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The Light Code – Brand New for September 2020!

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I wanted to reach out and let John Bass know how deeply his music had affected my life…

So I found an email address on the contact page, and wrote John a message:

“Dear John Bass,

You don’t know me, but we’ve met once before…

Back in 2007 I hurt myself falling down the stairs in London, and you were the EMT in the ambulance that took me to hospital.

You were so kind and helped me to stay calm on that ambulance ride, when I thought I was going to totally freak out…

And you left me with a CD of your wonderful music that helped me so much…

Actually it changed my whole life, and I became a completely different person from listening to it as a daily meditation…

In fact, until very recently I still listened to it almost every day.

But my silly puppies chewed it and now I want – actually I NEED! – to get some new music from you.

I’m so glad I found you after all this time!

What do you recommend for me to listen to from your selection of different music?

With Love & Light,

Helen Sykes xo xo”

Of course I went and bought The Light Code within 30 seconds of 

reading that!

And it was actually way better – powerfully relaxing and spiritually uplifting – than even John described…

It almost felt like Deja Vu…

Because just like with that first 432Hz CD back in 2007…

The day after I started listening to The Light Code, great things started to happen to me…

Like the universe ‘parachuting in’ gifts to land directly at my feet!

  • I’d always had some irregular sleeping patterns – which even the old 432Hz CD hadn’t solved… but now I started falling asleep at 11 and waking at 6 on the dot – regular as clockwork!
  • New client referrals started coming to me for music lessons, even more than I could handle
  • Our malamute Sheba’s sore paw – which she’d been limping on for months – mysteriously healed overnight
  • ​Small silly disagreements with my husband Bobby disappeared and blew away like a breeze…

  • ​I spotted a contest in our local newspaper to win a free 6 month membership to a new Yoga Studio that had opened in town. I never bothered to enter anything like that before – but this time I did, and WON!

And I started noticing many other small but powerful transformations in every area of my life…

Like meeting new friends and socializing more…

I was already a happy person, but now I felt more and more blissful each new morning I woke up…

My personality started to develop in ways that were magnetic to other people, and my company was simply appreciated more…

I discovered a new type of inner self-love I’ve never felt before and I was able to be at one with my spirit like never before….

I asked for help and the universe gave me an answer in a way so I would personally and clearly understand the plan at large.

But the universe also knew I wasn’t the type of person that got into manifestational alignment by:

  • Jumping for joy and faking it…
  • Forcing myself to focus on positive thoughts… 
  • Reading dozens of spiritual books…
  • Or going to costly seminars around the world…

The universe knew I was the type that just needed to sit still and listen to healing music for a few minutes each day, and let this powerful frequency take over.

Once I did, my vibration could easily begin to resonate with the universe’s natural frequency…

Now I truly understood…

The universe knows who you are, the best unfolding for your manifestation, the right timing, your path of least resistance…

And knows where you need to be and when so you can receive your desired manifestations.

This is the secret power of the universal spirit John Bass communicates with in his musical creations…

But like all true artists he is far too modest about his work…

So I’ve decided to help get the message of The Light Code and John Bass’ healing music out to the world…

by presenting it to you here today…


🕉️   Release from the oppressive grip of crippling anxiety and crushing mental stress

🕉️  Emotional healing from the dark shadow of all past traumas, hurts and pain

🕉️  Spiritual growth and progression from the root chakra up to the opening of the mind’s 3rd eye, and the blessing of            your celestial crown

🕉️   Material manifestation of all the earthly blessings this world has to offer the enlightened soul

🕉️   Ever-increasing joyfulness, love, and spiritual connection with lovers, friends and family…

Here’s Why The Light Code Works

The Light Code helps create neural pathways in your mind –

Using the 432Hz frequency to entrain your brain,

So you can quickly achieve the manifestation mindset.

The manifestation mindset is where you’re able to consistently remain in a state that allows your manifestations to come a lot quicker.

Where every thought and belief holding your manifestations back, become completely eliminated.

Because negative things can only thrive if you keep breathing life into them.

Yet when you are vibrating at a high frequency, you achieve something special, which is something called divine speed.

And divine speed is the act of achieving things at a rate in which only the universe can make possible…

If you’re moving at a rate of divine speed, you could wake up and what you want will be right at your front door…

While other people are circling around for years trying to figure out how to get what you manifested in a matter of days.

