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Ultimate Tax Reduction Guide.

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Discover The
Secret To Lowering Your Small

Business Taxes — Instantly And Easily!

To Quickly Slash
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The Internet’s
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“I’ll save
over $6,000 from this one loophole…”

“Thank you for the great
tax-saving strategies you’ve helped me to use in my
business.  Just one simple suggestion saved me
$2,295 in taxes my first year. I never would have
thought of this strategy on my own.  I’ve been able
to utilize this same technique year after year — and
this year I’ll save over $6,000 from this one

— Gary Ritter,
Mid-West Mortgage

Dear Small Business Owner or
Self-Employed Person:

The tax burden of the Sole Proprietor
is staggering. 

According to conservative estimates,
small business owners and the self-employed are overpaying
their taxes by $160 billion every year

A statistic like that can mean only
one thing to you: 

You overpaid your taxes,

My name is Wayne M. Davies, author of
The Tax Reduction Toolkit. I’ve been helping small business owners
and self-employed people pay less tax for the past 15 years, and I’m
here to tell you that you are entitled to your share of that $160
billion pot of taxpayer gold.   

Everybody knows that the wealthy have
been using fancy tax-reduction schemes for decades. With enough
high-paid tax attorneys, any “fat cat” can get away with paying no
tax at all. 

But what about the average,
middle-class small business owner? What about the self-employed
person who is just starting out and who doesn’t have an extra 5 or
10 grand to spend on complicated tax-avoidance strategies and
exorbitant tax consulting fees? 

So, what can you do to reduce your taxes,
without spending an arm and a leg? 

 And what can you do to protect
yourself from the onslaught of frivolous, time-consuming and
potentially business-ending lawsuits that clutter our court systems

The answer is simple: 

Incorporate your business for

Perhaps you’ve heard that advice
before.  And perhaps you’ve thought, “Yeah, I should look into
that.” But you’ve stopped short. You’ve hesitated. You didn’t follow
through, for any number of reasons. 

Maybe you thought it would cost too
much to incorporate: lawyer fees, filing fees, and the

Maybe you thought it would be too
time-consuming, too much hassle, too much paperwork: forms, forms
and more forms! 

And now you’re back where you started,
wondering (again), “Is it worth it? Are the advantages of
incorporating really worth it?” 

Or maybe you have incorporated your
small business but are wondering, “Did I make the right
choice of entity?” (In case you didn’t know, there are 3 (yup,
) different types of corporations, and each
one is taxed very differently!) 

So even if you already formed a
corporation, how do you know you picked the one that enables you to
pay the least amount of tax?

Perhaps this story will help you


 * * * * *

 A Tale of
Two Small Business Owners:

Why Some
Self-Employed People Pay Thousands Less In Taxes Than

As Tom pulled into his
driveway, he was annoyed at himself.  

He found himself doing it again, and
he didn’t like it. 

Yet, he seemed compelled to do it
anyway. It’s just that if anyone knew what he was doing, he would
really be embarrassed. After all, who looks at his neighbor’s
garbage all the time? 

Tom reached up to his visor, and
pushed the square button on the garage door opener. He was lost in
thought as the garage door slowly moved up. He pulled the car in and
had to navigate to get the car in without hitting his wife’s car or
the bikes that were sloppily thrown in. 

He pushed the door opener again as he
climbed out of the car, and couldn’t help but glance out toward the
neighbor’s house. The last thing he saw as the door moved toward the
concrete floor, was the pile of trash. 

He opened the door to the house, and
was greeted by Becky. She was just getting home herself.  She
still had her raincoat on, as she was leafing through the

“Hi, Babe,” said Tom as he kissed her
on the cheek. He took his coat off and as he was throwing it on the
back of the barstool he asked, “You know, I’m embarrassed to ask
this, but have you ever noticed the Jacobson’s

Becky had a silly look on her face.
She replied, “Well, actually, uh, now that you mention it, yeah, I
have. Are you talking about all the boxes from all the new stuff
they buy?” 

“Yes. I hate to even admit this, but I
can’t help noticing they seem to always have new appliances, or
furniture, or whatever, for themselves and the kids. I don’t want to
sound nosy or anything, but I know Richard’s business makes about
the same as mine. You notice they also go on vacations a lot, and
they sent Conner to Northwestern University? How do they do
it?”,  Tom mused. 

Becky was wondering the same thing.
Actually, she was curious why so many of their Business Owner
friends lived so differently. Some better, some worse. And even
though she knows there are some unusual circumstances, it just
doesn’t add up. How do Business Owners like the Jacobson’s do so
much better? 

