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The Quantum Key By Aaron Murakami – Energy & Potential Mastery!

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For the first time, taboo physics that show how to get more
out of something than what you put in
are revealed to the general
public in simple and common sense language. And no, it does NOT violate
any laws of physics. You can apply this knowledge to many things from
electric motors to manifesting abundance in your life!



and see for yourself!

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what 99% of all the latest and greatest mainstream physics
“gurus” don’t know – and if they do, none
of them are teaching you this…’

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The Quantum Key by Aaron MurakamiFrom:
Aaron Murakami, BSNH


Re: The Quantum Key™


Aaron Murakami here with
a * HUGE * THANK YOU for taking the time to visit. By the way, this
5th Edition has 2 NEW CHAPTERS that were not included in previous versions

I have been honored and privileged
to have known and been mentored by some profoundly brilliant minds.
Suffice to say, some of it has rubbed off on me because of my unrelenting
obsessive passion to understand, build and experience certain things
which prove many “impossibilities” to be quite possible.

I want to ask you a few
questions and I want you to be toally honest with me. Okay?

  • Have you heard
    that it is impossible to build a machine or system that give you more
    than what you have to put in because it would violate the laws of
  • Have you heard “experts”
    in the mind power, law of attraction and quantum this and that field
    throw words around like energy and potential, yet none of them can
    even tell you what energy or potential is let alone where it actually
    comes from or how to tap it?
  • Have you heard a rumor
    that nothing is faster than the speed of light?
  • Do you hear explanations
    about how our consciousness relates to TIME and LIGHT in such fluffy
    metaphysical woo woo terms that it is apparent that the people that
    discuss these things are just regurgitating one new age concept after
    another but they actually don’t understand what they’re saying?
  • Have you heard that natural
    effects like gravity and inertia are so incredibly mysterious and
    complex that nobody knows what they are?
  • Do you hear experts talk
    about how we are all one, how we are really one with the universe
    and how everything is connected, but none of them can show you what
    these connections are or how to connect the dots?
  • Have you read anything
    on advanced energy technologies where the authors talk about how they
    think these machines can work but have never even bothered to build

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, wouldn’t it
then be worth a few minutes of your time to really consider what I’m
sharing with you so that you can make an intelligent decision? Of Course
it would! It will probably be one of the most important pieces of knowledge
that you will gain in your entire life.

I explain this in non-woo
woo terms. You’ll get simple and sensible walk throughs from one concept
to another. This is explained in simple terms and easy diagrams. For
the first time ever, I’m including a 2 HOUR VIDEO WHITEBOARD PRESENTATION
that will show you these concepts.

This video is included at no extra cost (for now).

Once you’re done reading
this book, you’ll have a clearer view of the nature of the universe.
It will be free of new age hype and jargon, which keeps people in the
dark for the purposes of making them dependent on the next seminar,
the next movie or the next big name. You’ll even get the simple math
that proves the points.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s
a lot of incredible information available and you’ve probably learned
quite a bit from it as I have. But, wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple
walk through on some actual specifics of how the universe is put together?

Other information has been
marketed successfully because a lot of it does have some incredible
value. But in my experience, none of it compares with The Quantum

If you’re spiritually inclined,
you will see how you fit into the universe in a seamless manner. You’ll
see how every piece of matter in your body is interacting with the infinite
. You’ll see for the first time ever the actual physics
that describes how and why the “Law of Attraction” works where
you get way more back than what you exert in mind energy.

If you’re a free energy researcher,
you’ll know the necessary parameters that allow a system to output more
than what you put in and none of this has anything to do with perpetual
motion contrary to what the pseudo-skeptics claim. There are distinctions
here you will learn that will put things into perspective.

You’re going to learn a lot
of things that will simply change your life. Imagine impressing your
friends when you can explain the nature of gravity in a way that an
eight year old can understand! There is no such thing as a gravitational
pull – it doesn’t exist. You are pushed to the ground from above and
you’ll soon know why.