The universe is the knower of all knowers.

The universe knows everything about everyone.

And the universe knows how to get you where you want to go in the shortest amount of time possible.

The best way to release resistance is to stop conscious thinking…

And resonate with a higher vibration.

And The Light Code does just that –

It accelerates your vibration to higher levels by using the universe’s natural frequency which is 432 hertz.

It’s like turning on the light in a dark room.

Stop Wasting Time And Money With Ineffective ‘Solutions’

Most of the things people do to ‘get rid of’ or ‘forget’ their problems –

Actually cause more problems!

❌  Anti-anxiety medications that can cause drowsiness and lack of focus

❌  Sedatives that can be habit-forming – or even addictive

❌  Using alcohol, tobacco, or drugs to ‘forget’ problems (they come back the next morning)

❌  Other dangerous addictions and ‘distraction habits’ like gambling and casual sex with random          partners

❌  Prescription anti-depressant pills with serious side effects

❌  Never Ending therapy sessions that don’t really ‘fix’ problems

❌  Unguided meditations where distraction stops you from ‘letting go’ and relaxing properly into         ‘the zone’

❌  Group sessions that require you to leave your house and be on someone else’s schedule

The Light Code comes in the form of a convenient file download from a private member’s area on John Bass’ website –

That you can easily access from your smartphone, laptop, desktop and tablet computer with just a couple of clicks…

And return to download it again anytime –

Just in case you lose a device or accidentally delete any file!

To make things extra convenient for you – the tracks are individually downloadable

This means you can pick your favorites – what works best for you – without having to

download the whole program

Powerful Healing & Growth – In As Little As 12 Minutes A Day

Every audio Track in The Light Code comes in 12-minute and 60-minute versions…

Use the 12-minute version when you wake in the morning to give your day an awesome starting point that will energise your soul and enrich your spirit with healing 432Hz frequencies…

Then when you are winding down before bedtime in the evening,

You can use the longer 60-minute version to put you in a state of deep relaxation and total comfort,

Allowing you to drift away to an incredibly restful night’s sleep…

Don’t worry if you haven’t got time to do these longer evening sessions though…

You can simply do another 12-minute session for quick relaxation before bedtime…

Or even leave it at once a day –

The healing benefits will be just as powerful from a 12-minute morning session alone…

The evening sessions will just accelerate your spiritual progress and manifestation speed…

How To Use The Light Code

This is your guide to safely and successfully using The Light Code audio entrainment music…

  • Use the 12 minute program in the morning, and the 60 minute program in the evening
  • Use The Light Code at least three times a week – but every day is the best if you can

You can choose to listen to:

  • Music & Frequency
  • Music Only
  • ​Frequency Only

For best results use the Frequency Only audio

  • If this is too intense – start with either Music & Frequency
  • If it’s still too intense use Music Only.

But before you listen – please be aware of these rules for use: 

  • No Driving / Operating Machinery Whilst Using ANY Of These Audios
  • Not Suitable For People Who Experience Seizures
  • ​Not Suitable For Persons Under The Age Of 18

Listening instructions for The Light Code audio:

  • Make yourself comfortable in a sitting or lying down position
  • Listen to the audio through headphones OR speakers
  • ​Listen with an open mind, and be kind and patient with yourself

  • ​As you’re listening, and beginning to relax, pay attention to your body

  • ​Your body will know how to respond, trust in your natural intelligence

  • ​If you feel discomfort just accept it and allow the sound to guide you

  • ​It’s perfectly OK to fall asleep during a session!

  • ​Use 1 program a day and then progress to the next audio

Each track has been designed to intuitively guide you into a natural state of relaxation

and wellbeing.

Each audio focuses on clearing & aligning a different energy centre in the body.

These entrainment audios harmonically rewire the pathways in the brain and nervous system from negative to positive through a process called neuroplasticity.

Like any skill, brainwave entrainment take some practice to actually become attuned to –

But the more you do it the easier, faster and more powerful effects you’ll begin to


So it’s very important to be open, calm, kind and patient with yourself –

Don’t force anything

Just allow your body and mind to gently adjust to the deep changes you’re experiencing through the process.

This is your time.

