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So how much does The Blood Pressure Program cost?

You pay nothing unless the exercises cure your high blood pressure.

Not like expensive blood pressure medications, burning $990 every single year. Leaving you with nothing but deadly side effects.Or supplements digging you into a $700 hole – year after year – without helping at all (those natural supplements don’t come cheap.)

Because it’s not about the money:

Why? Let’s not kid ourselves. If you don’t bring your blood pressure down soon… You are going to die! We both know that’s the bitter truth.Unlike cancer, dementia and other progressive diseases, high blood pressure shows no warning signs before it kills.

One minute you’re fine, the next PAPOOM!

And there is nobody there to say “I told you so”… except for the grim reaper.You’re dead from a heart attack.Or at best paralyzed after a stroke. Facing years of rehabilitation without much hope of restoring to your previous health. Your blood pressure is skating you into a full front on collision. And the only way to avoid it is to slow it down TODAY!Not tomorrow, not next week… it has to happen TODAY!Because you never know which second is your last. Your spouse without a partner, your kids without a parent, your grandchildren growing up not knowing who you are.Even medications with all their complications take weeks to kick in (if they ever do). Then it may be too late.Here is your escape ladder: The only way to instantly lower blood pressure are the easy blood pressure exercises I have been telling you about. They take as little as nine minutes, and most people experience a major drop in blood pressure the very first day. Plus there are no side effects.This is the simplest, easiest and most effective method to bring your blood pressure below 120/80 – TODAY!I know how important it is to cure high blood pressure. And still, many people will hesitate if they have to swap out a great sum of money to do it. That’s why you don’t have to pay anything unless you feel you got the maximum value out of the exercises.

So here is how to try the blood pressure exercises for free:

After you click the order button below, you’ll be charged a small, fully-refundable, one-time deposit.Think of it as money in the bank that will only be spent when your high blood pressure is cured.It’s your commitment to give the exercises your best shot. I’ve found that people who commit like this are much more motivated to do the exercises and more successful in curing their blood pressure. So please don’t ask for an exception.Immediately after you place your deposit, I’ll give you the exercises right here online.There is nothing to learn. You just follow along as I guide you on the audio or video. The most important exercise only takes nine minutes, which means that you can complete your first training session within 15 minutes from NOW.At that point, your blood pressure will most likely be healthy for the first time in years.

Imagine having your blood pressure monitor read 120/80 fifteen minutes from NOW!

Some people need more time – that’s okay. After a week almost everyone has normal blood pressure. In the unlikely event that you still have high blood pressure after testing the exercises for a few days (and this is very unusual), I’m truly sorry.In that exceptional case, just send me an email, and I’ll immediately refund your deposit. You pay nothing.You have full 60 days to ask for your deposit back. Which means you don’t have to hurry and can thoroughly test the exercises.Blue Heron Health News and I put our +20 years reputation in the natural health biz on the line. Guaranteeing that you are 100% happy. Either with your order or refund.Now it’s your turn.It’s a matter of life and death that you immediately click the order button below and place your deposit. Then take nine minutes to bring your blood pressure to a healthy level right NOW!The risk is all mine, and you have your health and life to gain.