Website and Email Server Health Audits


We audit your website with the best analysis tools, including our own proprietary tools.  Your reports will be completed within one week of your order.  We attempt to complete the order within 3 days.  Upon completion of order you will be led to instructions for submitting your website domain name for analysis.  Go to and copy the email address on the page – then send an email to it from your email address. You should go back to the site and click check and you should see a score right away.  Our audits will enable you to get the things fixed to get you this honored status.

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  • We audit your website with the best analysis tools, including our own proprietary tools.  All testing /auditing is done externally, we do not need your passwords.  These are all separate reports you can give to your webmaster / developers to fix.  We are not looking to fix your website, it can take a lot of work.  Any average developer or IT architect should be able to resolve any issues.  If not, you should move to a better server, or change your development team!  We are an unbiased testing service, as we are not looking to fix your issues.  Here is the site audit testing and reporting that is performed within one week of your order.
    • Proprietary Website SEO analysis report:   Very detailed analysis based on a very indepth analysis tool.
    • Page Speed Report : Information used by Google for search engine results ranking.  Speed is now one of the most important attributes that Google uses to rank websites high on their list.  You also must have an SSL certificate installed (closed lock icon in front of your URL in the browser in front of the https://xxxxxxxx.
    • Domain DNS health report.  Bad DNS plagues the Internet.  It causes many issues including mail deliver-ability, website trust issues and slow pages.
    • Check over 130 blacklists to ensure your IP address OR domain is not listed.  Many IP addresses that new websites or servers are hosted on, are blacklisted from day one, as they are recycled
    • MX mailbox analysis – directly impacts email deliver-ability.  Also configurations such as reverse DNS are inspected.
    • If your site is on WordPress, we attempt to see the WordPress level and site plugins, which would be an exposure.  Your security software should block outsiders from seeing what you have on the inside, or it makes it easier to hack. There are hacker websites which are kept update which list all plugins, and how to hack into the weak ones.
  • Test your email mail deliver-ability health today!  Go to this email tester website.  Send any email to the address under the ‘check’ button.  Then come back to the site and click the button.  You should get an answer within seconds, or there is a problem at large.  More importantly, what is your score?
        • Test your email score now.  Go to  Unless you are a 10/10, you may be missing out with your emails not being delivered to some domains, or going into spam folders, or being automatically dumped by ISP’s.