There are 7 unique 432Hz musical stages in The Light Code

A different audio track for each day on your 432Hz spiritual journey:

  • Muladhara – The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine
  • This chakra controls the basic functions of the body, including healthy digestion
  • Problems with this chakra manifest as:
  • Eating disorders and digestive discomfort
  • Excessive greed – for food and money
  • Anxiety, negativity and paranoia
  • Visualize your Root Chakra as a cone of energy going downward starting at the base of the spine
  • This meditation will give you strong feelings of bodily safety and physical security

It is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. Its element is water and as such, its energy is characterized by flow and flexibility.

  • Svadhishthana – The Sacral Chakra is located just below your belly button
  • This chakra controls the physical emotions, sexual desires and sensual pleasures of the body
  • Problems with this chakra manifest as:
  • Being ‘ruled’ by strong emotions and ‘losing control’ of your actions
  • Obsessive behaviour, especially sexual obsession
  •  Feeling ‘stuck’ in moods and negative emotions that are hard to ‘shake off’
  • Visualize your Sacral Chakra as a powerful waterfall cascading down from the high mountains
  • This meditation will give you feelings of physical warmth, emotional comfort, ‘connectedness’ with others, and  artistic creativity

Day 3- Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Manipura – The Solar Plexus Chakra is located at the top of your belly where your ribs come together
  • This chakra controls ‘personal power’ – your will, determination and focus
  • Problems with this chakra manifest as:
  •  Lack of responsibility and decision-making ability
  • ‘Micromanaging’ and obsession over the small details, missing the ‘big picture’
  •  Weak life direction, lack of vision and procrastination
  • Visualize your Solar Plexus Chakra as the hunter’s eye of a ferocious Bengal tiger
  • This meditation will give you feelings of physical strength, mental clarity, and powerful visions of a great future

  • Anahata – The Heart Chakra is located in the upper centre of the chest, below where your collar bones meet (it is not in the same place as                  your physical heart)
  • This chakra is the bridge between heaven and earth, and brings your human physical existence into harmony with the quantum universe
  • Problems with this chakra manifest as:
  •  Being ‘closed off’ with jealousy and ‘defensive’ attitudes
  • ​Relying on other people’s approval to ‘feel good’

  •  Inability to forgive other people
  • Visualize your Heart Chakra as a beautiful goddess dressed in long flowing robes, dropping rose petals from her hands as blessings from on               high
  • This meditation will give you feelings of compassion for others, love for all creatures, and the sensation of your inner beauty radiating                          outwards

  • Vishuddha – The Throat Chakra is located in the centre of the neck, where your vocal cords are
  • This Chakra controls your gifts of communication with speech, writing, singing and music
  • ​Problems with this chakra manifest as:

  •  Impatience to listen to others
  • Fear of speaking your true mind
  •  Difficulty keeping promises and secrets 
  • Visualize your Throat Chakra as a giant smokey-purple elephant calling out to the herd with a long, loud blast of its trunk
  • This meditation will give you feelings of connectedness with the infinite, the ability to listen with focus, and the growth of your ‘voice’ in                        power, depth and projection

  • Ajna – The Third Eye Chakra is located in the centre of the forehead
  • This Chakra controls your ‘I’ – the ‘personality’, sense of self, and your transcendent spirit
  • ​Problems with this chakra manifest as:

  • Feeling ‘stuck’ and overwhelmed by everyday problems
  • Disconnection from your spirituality, the universe and god
  • ​Feeling ‘confused’ and out of touch with reality

  • Visualize your Third Eye Chakra as a glittering crystal ball with a ray of pure white light shining through it and splitting into the 7                  colours of the rainbow
  • This meditation will give you feelings of cosmic consciousness and re-connection to the great spirit

  • Sahasrara – The Crown Chakra is located in the centre of the top of your head
  • This Chakra controls your higher states of consciousness, and feelings of total unity with all living and  nonliving things
  • Problems with this chakra manifest as:
  • Cynicism and resistance to the sacred and spiritual world
  • Feeling ‘stuck in your head’ and not taking care of important daily business
  • Feelings of superiority that prevent you connecting emotionally with others
  • Visualize your Crown Chakra as a shimmering gold crown that is light as a feather, reflecting a brilliant   warm golden glow from                  the  light of a thousand suns
  • This meditation will bring feelings of ecstatic bliss and can cause ‘astral projection’ of your ‘psychic body’  – be sure to lie down                      comfortably before listening!