“He must make a lot more than we
think,” Tom rationalized, as he headed for the


No, Tom. It turns out that Richard
Jacobson doesn’t make more money than you do.  In fact, Richard
and Tom, these two typical Small Business Owners, own very similar
businesses that bring in about the same amount of money every

And when you compare the overhead
expenses of these two businesses, again, things are pretty much the

There is really only one major
difference between Richard’s business and Tom’s business.  Only
one item that accounts for Richard having so much more profit than
Tom does every year —  and that one area is

I’ve seen it time and time again in my
15 year career.  I call it “The Tale of Two Small Business
Owners.”  They have the same amount of money coming in and
about the same amount of money going out — except for

Tom is The Typical Business
Owner.  He pays his taxes with anger and resentment, not
realizing that there is a better way.  

Then there’s Richard, who is hardly
The Typical Business Owner.  He is The Rare Exception.  He
has learned how to squeeze more juice out of his financial orange,
so to speak. 

He has discovered that there are
little known techniques to make the money we all work so hard for,
go farther than it normally does.  

A lot farther! 

You see, about 6 years ago, Richard
incorporated his business. And about 6 years ago, Tom thought about
forming a corporation, but decided it was too much hassle. So Tom
has continued to operate his business as a Sole Proprietorship,
while Richard operates his business as a corporation. 

And that has made all the
difference. Tens of thousands of dollars of


You see, the education we all get as
American Business Owners is sorely lacking in one area.  Yet,
it is an area that, next to our health, is really at the top of the
list of importance. 

Sure. We’re talking about your money.
And how to make sure you get to keep as much of it as is legally
possible.  We’re talking about TAXES — and how to beat the Tax
Man at his own game! 

When you think about it, when in high
school, or college, or even graduate school, did we learn how to
legally reduce the amount of taxes we pay to the

Which course prepared us for dealing
with business taxes? 

I can’t remember any useful
information about this even being discussed.  Can

But you can go to the library now and
find a whole shelf full of books on small business tax reduction
strategies. Or just go to “google” or “yahoo” and do some research
online — again, you’ll find a boatload of resources. 


But where do you

There are so many ways to legally
reduce your business taxes, where do you begin? 

You begin by focusing on the
one small business tax reduction strategy that stands head
and shoulders above all the rest: Incorporate your small

If you are going to implement just one
technique to lower your taxes, this is the one you should start
with. Forming a corporation can save you more money than every
other tax strategy combined.
Why do you think so many
corporations exist? 

That’s why I’ve compiled my complete
collection of tax secret ebooks into one giant compilation
that will give you every tax break you need to keep more of your
money. I call it…

“This guy
really knows his stuff…” 

“This book is unlike
anything I ever seen. It’s written in plain English —
no technical or accounting gobbledygook….just
excellent information you can use immediately. I believe
anyone who operates a business online (or offline) can
understand the tax saving methods covered here. I
personally talked with Wayne for 30 minutes on the phone
and absolutely grilled him about how and why a sole
proprietor would need this information.  His
answers not only gave me some tax-saving ideas I never
thought of before, but proved to me that this guy really
knows his stuff!”  

— Jim Edwards,
author, How To Write & Publish Your Own eBook In As
Little As 7 Days,

“The Ultimate Guide To Slashing
Your Business Taxes”

How To Save Thousands Of
Dollars In Taxes By

Incorporating Your
Business For FREE And Using EVERY

Tax Avoidance Secret I Know!

In my new 3-volume set,
I’ve included 3 of my most popular products for protecting your
business while saving you thousands on taxes each and every

Each product is
individual, yet as a complete set, you’ve got everything you need to
start saving thousands of dollars by utilizing IRS approved tax
reduction secrets. I’ll show you how to…


  • Incorporate your
    business easily and without spending high fees on
  • Use your new
    incorporation status as a huge tax break by showing you every
    deduction you’re entitled to
  • And finally, show
    you the little-known secrets of reducing taxes sharply for any
    small business owner

Starting with the
basics (the good stuff every small business owner can use to
drastically reduce their tax payments), you get my first ebook


Volume # 1:

The Tax Reduction

29 Little-Known Legal Loopholes
That Will Reduce Your Taxes By Thousands! 

(For Small Business Owners & Self-Employed People

Aren’t you just fed up
with the outrageous amount of tax you have to fork over to the IRS?
(not to mention your state and local government!) Income taxes,
payroll taxes, sales taxes, real estate taxes, personal property
taxes, excise taxes, estate taxes, gift taxes — when will it ever

What do you think? The
never-ending list of taxes is just that!!! IT’S A NEVER-ENDING
LIST!!! IT WILL NEVER END — the IRS has been given the license to
legally “steal” your money year after year. 