Peter Lindemann, DSc

Peter Lindemann | Free Energy  picture“Much
of what is presented in the media as fact and science is really
nothing more than a subtle form of advertising of a certain
worldview. To escape this web of external influences, the reader
must develop an increasing trust and belief in oneself. So,
a BIG question, like “What is time?” is not as important
as “How do I experience Time?” The answer to this
question will never appear on the evening news.

Most of
life’s really important questions will never be sold to you
on TV. What is Love? What is Trust? What is Honesty? How do
I find the answers to the questions I don’t know how to ask?

In The
Quantum Key
, Aaron shares his journey into this unadvertised
experience of the world with honesty, enthusiasm, and insight.
He encourages and provokes the reader to expand their worldview
to include those ideas previously sold as impossible and unknowable.”

Lindemann, DSc

of Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity, Creator of
Electric Motor Secrets DVD, and Founder of one of the
most comprehensive Free Energy technology resource online.

Life sometimes presents us
with “Golden Opportunities.” If we take advantage of them,
our lives are changed immeasurably. If we ignore them, our lives go
on, but change happens more slowly. The Quantum Key™
is one of those Golden Opportunities.

I encourage you to seriously
consider this offer. If you’re ready to massively expand your frame
of reference and transform your entire paradigm of the universe into
something that shines light into your blind spots, this could be your
next Golden Opportunity.

This Material
Is Simply

In A Class By Itself!

Let me tell you a little
bit about where this training came from, so you can appreciate what
I am saying.

My friends say that I have
a ledgendary ability to manifest synchronicities with exactly the right
people and events at the right time.

The Quantum Key™
is dedicated to four people. My three legendary friends are Rodger Q.
Estes, John Bedini, and Peter Lindemann. The other person I have never
had the priviledge of meeting but have communicated by email with is
none other than Tom Bearden.


Being the
Protégé of Rodger Q. Estes isn’t something that I take
lightly. He was the first non-Chinese person to be certified as a Qigong
master by the Qigong Delegation in Beijing. Recently, Rodger took his
journey to the Great Qi in the Sky as he sometimes put it.

Rodger was
an inventor, researcher, artist, humanitarian and friend to many. Rodger
invented sugical retraction devices, the net playpen for children, fail-safe
pull pins on fire extinguishers, the world’s largest embroidery press,
multiple other medical and healing devices amongst other things. I worked
with Rodger on developing some new things and may release them in the

Many things
he still wanted to do live on in spirit through the work I do. This
is the best way I know how to honor this great man.

Rodger introduced me to John
Bedini. Over the last seventeen years, I have been to John’s shop countless
times and have seen many profound machines such as the radiant energy
battery chargers that defy everything in the text books.

Around 2002 or so, John recommended
that I read Peter Lindemann’s book. Eventually, we became good friends
and we have partnered on multiple projects.

Much of my research led me
to the study of Tom Bearden’s material. I’m the first person to take
some of his concepts and translate them in a way that just about anyone
can understand without needing multiple PhD’s and a 200+ I.Q. I’m bringing
much of this into the world of consciousness and abundance because everyone
has a God given right to know this information.

This doesn’t mean they they
share the same idea as I do and I don’t want to lead anyone to believe
that they do. The idea is for ideas to come together, synergize and

Besides my long time search
for the answers being presented, the above mentioned inspirations were
the primary seeds for the The Quantum Key™.

God has profoundly blessed
me by giving me some of this information directly by revelation. This
allowed me to piece together what I believe to be one of the most simple
models of tying together the quantum to the macro universe that has
ever been released.

Walking the

to say,
I have a unique
background in multiple areas. I am not some pen jocky sitting on a chair
writing about what I think the world is about. I do have a degree in
natural health and other “credentials” but most of my learning
was by hands on experience actually building things that work
and are usually contrary to what the established thinking believes is

In simple terms, I have seen
the “impossible”, done the “impossible”, experienced
the “impossible” and have taught the “impossible.”
And soon, you will understand the “impossible.”

How many mind power experts
out there writing books, charging for seminars, and so on can draw a
picture and give a lot of details of something hidden in a box thousands
of miles away? If they know so much about the mind, why can’t they do
these things? I can do this and I can even point out what you need to
do if you want to learn this too.