The Light Code Comes With A 100%  

Money Back Guarantee

   Secure Order Form – 100% Protected and Safe

Taken from top to bottom, The Light Code is like a complete psychic and spiritual renewal for body and mind…

And once you have completed the 7-day program with the Crown Chakra,

You can return back to the Day 1 Root Chakra audio and start again,

Finding a deeper level of relaxation and insight with each new listening…

As we enter the 3rd decade of the 21st century…

We see increasing levels of chaos on Planet Earth:

  • Mass confusion created by the negative focus of 24-hour news on TV, and the spreading of lies on social media
  • Needless political conflicts escalating between the world’s great powers
  • Anxiety and mental health problems are at an all time high…

Now just to make sure my success wasn’t a fluke – I contacted some friends and encouraged them to give The Light Code a try…

I just had to see if it could help other people get through their challenges in life

And after just listening to these audios for 12 minutes a day, here’s what many others have experienced:

  • A newly joyful, and vibrant outlook on life…
  • Feeling calm, centred and in control of their words and actions
  • Clarity and freedom from their mental fog that’s been holding back creative thinking and new insight
  • An effortless and strong connection with their inner being and the sensation of ‘true happiness’

  • Surprising new wealth opportunities from previously unimagined and unthinkable sources…
  • A huge drop in stress levels and a sensation of inner peace like they’ve never felt before…
  • Making healthier food choices, with perfect digestion and effortless weight control
  • ​Moving from feeling needy and empty, to a new sense of contentment and abundance

  • ​Open-hearted, generous and satisfying romantic and intimate relationships

  • Stable, positive mood, and the ability to easily ‘shake off’ other people’s negative words or actions
  • Powerful visions of the future they are manifesting
  • A strong drive to take big decisions and strong actions with no internal resistance
  • ​Feeling good from within, not relying on others opinions or approval

  • ​Forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self

And most powerful of all:

  • The patience to truly listen with the courage to speak their truth
  • Being ‘in the zone’ and totally present in the moment
  • A deep spiritual connection to the universe and god, with an open heart

You may be wondering how much The Light Code will cost you.

So let’s address that now…

The full value of the Light Code is hard to pin down…

I mean, how much would you pay to escape from negative feelings and mental states that have held you back in the past?

If you’ve ever travelled to a spiritual retreat in another country, you know it can cost anywhere from $5000 to $15,000 in total expenses –

and when you come back home after, your problems are waiting for you at your door!

Even a day out to an event or seminar in your home city could easily cost $500-1000 or more –

Plus there are so many people at those events trying to upsell you on extra products and courses…

A late night book-buying binge on Amazon can run $2-300…

And may take you months to get through.

You won’t even pay half of $100 for the Light Code.

For that small investment you will get:

The 7 Light Code core audios for every one of your 7 Chakras, from root to crown…

Each Light Code audio track comes in 3 levels of intensity:

  • Level 1 (Highest) – 432Hz Pure Frequency Only
  • Level 2 (Intermediate) – 432Hz Frequency + Brain Entrainment Music
  • Level 3 (Gentle) – Brain Entrainment Music Only

That’s a total of 21 Audio Tracks

Plus! Each Light Code audio track comes in 2 lengths for your listening convenience:

  • 12 minute (morning)
  • 60-minute (evening)

And there’s even more…

10 Premium Bonus 432Hz Entrainment Tracks to help soothe, heal and uplift you from any situation life might present you with…

All together that’s 31 tracks of total healing, relaxation, de-stress, spiritual nourishment, and positive vibration manifestation…

And your lifetime access for $37, costs less than the price of a single meal!

Yes! I Want The Light Code NoW

Here’s Who The Light Code Is For

The Light Code Comes With A 100%  

Money Back Guarantee

   Secure Order Form – 100% Protected and Safe

If fear and worries hold you back…

If your health is less than perfect but you want to improve it and get your old energy flowing again…

If you’re feeling trapped in financial circumstances – stopping you from freely going out and getting what you want…

If you’re lonely and want to meet a lover who would enjoy being by your side in bed every morning…

Or if you want to be able to change your vibration so either your relationship gets better or a path for a new relationship is revealed…

Then The Light Code Is Almost Certain To Help

Yes! I Want The Light Code Now

What Happens After You Click the Buy Button?