Sure, there are some
good things that our tax dollars are used for — things like our
public education system, national defense, keeping our streets safe
at night, etc. 

But don’t you think the
IRS has gone a little too far? I sure do. And the only way I know to
“beat the system” — legally — is to take advantage of the many
“legal loopholes” that are there for you to use. You just have to
know what those loopholes are and how to use them. 

You work hard for you
money. Why just sit there and let the IRS take it away? It’s time
for you to do something about the IRS’s “legalized

In fact, it doesn’t
really take much information to save a lot of money in taxes. It is
true: Just A Little Bit Of Tax Knowledge Can Save You Thousands Of
Dollars Every Year! 

But you are trying to
run a business. You’re not supposed to know everything about taxes
and dealing with the IRS. As a smart business owner, you need to
find someone to be “on your side” who does know about taxes and who
can help you when dealing with the IRS. 

The tax laws can be
incredibly complicated to understand, especially for the Small
Business Owner like yourself. How can you be expected to run your
business AND keep up with all the tax rules and regulations? That’s
just not possible. If you are not a full-time Tax Professional,
you’ll run yourself ragged trying to become a “tax

That’s why over the
years I’ve discovered many tax-saving strategies that will reduce
your tax bill each and every year. These “strategies” are not
difficult to understand, nor are they hard to

These tax-slashing
techniques are not exclusively reserved for the “rich and famous”
who can afford expensive tax lawyers to “finagle” complicated
tax-avoidance schemes. 

No, I’m not talking
about anything illegal or even the least bit “shady.” I’m taking
about simple methods that are well within reach of the “average
middle-class” Small Business Owner. In fact, many of these
strategies are available to all taxpayers regardless of how much
money you make. 

And I’ve helped
literally dozens of “real live” Small Business Owners to
successfully use these strategies. 

Take my client Gary, for
example . . . Listen to what Gary has to say about how much money he
has saved just in the past three years. 


“I’ll save over $6,000
from this one loophole…” 

“Thank you for the great
tax-saving strategies you’ve helped me to use in my
business.  Just one simple suggestion saved me
$2,295 in taxes my first year. I never would have
thought of this strategy on my own.  I’ve been able
to utilize this same technique year after year — and
this year I’ll save over $6,000 from this one

— Gary Ritter,
Mid-West Mortgage

How would you like to
save over $6,000 dollars
this year from one simple strategy? And
as Gary continues to use this strategy year after year, he will
continue to save $6,000 each and every year. That’s over $30,000 in
5 years; $60,000 in 10 years!!! 

What could you do with
an extra $6,000 in your pocket? Pay off some debts? Expand your
business? Purchase some much needed equipment? Or just give yourself
a “raise” and take a vacation with your family?  

Here’s another example
of the way my strategies have helped a local Small Business

saved us $3,700 this year with two simple

“Over the
past year, Wayne has found and made recommendations that
have resulted in some very real tax savings.  I
take pride in understanding many accounting principles
and a healthy measure of tax law. However, Wayne saved
us $3,700 this year with two simple suggestions. I
wasn’t aware of one of them; the other I didn’t think
of, and I wouldn’t have until too late. I don’t recall
our previous accountant coming up with anything, in
almost three years.”  

Dennis J. Malott, Adaptive Design & Development

And here’s one


showed me how to save $2,000 in taxes on just one tax
strategy alone…” 

“I just
wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for all of your
help to minimize taxes.  In such a complicated tax
world, you showed me how to save $2,000 in taxes on just
one tax strategy alone. No other tax professional has
taken the time to show these tax saving opportunities
for my company. It’s nice to know that I can run my
business and not have to worry about the “tax” side of
my business. I look forward to learning more strategies
for tax savings in the future. Keep up the great

— Ron
Schmucker, Advantage Insurance Services

This is my
easy-to-understand explanation of the 29 best tax-saving strategies
I know. These are the same strategies that my clients (like Gary,
Dennis and Ron) have used to save $2,000 or $2,295 or $3,700 or even

In this eBook I give to
you the best ways I know to legally reduce your taxes. Nothing
complicated. Nothing “shady”. Nothing that will confuse you or keep
you up at night worrying.




In fact, many Small Business Owners
don’t even know what the loopholes are! 

Once you’ve read through this book ,
you’ll know more about how to reduce your taxes than 99.9% of all
the Small Business Owners in this country! 

