Extreme Technical IT Consulting


15 minutes technical consultation with an experienced leading IT webmaster and Complex Programs Project Management.  Discuss any technical subjects in this description

IT services including:
Cloud Services
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Help Desk Support
Computer Training
IT Consulting

Computer system analysis including:
Monitoring of computer systems by remote access, including:
Installation of computer software
Updating of computer software
Computer problem resolution

Requirements discussion for retainer work in the following:
Computer Systems and software design, development and implementation
Computer Software general consultation
User Testing, Application testing, Use case testing
Consultancy in the design and development of computer hardware.


what do you need to kno
technical questions and analysis


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This item is for an IT Consulting Engagement with a highly experienced technical expert.

Experienced IBM Webmaster / IT Consultant responsible for:

  • The DNS & corporate redirects, and applicable corporate standards for over 4,000 computer applications
  • The company “Blue Pages” Corporate directory of  650,000 employees
  • The ‘home pages’ of all employees in the w3 Intranet, and numerous key services feeding many applications in IBM
  • Web Content management system management for multiple IBM Organizations
  • Has worked on numerous infrastructure migrations including the latest major IBM internal moves from Mainframe to Hybrid Cloud in Blue Cloud and Events Infrastructure.
  • WordPress Expert

Consulting Primary Focus:  Hosting services and software as a service and rental of software, hosting computer sites (web sites), rental of computer software, rental of web servers, server hosting, software as a service [SaaS]

Rate: $400 per hour.  

Available in 15 minute units, each 15 minute consultation is $100.

Each quantity of 1 = 15 minutes discussion or screen sharing.

So if you byy ‘1’ of these, you get 15 minutes of consulting within the next week.

If you buy 4, you get a one hour block, etc.

What is your biggest technical or management problem?

Whether your problem is on your PC or in the board room, this set of eyes and ears will bring you a new perspective very quickly.