The Light Code Comes With A 100%  

Money Back Guarantee

   Secure Order Form – 100% Protected and Safe

Once you click the big button above or below these words,

You’ll be taken to the order page,

You’ll enter your email address and your credit or debit card details to make the payment of just $37 for The Light Code

When the payment is confirmed, you’ll immediately be taken to a private members area where all The Light Code audio tracks AND bonus tracks are available for instant download.

You can download as many copies as you need for all your computers and devices so you can listen anywhere at any time of your choosing.

And you can return to download the tracks again at any time in the event of losing a device or accidentally deleting any 432Hz audio track files.

Plus! 10 More Incredible 432Hz BONUS AUDIO TRACKS

First, you’ll get a special audio called the Emerald code.

Once you start manifesting your desires by listening to the Light Code, you can also listen to this 2x a week.

This will help you develop and resonate with manifestational energy that you’ll have access to whenever you have a special desire.

If your vibration is ever feeling a little off, you just listen to the Emerald Code, and you’ll

snap back and resonate with powerful manifestation energy.

2. Unicorn In The Secret Garden

After listening to The Light Code, people tend to manifest more,

And when we receive more, we have to manage these new blessings.

This can create a ‘healthy chaos’ in your life where you’re expanding your mind and growing.

The next bonus you’ll receive is called the ‘Harp Of Relaxation’ –

This audio will help you release any resistance and stress you may have after you start receiving and managing more of what you created.

When you begin listening to this audio, you’ll start to completely relax and dissolve massive amounts of stress.

After you just relax for 20 minutes, you’ll snap back into a stronger wiser version of you…

Ready to grow and manage the new beautiful chaos in your life!

Use this audio in the face of negative thoughts and a clouded vision…

The Blank Slate is an emergency audio which will help distract your mind and focus by giving you an unpredictable beat to focus on and breathe along with.

Perfect for when you feel out of control, and you’re slipping into a negative frame of mind…

That’s when you need to change the pace and do something different to get back into positivity.

The Blank Slate Audio is one of the quickest ways you can stop all negative thoughts – simply by listening and breathing – in and out with the ‘gong’ sound.

Bonuses 6 – 10: The Library Of Emotions

The Library of Emotions is a set that includes 5 different audios…

  • Bliss
  • Joy
  • ​Inspiration

  • ​Happiness

  • ​Appreciation

You’ll get an audio custom created for each positive emotion charged at 432 Hz.

The library of emotions will be your Law of Attraction menu.

When you wish to find things that match the frequency of Happiness, Inspiration, Bliss, Appreciation, or Joy in your life…

Then you’ll simply listen to the audio of your choice and let the audio guide you towards your chosen emotion…

You’ll be able to use this for any subject, and when you focus on an emotion towards something, you’ll see that emotion begin to multiply and appear in many other areas in your life.

The Light Code Comes With A 100%  

Money Back Guarantee

   Secure Order Form – 100% Protected and Safe

Crucial Moments Where Life’s Road Forks In 2 Directions 

 Time is the most valuable thing in the universe – more than any material things, even gold… 

Once a moment is gone, it’s gone.

You can’t go back and do yesterday all over again…

But, right now, you have the option to make your life better

You may think you can’t have a new beginning until everything in your life is ‘fixed’.

But the truth is…

There is nothing to ‘fix’.

It’s all in our minds.

We have been conditioned and lied to for so long,

It’s time to remove all your past traumas and limiting beliefs,

And stop making the same old mistakes time after time…

And The only way to do that is to go deep inside of you and shake off all the mental and spiritual blocks that’s been holding you back.

When you use The Light Code and let it help you shape a new dominant vibration…

All of your desires can come into your life!