Here’s just a sample of the tax-saving
“secrets” revealed in my book: 


  • What is the EASIEST way for a
    Business Owner/Self-Employed Person like you to lower your
    The answer is so
    simple it will shock you. Implementing this strategy is easy, and
    will save you thousands in taxes immediately. 
  • Are you paying yourself the
    “right way” or the “wrong way”?
    Business Owners are notorious
    for mishandling the way they pay themselves. Without even
    realizing it, you are probably paying too much in taxes simply
    because of the way you compensate yourself!!! Fix this mistake and
    your tax bill automatically decreases. 
  • Did you know there is a way to
    turn non-deductible personal medical expenses into a legitimate
    business expense?
    My Toolkit reveals how to do this. Plain and
    simple, and perfectly legal. You’ve probably been missing out on
    this deduction for years. Find out how to deduct what most people
    assume are non-deductible personal medical expenses. 
  • Are you deducting personal
    travel expenses, like vacations
    ? Did you know you can legally
    deduct your vacation expenses as a business expense? Find out how
    and reduce your taxes every year. 
  • How much money are you wasting
    on your Retirement Plan each year?
    How much do you spend each
    year to provide a retirement plan for yourself? Why not offer a
    plan that is literally free? And I mean FREE!!! No cost at all to
    either yourself or your employees! 
  • Do you know how to convert
    TAXABLE income into NON-TAXABLE income?
    This is probably the
    most overlooked “tax break” on the books. Few people use it. You

You’ll find the answers to each of
these questions in my eBook. And once you open “29 Little-Known
Legal Loopholes That Will Reduce Your Taxes By Thousands” you will
look at taxes totally different! (And believe me, it will be for the


“Thanks for giving me
thousands of dollars…” 

Wayne, I thought this
stuff would be tricky, hard to follow, or simply
something I couldn’t find the time to do. Boy, was I
ever wrong! Not only do you explain it in easy to
understand terms, but you can make it so darned easy to
save big time on my taxes. Thanks to your help, I saved
$4,600 and I’m going to be able to take a really nice
family vacation this year — all because of your
materials, all from the money I normally would have paid
on taxes. Thanks for giving me thousands of

–Grady Smith,


And if my 29
Little-Known Legal Loopholes weren’t enough by itself, take a look
at all the free bonuses you get along with it: 


The 9 Biggest Mistakes Taxpayers 

Make And How To
Avoid Them ($45 Value)

This is another incredibly valuable
source of tax-saving strategies. 

Our tax laws are so complicated, it’s
no wonder that there’s so much bad tax advice out there. Go to your
local bookstore or public library and look at the shelves filled
with books on taxes. So a friend of a friend gets reads one of these
books and thinks he’s an expert on the subject! So he tells your
neighbor about something he read, and by the time this “tax tidbit”
gets to you, who knows whether it’s right or wrong. 

The end result . . . MANY TAXPAYERS,

will help you to avoid these mistakes that are probably costing you
money every year! 




This special report will tell you
exactly what you need to know so that you’ll never worry about
getting audited again! I mean, talk about “Peace Of Mind” — that’s
what you’ll have after going through my step-by-step audit-proof
system. You’ll know exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) to keep
the IRS off your back and out of your life forever! 




I don’t want to leave you “hanging out
to dry” when it comes to knowing how to implement every tax-saving
strategy you are entitled to use. I want to show you exactly how to
implement as many of the “Legal Loopholes” as

So these Income Tax Return Critique
Certificates allow you to send me any 4 recent income tax returns,
which I will analyze with my “fine-tooth (tax-savings) comb”. I will
then send you a written evaluation of each return, detailing any
changes that can be made to these returns that will reduce your

Example: You send me your business tax
return and your personal tax return for Years 2004 and 2005.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: In case you didn’t
know it, you have up to 3 years to make changes to your income tax
returns after they’ve been filed. So if I discover a tax-saving
strategy that was overlooked on your return, you can file an amended
return which implements the tax-saving strategy I recommend, and
you’ll get a refund! 

These four Income Tax Return Critique
Certificates are yours FREE, providing you invest in the Toolkit





This is yet another way that I
demonstrate my commitment to you and your business. Once you get my
“29 Legal Loopholes”, “9 Biggest Mistakes” and “Audit-Proof”
manuals, you’ll have so much tax-slashing information that you may
be overwhelmed. You will read through all my material and have
questions about how to implement these tax-saving strategies in your
particular situation. So this Telephone Consultation Certificate
entitles you to “pick my brain” for up to one hour on the

Of course, the phone call will be
personal, private and confidential. Clients routinely tell me that
this consultation alone has been worth far, far more than their
entire Tax Reduction Toolkit investment. Many say the consult gets
them clearly focused on what to do first, second, and third, to see
fast results in using all these Legal Loopholes. Questions are
answered. Doubts removed. Actions agreed on. 


