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The Medici Code – New launch Aug 2020!

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Now for only: $27


“I FELT a difference inside my mind the moment I put the headphones on. I could see my future… BEFORE it became my reality.

And become my reality is exactly what it did. I landed and completed 5 jobs… and the $ to go with it… in the time it took me to do 2. I feel like a manifestation superhero.”

Mike L., Ann Arbor | Michigan

“I almost can’t believe the difference… in just weeks! My “painter” has created a brand new masterpiece. We close escrow on our dream home in just 9 days. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Rachel H | Atlanta, Georgia

“I’m skeptical by nature. I don’t believe ANYTHING… there’s far too much “fake news” in the world. And when I didn’t feel or see anything happen in the first 36 hours… my skeptic radar went on high alert. But I didn’t quit… because it was during the second week that things really took off.

Confidence and Creativity? Off the charts. I started making more AND enjoying my life more! My headphones are my new best friend… and my secret weapon!”

Francis B | San Diego

Here’s what You’ll Get Usual Today

The Medici Code

Track 1: Foundation

Track 2: Apprenticeship

Track 3: Mastery

Getting Started Guide

The Empire Tracker

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$197 Only!

Bonus #1

The Medici Shield



Bonus #2

Pure Sleep Prime



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Anxiety Buster




OVER $494

$197 Only!

Original Price:


Now for only: $27

Try The Medici Code today, at just $197,

for a Full 60-Days.

IF you are not 100% satisfied for ANY reason,

I will refund you 100% of what you’ve paid.

No questions asked.

Original Price:


Now for only: $27



What’s the science behind The Medici Code?

The Medici Code leverages the power of two revolutionary neurological breakthroughs.

The first one is the discovery of the “Theta Tone” – it’s the frequency the “locks” your brain into a state of deep relaxation, beyond “busy brain.” This is the neurological state where it finally becomes possible to “overwrite” your preset belief and behavior patterns.

The second neurological breakthrough is the discovery of how to reprogram The Painter. This is based on the research that shows that your subconscious mind can process 500,000 times more information than your conscious mind. That’s as long as your conscious mind doesn’t get in the way.

That’s why the revolutionary new patterns of belief and behavior are “whispered” to your subconscious mind… bypassing your ears audibly, but plenty loud enough for your subconscious mind to absorb.

When combined into a 12 minute audio program, it becomes The Medici Code… enabling you to manifest the life of your dreams.


How is my investment protected?

You literally take zero risk with The Medici Code. You have a full 60-Days guarantee! If at any point during that 60-Days period, you decide it’s not for you, you can return it for a full refund. Every penny. No hassle…not a single question.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!


How soon should I expect results?

Every person is different…and every brain responds differently to The Medici Code. Some experience powerful results the very first moment they put their headphones on.

Others take some time. We ask that you use as directed: 17 minutes a day for 21 days before you fully evaluate your results.

Keep this in mind: the results become cumulative. The longer…and more consistently…you use The Medici Code, the more dramatic your results will be.


If I’ve tried other manifestation programs before… and they didn’t work… how will this be different?

The reason is simple. You can only manifest what The Painter allows you to. And since your subconscious drives 95% of your beliefs and behaviors, you simply cannot manifest a new and abundant reality until there’s new programming.

That’s what The Medici Code does for you.

It reprograms your subconscious, whereas those other programs could never even access your subconscious.

So for the first time in your entire life…

It’s not only POSSIBLE to manifest abundance…

But it’s EASY. And when I say easy, I don’t mean everything just falls into your lap. Because that’s not actually what you want. Instead, you’ll experience one magical, miraculous breakthrough after the other. And you’re going to become someone who makes decisions based on what the NEW you believes… not the OLD you.

That’s the inevitable transformation you’ll go through, when you watch “reality” change… as your subconscious is “rewritten.”


What will happen to all the other manifestation material I’ve learned?

Well, right now, all that “learning” is part of what’s holding you back…until your Preset Patterns are reprogrammed. Then…watch out!

With new subconscious programming from The Medici Code, the sky’s the limit!


Is my personal information safe?

Yes. Our site employs military-grade 256 bit encryption technologies with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) from trusted vendors like Verisign and Thawte to encrypt sensitive information. Think of it like the Fort Knox of web safety.



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