply Send this campaign URL as your proposal to all the targeted Influencers.

[+]Detailed Analytics section helps you find winner campaign, and provide you with minute details with to help you decrease your traffic cost, and increase ROI

[+]Stop wasting 1000s of dollars in Ads, SEO or other sources to get Traffic

[+]With Commercial License –Get Traffic for Others & Make Money

Get New Clients, Create their campaign from your dashboard, get them Traffic, and Charge Them One Time High Price or Monthly Recurring Fee.