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The Thyroid Diet Program For People With A Slow Metabolsim

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So, How Was My Mother Able to Melt Away 1 Lb Of FAT every 72 Hours? 

Boost Her Energy Levels…


Get Rid Of a Boatload of Health Symptoms?

While previously Having Thyroid Hormone Levels That Were On The Floor?

Hi, I’m Tim and what you’re looking at now is pretty weird right?

You’ll soon discover why this MAGIC white car is the secret to…

Your weight loss, energy and health goals when you have hypothyroidism

The problem for…

My Mother and you when it came to losing weight when you have thyroid condition was that

Her metabolism took a:

Then…There’s so much Mis-information out there, it would confuse even the smartest person alive, my mother and I certainly struggled for years.

That’s not to mention the monumental cover up going on behind closed doors that keeps the Doctors in the dark, preventing you from learning about the REAL and EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE OPTIONS open to you

I’m about to reveal an unusually effective system for:

Boosting the production of your:

  • – Super Calorie-Burning
  • – Health RE-BOOTING
  • – Active & Life-Giving

T3, thyroid hormone

A system I’ve used to help my mother lose 40 Lbs in only 12 weeks AND:

To help myself live a radically better quality of life and help thousands people lose countless pounds of fat.

She’s gone from:

There is 1 major problem when it comes to fixing thyroid problems:

The CANNOT be ignored Conversion between 2 KEY thyroid hormones:

Converting T4, the practically asleep and practically useless thyroid hormone until it’s turned into the Mega Health Boosting thyroid hormone: T3

…is the CRUX of the matter!

To Quote Dr Ray Peat PHD, the foremost expert on thyroid health:

“Key dietary ingredients are needed to convert the inactive thyroid hormone into the active T3 and to hold down cortisol, the stress hormone which inactivates T3″


I’ve collected a library of 220 such studies and research papers proving it is in fact the conversion of T to T3 that is THE ROOT CAUSE of an under-active or dysfunctional thyroid system.

You See: I committed to a desperate search for answers to help my mother…

In the last 3 years alone, I have done…

…more study on the thyroid than a Doctor would do during their ENTIRE 7-year bachelor’s degree!

(I’m referring to study on all subjects to become a Dr, not just the time a Doctor in training would study the thyroid alone)

Remember – There are 3 MASTER Weight Loss and Thyroid Re-Building Tips in the Presentation Above – all Free – Nothing Held Back

Now everything I’ll be sharing with you in my program and the free, viral presentation above is:

Focused on the magic formula I accidently stumbled across while trying to help my mother raise her metabolism and lose weight


While trying to get back the mother I used to have….

The woman that was slim, full of life and an inspiration to those around her.

The truth was, while I still loved my mother, I really missed the ‘Mom I Used To Have’.

So did she.