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The Activated Dreamer: Dream Interpretation Masterclass

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But who am I to tell you about dreams?!

Some people have an unexplainable connection to knitting… however my unexplainable connection just happens to be to the dream-world.

Get Woke In Your Dream-Time is a culmination of Eric’s lifelong dream studies and exploration, combined with 29 years in yoga, energy medicine, shamanism, meditation and mindfulness.

From an early age, Eric felt an unexplainable connection to dreams and the cosmos. When he was just 14 years old, Eric stumbled upon his first dream book seeking answers to this mysterious world of dreams. Some dreams were freakier than Stranger Things, more blissful than ice-cream and some wackier than the characters from Alice and Wonderland.

Through many years of dream-studies, combined with intuitive guidance, Eric has developed the skills to decipher the symbolic language of dreams. These studies were originally for his own understanding as an early teen, however has now grown into supporting others around the world with their dreams. This has led to insights, realizations, healing, and expanded awareness for those that have worked with Eric, and we invite you on this beautiful, powerful journey.

Eric has pulled his life long studies and exploration of dreams into the Soul Dreamers: “Get Woke Through Your Dream-Time” Masterclass, which is a fun interactive explorative journey and life hacking program to help you to start making sense of your dreams, along with easy steps to start utilizing the messages from your dreams as “breadcrumbs” toward manifesting your biggest waking dreams and becoming the fullest unstoppable badass version of yourself.