I only tell it like it is. I shoot
straight from the hip. I may give you answers you’d rather not hear.
I won’t sugarcoat. But you can count on this — you will get
truthful, tested, proven advice from someone specializing in the tax
business. You will get “real world answers” to your particular



This financial planning workbook
covers just about every aspect of “money stuff” you can imagine:
Retirement Planning, College Funding, Insurance, Debt-Reduction,
Long-Term Care, Personal & Family Budgeting, and

You can use The Complete Financial
Check-Up System to finally get your finances in order, once and for
all. You can go through the workbook at your own pace, one area at a
time, or your can concentrate on just the areas that concern you the
most. Either way, you’ll be able to thoroughly analyze every aspect
of your financial life and know what changes are needed to make
things better. 

This $45 Complete Financial Check-Up
System is yours FREE, just for investing in the Tax Reduction
Toolkit now. 


This forgotten classic (first
published in 1910) contains the timeless wisdom of an incredibly
practical prosperity program.  Written by an odd-looking man
with a funny name, this book presents a simply amazing
wealth-building system that still works today. 

The premise is simple yet

The ownership of money and property
comes as a result of doing things in a certain way. Those who do
things in this certain way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get
rich. Those who do not do things in this certain way, no matter how
hard they work or how able they are, remain poor.  

It is a natural law that like causes
always produce like effects. Therefore, any man or woman who learns
to do things in this certain way will infallibly get

What is “this certain way” of doing
things that will bring you riches?  “The Science of Getting
Rich” will tell you!   

Now real quickly, let’s summarize what
just this first volume of “The Ultimate Guide To Slashing Your
Business Taxes
” means to you and your business (and remember,
this is just the first volume of 3):

  • You’ll SLASH YOUR TAXES by at
    least $2,000  
  • You’ll TRULY be one of the
    handful of Small Business Owners who know how to stand up to the
    IRS and say (legally), “Enough is enough! I’m not taking it
  • You’ll sleep well at night
    knowing that you reduced your taxes legally, without any fear of
    an IRS audit.  
  • You’ll have an “on-going”
    relationship with someone (ME) who has helped dozens of other
    Small Business Owners reduce their taxes.  

saved over $3,500”

“Wayne, I just read your
book…it’s great! Your easy to read and understand tax
reduction strategies are excellent. I am going to
immediately put your strategy into place to turn
non-deductible personal medical expenses into a
legitimate business expense. This strategy alone will
save me over $3,500. Keep up the great

Jeffrey Jordan, Net Marketing

Backed by an amazing two-pronged guarantee (which I’ll detail for
you in a moment to explain how this kit is guaranteed to save you
money), you’re now able to get it as part of this package at a
deeply discounted price.

More on the price in a moment. But I
also want to tell you about the next kit in this “Ultimate Guide To
Slashing Your Business Taxes” 3-volume set….

Volume # 2:

Incorporation Tax Secrets

How To Save Thousands In Taxes
After Incorporating Your Business:

The Ultimate
Small Business Tax Reduction

How do I know for sure
that my business is better off as a corporation than a Sole

Why not just remain a Sole
Proprietor? Why not “keep it simple”? 

My ebook explains exactly
why a Sole Proprietorship is such a dangerous entity to

After reading this ebook,
you’ll wonder why you ever operated as a Sole Proprietor, regardless
of what kind of business you own or what your income

How do I know for sure
that my business is better off as a corporation than a

Aren’t there situations
when a Partnership is a viable business entity? 

My ebook explains exactly
why a Partnership can be twice as dangerous as a Sole
Proprietorship — a business entity to avoid like the

There are so many choices — Sole Proprietorship,
Partnership, and several types of corporations: “C” Corporation, “S”
Corporation, and Limited Liability Company (LLC). 

Get this ebook and get
un-confused about the Choice of Entity decision, once and for

My ebook gives you the
whole scoop on the “Choice of Entity” issue. You’ll discover which
entities are “good” entities and which ones are “bad” entities.
Which ones to consider seriously and which ones to

You’ll get clear direction
on how to narrow down the choices — in easy-to-understand Plain
English. No technical gobbledy-gook. No legal mumbo

Yes, not all corporations
are created equal! There are 3 entities that provide limited
liability. Which one should you be?