When you become one of my
friends on my newsletter lists, you’ll have access to this kind of information.
In the headline of this website, I said you’re going to take the Red
Pill here and wake up in the real world…if you thought I was just
kidding, well, I wasn’t.

If these consciousness and
abundance experts know so much about mind potential and energy and throw
around the word quantum this and quantum that, that would mean they
could apply this knowledge in a practical way and build a machine that
gives you more on the output than what they have to put in couldn’t
they? I haven’t seen any of them do this to demonstrate their knowledge
of universal principles – so what in the world are they actually trying
to teach??

Guess what? I can do this
and I’ve even shown demonstrations of some of these machines to countless
thousands of people around the world. The self-proclaimed “skeptics”
claim this is all impossible perpetual motion nutcase stuff. But I can
assure you that they absolutely do not know what they do not know (unconscious
incompetence) and are not even qualified to hold an educated opinion
on the matter.

Real Science

Science has become so totally
insane to compartmentalize every single little thing in life down to
the smallest particle and study it as if it exists independently from
everything else! The truth is, there is nothing separate from anything
else and The Quantum Key™ cures this insanity by
rejoining these things into one seamless unified field philosophy and

Some is theory, some is postulation
but no matter what, it is an exploration in imagination as is every
other piece of work in the entire universe as we know it.

Originally, SCIENCE was the
study of nature in order to understand it so we can live in HARMONY
with it- what a Taoist concept!

Today, “SCIENCE”
is a dogmatic religion with more holes than a strainer. The notion of
studying things in order to control and dominate them is so utterly
ridiculous, arrogant and shameful that it is amazing there is still
life on Earth.

This is where The Quantum
comes in handy. It is literally what science was originally
meant to be. See how nature operates then utilize that as momentum for
our own lives. Living in harmony with nature means that nature is at
our back like wind on a sail. Once you understand these principles,
especially the concept of open systems vs closed systems, you will perfectly
understand how to be in the flow in a way that you have never thought

a Strong Foundation

By the way, The Quantum
is the primer to my next book that shows a model of
consciousness that reveals how synchronicity works, the open system
of the mind, and the physics of abundance in a way that the “experts”
have never been able to explain.

It will also show you how
we can directly download information from the collective unconscious.
I’m talking about direct knowledge directly from the Matrix (mental
construct of the collective).

Countless people have used
the material in The Quantum Key™ to enhance their
lives and expand and sharpen their overall schema of the principles
of nature.

The first and second editions
were printed in limited quantities under a different title for an inner
circle of very special people. The third was an expanded and revised
version with a much wider circulation throughout one of the most advanced
and enlightened communities in the world. The third edition was released
as The Quantum Key™. The 4th edition had even more
info with an extra chapter showcasing a bunch of technologies applying
these principles.

What is new in this new 5th
Edition version is that there are a couple surprises added, which were
left out of earlier editions.

Essentially, you are getting a complete course.


See What
Others Are Saying

reading The Quantum Key™ I finally understand
the quantum nature of our universe and our individual lives.
Literally a whole new world was opened up to me that affects
my understanding and quality of daily living. While the
phrase “quantum physics” can be intimidating,
and also esoteric in nature, I found this book to be very
practical in improving my life. I wholeheartedly recommend
reading this book ASAP!”

is the Originator of Pre-Paid Phone Cards in the
United States and Professional Technical Remote Viewer

seems you hit the nail square on its head with the The
Quantum Key
™ book. Well done, spot on.”

Rault, Director of EcoCircle® Organic Farming Method

have read The Quantum Key™ 5 times now since
I bought it in Vegas from you. It most definitely awakened/enlightened
me to the power of/and truth of our being. We are consciousness.
I was empowered with the chapter showing the distinction
between open and closed systems. I am forever grateful for
your effort and deliberate work to consciously awaken others!

