User Feedback – Design Consulting


This item is for one unit of 30 minutes of web design consulting and  / or a user feedback discussion.  If you want more time, just increase the number of units being purchased.

Review your current website plans by a second party -us!  We have seen so many people getting ripped off by cheap development firms, it is sickening.  Most of the times a low cost out of the box solution is best – We are not looking to take over the work, just advise and counsel so you optimize on your investment.

Order now and you will receive information for setting up time for the consultation.  We usually have initial introduction time available within 2 days


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  • Website design consulting and auditing.
  • Website design review – New UI updates analysis from a new user standpoint, preferably before you deploy and have problems.
    • Honest, direct feedback – we are not looking to fix your website, just report on the ease of use, so we are completely unbiased
  • How hard is it to order from your site?  We offer end to end site testing by a super tester.
  • Are you getting ripped off on your web work and hosting?
  • What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Having a fresh pair of eyes on your current website, or your new design can be invaluable.  Your employees will not tell you what you need to know, that is called survival on their part. Even so called agile user groups are tainted, you will never get what you really need.  DOES YOUR SITE MAKE ME WANT TO BUY? If you want a direct honest opinion, hit the buy button.  You don’t know what you don’t know!