My ebook helps you make
that decision
— and you
better believe that this is an incredibly important

Forming a corporation may be a
“no-brainer.” But forming the “right” kind of corporation is often a
complicated decision involving a multitude of

“This book is worth an
easy $5,000” 

I am really steamed.
Neither my attorney nor my accountant bothered to tell
me I was wasting my money simply because I had the
“wrong” type of corporation for my needs. If I just take
that “extra” tax I’ve been paying and put it into my
retirement account, I’ll have an additional $232,000.
Anyone can do the same. This ebook is worth an easy
$5,000 to anyone who has or wants to get into

— Kevin Bidwell,

Once you read this ebook, you’ll be equipped to
“get this right”.
you’ll end up paying thousands more in taxes than

“Incorporation Tax Secrets
Revealed” explains the major tax benefits of each corporate entity.
There are literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of
tax-reduction strategies explained here. Some you may have heard of,
others I’m sure you haven’t. 

Here’s just a few of the
corporate tax secrets revealed

  • How to deduct 100% of
    your medical bills
    (including those sky-high health insurance
    premiums), even when your business has a loss.  (Even
    with recent tax law changes, Sole Proprietors have never been able
    to do this!) 

  • How to save thousands
    by legally shifting your business income to other family members
    in lower tax brackets.
    This strategy alone is worth a small

  • How to avoid the
    dreaded “double taxation” of corporate profits
    . Many Sole
    Proprietors avoid the corporation for fear of paying tax twice on
    their business profit. When you find out how easy it is to avoid
    the “double whammy”, you’ll be amazed! 

  • How to use a
    corporation to legally reduce your employment taxes by 40% or
    . Sole Proprietors and Partnerships often pay twice as
    much employment taxes as Corporation owners. After reading my
    ebook, you’ll know how to use a corporation to legally reduce your
    employment taxes by thousands — each and every year!

  • How to deduct your
    business losses immediately, offsetting thousands of non-business
    Many businesses have
    losses, especially in the early years. Find out what type of
    corporation enables you to deduct those losses against your other
    “non-business” income, saving you a bundle in taxes while you get
    your business off the ground. 

  • Discover how to use
    the Limited Liability Company like a “chameleon”
    , with the
    phenomenal ability to provide legal protection while being taxed
    like any of the other entities, offering you flexibility never
    before seen on the corporate scene. 

  • Find out how to take
    advantage of the 2003 Tax Cuts to lower your business income taxes
    as well as your personal income taxes.
      Thanks to the
    new tax bill passed in May 2003, tax planning has never been so
    complicated! My ebook un-ravels the complexities of the new rules,
    making sure you know how to use these new rules “the right way” to
    slash your taxes. 

  • How to reduce the tax
    on the sale of your business by 20% or more!
      Some day,
    when you go to sell your business, will you have had the foresight
    to use the one business “exit strategy” that 99% of business
    owners never even consider when they start their

All these tax tricks are
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Ultimate Small Business Tax Reduction Strategy.”  


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I can’t believe you are
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so easy to understand and implement.  

— Jeff Rife, Rife
Insurance Inc.

This is truly . .

The Only Plain English
Guide To Saving Thousands In Taxes 

By Forming A Corporation


. . for small business owners, home-based business owners, part-time
business owners, sole proprietors and the self-employed.

“This book will reduce
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I thought it was
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information immediately. This is just what all small
business owners need. I expect this to save me at least
$3,360 in taxes next year alone. 

— Eric Owens,
Nashua, NH


If you’ve wondered “Is
it really worth forming a corporation?” — this ebook will . .

a) Explain exactly why the
answer to that question is undeniably “YES!” 


b) Help you decide which
type of corporation is best for you: regular “C” Corporation, “S”
Corporation, or Limited Liability Company. 

But what if you’ve already formed a
corporation or LLC?

Be not dismayed . . . .
This ebook is for you, too!

How do you know you picked
the “right” kind of corporation for your particular situation? How
do you know whether you should switch to one of the other types? My
ebook will help you figure this out!  


Bonus #1: One free “Choice of Entity Analysis”
Certificate ($195 value)

At least once a week I
receive an email like this: “Dear Wayne: I just started a business
and I’m wondering whether I should incorporate. How do I know which
business entity type is best for me? Please advise.”

My answer is always the
same disclaimer-laden response: “It all depends.”  It depends
on a long list of factors that must be reviewed by an experienced
tax professional.