Haeusler, Winner of 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medals
in Karate at The Wide World of Sports 2007, For 2008 Grace
won 1 Gold, 1 Bronze and also the GRAND CHAMPIONIONSHIP
and received the CRYSTAL TROPHY
! Grace’s Facebook username:
Grace Haeusler

just got through your book. I must say that this is money
well spent. Although I knew a lot of things mentioned in
the book, there still was a lot of info I did not know.
I especially liked the part about gravity, inertia and propulsion,
because that matches everything I read about this stuff
from other sources. It is short, but loaded with interesting
info, therefor it is not boring. The book is inspiring
and I think that this book is absolutely a must have for
everyone who is just beginning his path in free energy field.

Thank you very much!


am an electronic engineer with 37 years of experience in
the industry. I have been studying free energy for the past
13 years. Your book ‘The Quantum Key™’ is
a great book! It is the best book (and theory) on the subject
of the source of free energy that I have seen in my research
It really is a good start at a unified-field theory. I like
how you tie in all those little scientific facts. I am going
to have to re-read it now several times now so I can blurt
out some of these theories and facts to my engineering friends.
It is also the right size and easy to read. I read the whole
thing in a little over an hour. Thanks for writing it! It
takes courage to stand up to academia like that.

Moore, Rowland Heights, CA, CEO/Explore Electronics Inc.

examples of things I gained a new understanding from reading
Aaron’s book: Open and closed systems and why they matter,
What gravity is all about, What aether is. The chapters
are short but packed with good explanations. I took one
chapter at a time and it was not overwhelming or too technical.
I didn’t understand every single explanation 100% but even
what I didn’t understand 100%, I got a general sense of.

Jessica Miller, Sales & Marketing

was a bit annoyed with Aaron last night because I started
reading his book while sitting at the gate waiting for my
plane, and guess what – I missed my ******* plane!
Great book Aaron!


me it seems so obviously logical so I’m thinking it must
be something I don’t get or is it that simple and if so
it seems ridiculous how people wouldn’t acknowledge this
in an instant?”


have the book and it is a great read with amazing insight
into the free energy field! It helps to open your mind
to many possibilities!
hanks Aaron for the great


– Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! For collecting this
previously scattered information and putting it all in one
. I am so grateful to have this compilation that
explains the basic relationship between Aether and the other
key scientific topics such as time, gravity, mass etc. Thank
you thank you thank you!
… I thank you from the bottom
of my heart for the great work you are doing here. And thank
you for making the Quantum Key available to me and the other
sincere seekers of light and truth. – God Bless you my good


Aaron, your book The Quantum Key was sooo good I
digested it in an hour and a half ~ I’m now impatiently
waiting for the book you promised on synchronicity… I
love your White Dragon Press and your stuff is like eating
a fine dessert!!!
Love and Devotion, laurie



The Quantum Key by Aaron Murakami

this is some of what you’ll discover in The Quantum Key™
by Aaron Murakami…


first philosophy (Metaphysics) is universal and is exclusively
concerned with primary substance

– Aristotle (340BC)

The Aether that I
share in this book is the smallest irreducible “stuff”
that we know of. Everything is fundamentally composed of and
interacts with this Aether in one way or another.

Conventional science
believes that the existence of the Aether has been disproved.
This is a flawed belief based on a very old test that was seriously
flawed and I give references to this.

If you are an energy
healer, researcher or just want to know about these things,
the Aether is what you need to learn about. It is an infinitely
existing gaseous fluid made of potential particles that are
smaller than the smallest subatomic particles. This is where
all of our life potential comes from.


scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must
be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite

Nikola Tesla

As strange as it
may seem, mainstream science actually has no idea what energy
or potential is. Therefore, there is no way for mainstream science
to know what the difference is between them.

The difference between
energy and potential is one of the most misunderstood concepts
in all of academia.


Great One produces two poles, which in turn give rise to the
energies of dark (yin) and the light (yang). These two energies
then transform themselves, one rising upwards, and the other
descending downwards; they merge again and give rise to form.

– Book 5, Chapter 2 from Ku-sih ch’un-ch’iu (Spring and Autumn

The topic of a dipole
follows the chapter on Potential & Energy because a dipole
is the next logical step in understanding what we need in order
to interact with the infinite potential.