Whether it’s:

  • Clearing out your negative obstacles in life…
  • Developing your manifestation mindset
  • Experiencing improvement in your physical health and condition
  • ​Finding strength to get past resistance and let your inner being take control…

  • ​Unlocking your untapped manifestation powers…

  • ​Having more than enough money to spend, and freedom to buy what you want…

  • ​Creating the type of new reality you’ve always wanted

  • ​Working a lot less and making a lot more money for your time

  • ​Finding true love in your current relationship

  • ​Meeting someone new to share the next stage of life’s journey

All things are possible when you change your mindset and raise your vibration by using The Light Code…

Everything You’re Getting Today With The Light Code

Here’s a reminder of what you’ll get when you click the ‘Add To Cart’ button and purchase The Light Code:

  • You’ll get the 7 chakra “frequency only” audios, each one is uniquely calibrated to open your chakra energies…
  • You’ll get 7 more chakra audios that include frequency and music, each one was made with music that will captivate your mind…
  • For your convenience you’ll get 12-minute and 60-minute versions of each audio for longer or shorter listening sessions…

And With The Light Code, You’ll Get These 10 Amazing Bonuses

  • You’ll get the Emerald Code audio that will help unleash positive momentum into your life with just a single session…
  • You’ll get the Unicorn in The Secret Garden audio which will compel people to want to be in your presence and have your desires become magnetically attracted to you…
  • ​You’ll get the Blank Slate audio to use in the face of great negative momentum, to help all negative momentum in your life come to a complete stop…

  • ​You’ll get The Unconditional Love audio which will help tune your vibration in resonance with love, so you continue to manifest great things instead of tripping over unwanted conditions…

  • ​You’ll get The Harp of Relaxation audio which will eliminate any resistance within you, and put you in a state of total relaxation after just one session…

PLUS! you’ll get The Library of Emotions audio set – 5 more special bonus 432Hz audio tracks that are tuned to inspire powerful emotions within you…

With the Light Code and all your bonuses included, you’re getting over 20 audios in total,

You’re literally getting a powerful library of transformational 432Hz audio tracks.

When you first receive the light code, you want to start off by listening to one 12-minute audio each day,

And keep listening for 7 days at minimum – but ideally 21 days to receive the full effects.

Click the add to cart button below to get The Light Code right away…

Receiving all the 7 Chakra audio tracks plus the bonus audio, delivered right to your email inbox in seconds…

   Secure Order Form – 100% Protected and Safe

The Light Code Comes With A 100%  

Money Back Guarantee

   Secure Order Form – 100% Protected and Safe

Will You Take The Blue Pill, And Stay The Same?

Or Take The Red Pill, And Start An Exciting New Adventure?

The Light Code Comes With A 100%  

Money Back Guarantee

   Secure Order Form – 100% Protected and Safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is The Light Code?

A. The Light Code is a collection of 7 audio tracks with 432Hz brain entrainment tones, noted for their anti-anxiety and calm-promoting properties.

Q. What Will The Light Code Do For Me?

A. The Light Code is guaranteed to elevate your mood, relieve tension, and open your Chakras to allow abundance to manifest in your life.

Q. How Does The Light Code Work?

A. The light code works using the scientifically-validated methods of brain entrainment, delivered throught audio tracks using 432Hz ‘pure tones’

Q.  Is The Light Code Connected To Any Religion?

A. The Light Code is not connected to any religion – and it does not clash with the teachings of any major world religion. It is safe, orthodox and compliant for people of all faiths, or no faith, to use.

Q. Is The Light Code Guaranteed To Work?

A. John Bass, creator of the Light Code, offers a 60-day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply listen to the Light Code audio tracks daily for 21 days – if you do not see any improvement in your anxiety symptoms, an increase in calm, or a change in your fortunes and ability to ‘manifest’ good things into your life – just email our customer service and we will issue a full refund immediately (details on the product download page after purchase)

Q. How Soon Will I Start To Manifest?

A. Manifesting will start to happen within 7 days of starting to use The Light Code. You’ll notice it in small ways at first, but these will grow as time passes and you continue to listen. 

Q. How Long Do I Need To Use The Light Code For?

A. We recommend daily listening for as long as possible to achieve maximum effect. There is no upper limit to the benefits available from listening to pure 432Hz tones.

Q. What If The Light Code Doesn’t Work For Me?

A. If you do not receive a positive benefit from listening to The Light Code, simply contact our customer service team for a full refund within 60 days (details on the product download page after purchase). We’ll even let you keep the audio tracks – that’s real abundance!

Q.  Can I Get A Personal Consultation With John Bass?

A. Yes, personal consultations with John Bass are available by appointment – simply email our customer service team (details on the product download page after purchase).