After you read my ebook,
you may have questions and you may need some help sorting it all

That’s what the Choice of
Entity Analysis will do for you. I’ll review the details of your
particular situation and give you an in-depth answer to the Choice
of Entity question. I’ll tell you which legal entity results in the
greatest tax savings, and I’ll explain to you the whole process of
making the switch from one entity to another (if a switch is

Believe me, making a change
in your Choice of Entity ain’t nearly as painful and costly as Uncle
Fred (or some other well-intentioned, self-proclaimed “tax expert”)
may have told you.  In fact, forming a corporation, or changing
from one type of corporation to another, will usually result in tax
savings that far exceed any out-of-pocket cost.

In fact, I’ve worked with
hundreds of small business owners who “made the switch” from one
entity to another, and the end result was always the same: the tax
savings was so great that, in effect, there was no out-of-pocket
expense. Uncle Sam paid the bill to get the corporation going, and
the taxpayer ended up paying thousands of dollars less in taxes for
many years to come.


: One free Choice of Entity 60-minute Phone Consultation 
($145 value)

I’ll spend up to one hour
on the phone with you, answering your questions about which entity
is best for your situation. You can “pick my brain” for 60 minutes
and we can go over the Choice of Entity Analysis that I’ll prepare
for you as explained in Bonus #1.

Altogether, you get $340
worth of Choice of Entity tax planning services — at no extra

You’ll get your questions
answered, you’ll get un-confused once and for all.

Volume # 3:

How To Incorporate Yourself For

 The Ultimate Plain English
Guide To Incorporating Your Small Business or Self-Employment
Activity In Any U.S. State Via Free Online Resources All By Yourself
Without Paying A Fortune In Legal

Make no mistake, this is . .

The Ultimate Plain
English Guide To Incorporating 

I spell it out for you in
easy-to-follow language that anyone can understand. No technical
gobbledy-gook, no legal mumbo jumbo. You’ll read it and you’ll know
what to do. Period. 

End the confusion about what it means
to incorporate. Stop being frustrated by the complicated legal-ese
you find in many “how-to-incorporate” books. 

Do not be misled by those who say how
difficult it is to form a corporation. If you’ve heard how hard it
is to incorporate – Well, my friend, you heard wrong! It just isn’t
that difficult, believe me.


In Any U.S.

It doesn’t matter where you live – as
long as you live in one of the 50 United States (as well as the
District of Columbia), — I’m going to show you exactly how to form
a corporation in every state in the country. 

Via Free Online

I show you exactly where to get the
forms you need to incorporate – and these forms are not going to
cost you one cent!  That’s right – I not only explain how to
incorporate, but I also show you where and how to obtain all the
necessary paperwork – at no charge whatsoever. 

Yes, when you submit the incorporation
paperwork, you do have to pay a state filing fee. There is no way to
avoid that.  But the forms themselves are



ell researched, easy to read, step
by step guide

Wayne, Congratulations,
you’ve done it again! How To Incorporate Yourself For
Free is an incredibly well researched, easy to read,
truly simplified, step by step guide that any type of
small business owner or prospective owner who is
considering the self incorporation route should
definitely get their hands on. Excellent Job!  PS.
The state-by-state free resource links are like icing on
the cake, saving the reader untold hours of potentially
frustrating research time. 

— Jeff Steffens, 

All By Yourself 

You don’t have to pay a lawyer
hundreds or thousands of dollars to file the paperwork for
you.  You can do it yourself.  After you read my guide and
see how easy it is, you’ll be amazed that lawyers charge as much as
they do for this service.   

If you are a “do-it-yourself-er” –
then you’ll love this guide! 

If you prepare your own income tax
return – then forming a corporation will be a piece of cake!  I
guarantee it. 

Forming a corporation is without a
doubt one of the best things you can do for yourself, your business,
and your family.  You’ll protect your personal assets from
lawsuits and you’ll save thousands in

Maybe you already knew that – but have
been putting it off because of those “obstacles” I mentioned earlier
– the cost and the complexity. 

Well, with my guide in your hands,
you’ll finally be able to overcome those obstacles – you won’t have
to pay a lawyer a small fortune and you’ll have my simple
step-by-step instructions to guide you.   

Assuming that you could find a lawyer
to do the incorporation paperwork for $500, with my help you’ll be
able to take care of it for a fraction of that cost. And in some
areas, lawyers charge even more — $700, $800, $900, even $1,000 or

For less
than the cost of dinner for two, I can be on the way to
incorporating my business.