A dipole is what
allows the Aether to go from a state of symmetry to asymmetry.
Once it is polarized and asymmetrical, it can actually move
and cause work to be done.

This is because the
dipole “breaks the symmetry” of the Aether by polarizing
the Aether by having two potential differences with a common
connection. Essentially, this is like giving a ramp for the
Aether to roll down and perform work.

4 –


main character of any living system is openness.

– Ilya Prigogine

If there were only
one concept to really get from this whole book, it would be
the difference between open and closed systems. In this world,
we are living under the illusion that we are in a state of scarcity
and that everything is running out.

Closed systems are
designed to self destruct because once the potential is used
up, there isn’t extra potential coming into the system and the
result is always less than what was started with.

Open systems are
designed to grow and grow because it they are open other sources
of potential that can freely add to what we have to pay for.
This does not mean entropy is prevented. But it DOES mean that
it can be greatly delayed while performing more work than usual.

Skeptics are quick
to dismiss a claim like that as “perpetual motion”
that is supposed to be impossible, but they are simply ignorant
of the fact that thermodynamics has actually been extended since
1977 when Ilya Prigogine, a Russian Chemist, won the Nobel Prize
that was related to thermodynamics. Classical thermodynamics
never has and never will actually explain any natural system
in the universe and you will soon see why.

The end result is
more work out of the system that what we contribute. Truly the
system of abundance that can be applied to virtually every aspect
of our lives.


is surely harmful to souls to make it a heresy to believe what
is proved.

– Galileo Galilei

the elementary math formulas and process to prove that a 25
cent experiment destroys classical thermodynamics and any child
can prove it. You will see not just evidence but PROOF of a
simple open system that give you HUNDREDS of PERCENT gain in
energy that contributed to the entropy of the universe compared
to what you had to input.

learn how and why Newton’s Cradle actually defeats thermodynamis
and the Law of Conservation of Momentum! This is sure to make
the science teacher cringe.

6 – MASS

a mass of matter is to be removed a certain force must be expended;
and upon the proper economy of this force the price of transport
will depend.

– Charles Babbage

is considered to be the amount of mass and energy an object
has. But before you even get to this chapter, you’ll see that
E does NOT equal MC2 since Einstein was wrong and that every
bit of energy is not in the mass of the object but is imparted
to it by the environment.


after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity,
we shall harness for God the energies of love. Then for the
first time in the history of the world, we will have discovered

– Teilhard de Chardin

Gravity is considered one of the most evasive mysteries in the
universe unless it is seen for what it is. The answer is so
simple that any child can understand it. Seeing this model of
gravity is one of the most spiritually gratifying experiences
a human being can have.


is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment.

– Nikola Tesla

Inertia is the active resistance of the mass of moving atoms
to the relatively “stationary” Aether. It is the same
effect as gravity but it has an inverse cause.

Every thought has
inertia as well and be aware that you can apply all of this
knowledge to understanding the mind and the potential and energy
that make up the mind.

9 – TIME

is the longest distance between two places.

– Tennessee Williams

Time is not a something
but rather an effect that is relative to the density of the
Aether. The more dense the Aether, the slower the time because
light is traveling slower and the less dense the aether, the
faster time ticks because light travels faster.

It is not some mysterous
dimension that it is cracked up to be. It is a mathematical
dimension, but is not a spacial dimension as in the 4th dimension
as is popularly claimed.


in the universe can travel at the speed of light, they say,
forgetful of the shadow’s speed.

– Howard Nemrov

The density of the
Aether determines the rate at which time will tick. This density
determines how fast light can travel through space. In a region
of space with high Aetheric density or relative density, light
will travel slower through it. In a region of space with low
Aetheric density, light can travel more quickly through it.

Your thoughts and
intentions are infinitely faster than the speed of light. And
some of the machines I built have potential moving many times
faster than the speed of light. Superconductors aren’t needed
if you actually know what energy and potential is because you
can just make the energy in a circuit do what you want it to

11 –


travel may be achieved one day, or it may not. But if it is,
it should not require any fundamental change in world-view,
at least for those who broadly share the world view I am presenting
in this book.

