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The Ultimate Pull-Up Program

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To help you out, here’s a list of frequently asked questions:

Can The Ultimate Pull-Up Program be done at home?

Yes. All you need is a home pull-up bar (or somewhere you can do pull-ups). This is the one mandatory piece of equipment.

While several exercises use dumbbells, resistance bands, a TRX, and a barbell, all of these exercises are extremely modifiable and can be adapted to meet the equipment you have at your disposal. I can provide you with alternative options. And to reiterate, the only mandatory piece of equipment is a pull-up bar.

How long will each workout take?

Each workout will likely take between 35-45 minutes (excluding additional exercises, mobility work, warm-up or cool-down). When you are starting out, your workouts might take longer. As you become more familiar with the exercises, the overall length of time might decrease. That being said, your top priority should be making sure that you are performing 100% of your reps with proper form. Do not rush, and be present both physically and mentally.

How long will each phase take?

A general guideline is 4-8 weeks. Some phases may be faster and some slower depending on your fitness level and technical ability. It is not a race, so take your time. Most exercises can be made more challenging by adding more resistance (or a band) or by altering the tempo. For pull-up regressions, if you can hold for the recommended time or can perform the reps with good form, you can move on to the next phase’s regression.

Does The Ultimate Pull-Up Program address the full body?

Yes. It includes exercises that address the full body. That being said, if you have any muscle groups (or movements) you wish to target to a larger degree, you are welcome to perform additional exercises after you have completed the recommended workout from The Ultimate Pull-Up Program or you can perform other exercises on “off days.” While the program will absolutely address physique-related goals, you can perform additional exercises.

Is The Ultimate Pull-Up Program suitable for people who can already do pull-ups?

Yes. The Ultimate Pull-Up Program addresses many different components that will help you improve your current PR for reps (either in a single set or for the total number in a workout), use more weight (if you do weighted pull-ups), and perhaps most importantly, improve your pull-up form. It also includes a bonus phase where I give you 11 of my favourite advanced pull-up variations for you to sink your teeth into.

Can The Ultimate Pull-Up Program be performed in conjunction with another program you are following?

 Yes. You can either make The Ultimate Pull-Up Program your main program and compliment it with another program. Or you can follow your program and incorporate many exercises from The Ultimate Pull-Up Program into your current program. Also, as my program is to be followed 3-4 days per week, you can perform your program on the “off days.” That being said, it’s important to take one day off per week.

Is The Ultimate Pull-Up Program suitable for men?

Yes. The Ultimate Pull-Up Program IS for people of all genders. In fact, a huge number of the people who have purchased my program are male. Like all exercises, the pull-up IS a gender neutral exercise. When it comes to training for pull-ups, the same concepts apply to people of all genders. You need to develop pull-up specific technique, upper body strength, shoulder and scapular controlled mobility, lumbo-pelvic stability, grip strength, and lower body strength. The Ultimate Pull-Up Program addresses 100% of these requirements.

I paid for The Ultimate Pull-Up Program. How do I download the program?

When you purchase The Ultimate Pull-Up Program, you will immediately receive a payment confirmation email from Clickbank. There is a bright green download button and you can download your program information by clicking on it. If you have any problems you can always contact me (see below FAQs).

Still have a question? Please check out the FAQs Page for more questions and answers.