I would have had to
research hours to find the information and resources
needed to incorporate, but saved a lot of time (and
money) just reading this book. It’s written like he’s
talking to ME with all the steps and links to the
paperwork laid out. This book does what he says it will
do, it’s in plain English, covers every state, and I now
have the confidence to do this myself.

Tamieka Ruiz,

As an added bonus, I have assembled
these special resources to help you de-mystify the incorporation

How To Form A Limited Liability Company (LLC) In Any

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Limited
Liability Company, aka the “LLC”. As the name implies, the LLC is
very similar to a corporation in that it, too, provides limited
liability and asset protection to the owners. 

And many of the same tax advantages
available to the corporation are also available to the

So, if you’ve been thinking about
forming an LLC, you came to the right place! I’ve included a special
section in “How To Incorporate Yourself for Free” on how to form an
LLC in all 50 states – that way, regardless of which entity is best
for you, you’ll find the resources you need to get it started

How To Avoid A Ton of Paperwork by Eliminating Corporate

After you incorporate, there are any
number of very specific procedures you must follow to “act like a
corporation”. If you fail to follow these so-called “corporate
formalities”, you run the risk of having your corporation dismantled
by the IRS or the court system – and you’ll lose the protection you
thought you had all along. 

Many states have a little-known
procedure that allows you to legally avoid these corporate
formalities, saving you lots of paperwork and other bureaucratic

As an added bonus, I reveal this
obscure time-saver in my ebook. 

BONUS #3 — How
To Handle The Tax Man Without Breaking Into A Sweat 

Once you form a corporation or LLC,
your business has several new tax requirements that you better take
care of!  Forming a corporation will protect your assets and
reduce your tax bill, but you’ve got to know what tax forms to file
so that you don’t run afoul of the government. 

In one easy-to-use checklist, I give
you the whole scoop on what you’ve got to do tax-wise, now that
you’ve incorporated. 

If you tried to track down all the
info in this checklist on your own, you would spend hours sorting it
all out.  I give you all this valuable info in one place, in
Plain English, so you know exactly what to do tax-wise to keep the
government off your back and out of your life.

Low-Cost Alternatives To Incorporating By Yourself For Free

Let’s face it, not everyone likes
paperwork. And that’s basically what incorporating by yourself is
all about — filling out government forms. Well, even if paperwork
ain’t your cup of tea, this ebook can still save you a bundle,
because I reveal how to slash the cost of incorporation by hundreds
of dollars via low-cost alternatives to the “do-it-yourself”
approach that still won’t cost an arm and a leg!

BONUS #5 — Free
1-Year Subscription to Wayne’s Small Business Tax Newsletter

Every month you’ll get timely
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Small Business”, and “How to Procrastinate Your Way To An
Audit-Proof Tax Return.”

And after you’ve incorporated your
business, a whole new world of tax breaks will open to

So What’s It Gonna Cost You To Get
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Business Tax Reduction Guide

I know you’re probably wondering about
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If you were to become one of my tax
clients and make an appointment, it would take at least 7 to 10
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My standard rate for tax consulting
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But don’t worry, that’s not the price
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Far from it. 

I originally considered offering each
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Even though this information will
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For the cost of a nice dinner for two,
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business owners only dream of understanding. Finally, you’ll have
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And Just Why Is This Package Priced
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I know there are tax-reduction
products sold online and offline for hundreds of dollars. (There is
a market for every price-point, ya know.)

And perhaps I’ve completely ignored
all “common sense” (and the pleading of my wife) by under-pricing
this package at an almost ridiculous $97. 

But I didn’t want anyone to say “I
can’t afford it.” 

Plus, I want this to serve as an
introduction to me and my business online —  in case you are
“meeting” me for the first time online. 

As corny as this sounds, I’m offering
this package at this price because I want to earn your

It’s true — again, please pardon the
cliché — what goes around comes around.  It’s the only way I
know how to do business — whenever I over-deliver, I end up coming
out way ahead in the long run.  

And I want you to believe me when I
tell you, I’ll be here (online) for a long time to

Of course you understand that $97 is
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will eventually increase the price  — and you’d still be
getting a great return on your investment, when you consider that
just one tax strategy revealed in this package can be worth $2,000
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So, you get over 300 pages of
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A Flat-Out, Unconditional, NO-RISK,
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An UNHEARD of — the “RISK’S ON ME”
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“Wayne’s guarantee
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“I was skeptical, too. But
Wayne’s guarantee that he can save you $2,000 on your
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You Can’t Afford To Walk Away From
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What if I’m right? What if following
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See what I mean by a

See how much money you could be losing
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