– David Deutsch

What about a ship
that diverts the Aether around the outside of it?

…it slips through
space without having the Aether move through the material of
the ship, meaning there is no inertia. If there is no inertia,
there can be infinite speeds easily surpassing the speed of
light since resistance to movement isn’t an issue.

This is a very fun
chapter exploring a very convoluted subject in the most sensible
and simple way that you will ever read. This is simply faster
than speed of light travel.

12 –


space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic! If
static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic – and this we know
it is, for certain – then it is a mere question of time when
men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork
of nature.

– Nikola Tesla

This chapter is dedicated
to anyone that wants to see all of this knowledge put to actual
use with practical applications.

Although this is
not a “how to” manual for these technologies, I give
you the references you need to get the plans, schematics, diagrams
and other info to replicate some of these since some of them
are quite simple to build.

Anyone that thinks
they are involved with sustainable technologies doesn’t know
what sustainable means until they see these machines!

Many of them demonstrate
in simple and straightforward ways more energy produced than
what it takes to run them without violating any laws of physics.
I even show you a real perpetual motion machine just to prove
the point.

13 –


is not only my right and my privilege to walk in the abundance
God has for me, it is my responsibility…just as it is my responsibility
to live the rest of my truth.

– Jan Denise


again, here’s a brief wrap up of this amazing E-book.

It starts you at the beginning,
and builds concept upon concept. It takes everyday things, like light,
gravity, energy, quantum potential, etc… and builds them into a seamless
concept that allows you to see the world around you as it is instead
of how so-called science has mutated it.

The Quantum Key™
is a simple blue print for the world around you so that you
can see how everything fits together like a hand and glove. It will
make sense of so many things that are supposed to be so complicated
and mysterious. You may not be able to sleep for a few weeks after reading
it because you’re head will be spinning!

And much,
much more…

Armed With
These 13 Chapters, You’ll Understand More About This Universe Than Most
Physicists and New Age Gurus!

It’s not that they don’t
know what they’re talking about, it’s just that… (or maybe they actually

concepts are so powerful they make many teachings obsolete.

Many teachings about these
concepts are so convoluted with ridiculous jargon so that the average
person can never be empowered by them. These concepts are the birthright
of all human beings and you can be one of them! Just read The
Quantum Key™
– then take a step back and begin perceiving
the world around you as it is instead of how the text
books want you to believe!

Are Never Lost,

They Just Go To Someone Else…

jump on this chance
to get my * REVISED * 5th Edition of The Quantum Key™
right now.

Now listen, this material
isn’t hyped up with a bunch of woo-woo nonsense – it is just the straight
point-to-point information that you need to actually broaden your understanding.

The information is
to the point and very powerful.

I released my original paperback edition of The Quantum Key™,
one of the only ways you could understand this information was by reading
literally thousands and thousands of pages throughout countless volumes
as well as spending countless thousands of hours in research and thousands
of hours with hands on experimentation! And, YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE RIGHT
PEOPLE. It’s always who you know.

That’s how challenging this
information is to come by. You’re getting over twenty-five years
of my contemplation, research and HANDS-ON experience in one download
that I’m practically giving away.

I’ve put together this amazing
E-book that includes the complete 13 Chapters of The Quantum
You also get the 2 HOUR VIDEO!!!


Quantum Key™

*REVISED* E-book Special Edition

Includes 2 hours of Video








Radiant Spikes picture

Don’t Decide Today
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your hands on a copy of The Quantum Key™
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through it. Take a look at each of 13 Chapters and see for
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books on these subjects you have ever seen in your entire

don’t rush. You have a full two months to read through and
internalize the info and then decide.

after 60 days, The Quantum Key™ hasn’t
proven its value as well as giving you a realization of other
profound concepts and universal principles… or if you’re
unsatisfied for any reason at all! Simply write me an email
saying so and I’ll return your small investment ASAP.

don’t have to explain why and I’m not going to ask any questions.
There’s no hard feelings. It’s no hassle and no problem.

that as my promise to you.
You have 60 days to check out
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Yours truly,

Aaron Murakami,

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