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Stuttering Dissolution Multimedia Program

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Would You Like To Learn How You Can Remove

The Obstacle Of Stuttering Out Of Your Way So You Can



How Hundreds Of Successful Stutterers Have Turned
Themselves Into Powerful Speakers and Effective

By Overcoming Stuttering The Right Way!



Frustration, Fear, Shame,
Anger, Humiliation, Isolation,
Unhappiness, Inadequacy, Stress,
Uncertainty, Unworthiness, Guilt, Lack
of confidence…If you are a person who
can relate some or all of those emotions
as a result of your stuttering challenge
and you seriously want to do something about
it today to overcome it, then I have
something very important  to
share with you…

What I am going to share with you in the
below letter is very valuable to me, but
what really matter is “how valuable
will it be for you!”
. If you just
choose to skip it since you have been
TIRED of all those resultless,
misleading, false promises about
stuttering (which I cannot blame you at
all by the way) then it probably will
not add any value to your speech or to
your life. Tomorrow will probably just
be like yesterday. HOWEVER;

If you allow 10 minutes
of your time to read this and follow
what I’ll be sharing with you, not
only your speech but also your WHOLE
LIFE may change beyond your wildest

 If you choose the first case and skip
this, then I wish you all the best in
the future. Otherwise, LET’S ROLL
because I can’t wait to share those high
value, life changing material with you! 

From: Chazzler DiCyprian

Saturday, 7:32 PM


Dear Friend,

I exactly know all the
negative emotions, destructive
and limiting
you are going through. I
know a bit too well what it is like to
live with a stutter. How? Because we
have something in common!..

And I know what it is
like to suffer from stuttering when
there is a great life out there waiting
for you to go enjoy and live it to the



With all my honesty,
before we even start talking about this,
I have a good news and a bad news for

Let’s start with the bad
one…You may not like what you’ll be
hearing, but unfortunately there is no
instant cure for stuttering. Anybody,
any program or any organization promises
you that you can be cured instantly by
using their ‘magic’ tool, technique or
whatever, are MISLEADING you… in the
most innocent terms!

Instant permanent fluency
is something which has been used AGAINST
us, because that is what we want…or
what we think we want!

There is no instant cure for
stuttering…at least not yet…and believe
me once there is one, I’ll be the first
person letting you know about it

Now let’s come to the
good news which will annihilate the bad
overcome stuttering. It doesn’t matter
what others say or believe, stuttering
CAN BE dissolved. You can overcome it to
enjoy a fully expressive, confident
and a fulfilled life


With the right tools,
strategies and mindset, you can reach a
point where stuttering would NO LONGER
be an issue in your life. In fact,
your speaking skills might turn into
your most valuable ASSET.
are hundreds (if not thousands) of
living proofs of this.

How about a deal?

bring yourself and I’ll bring the right
mentality, knowledge, skills, tools,
models, support, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING
you’ll ever need to the table to make
this happen for YOU.

You probably want ‘fluency’, but with
your assertive involvement I can lead
you to get a lot more than that.

This may not happen overnight but it
WILL HAPPEN a lot sooner than you think!
You just need to play along.

Would you like to try a so called ‘cure
technique’ and find out it doesn’t work
for you in the real life situations OR
would you rather like to know what exactly you
are aiming for and reach there in a
smart, effective and permanent way

It is YOUR call!

I had times in my
life where I was overwhelmed
with all kinds of knowledge,
researches, speech therapies and
extraordinary promises about stuttering. I
just didn’t know where to begin,
where to go, who to work with
and which pathway to follow. I
was as confused as hell! I
didn’t even know whether there
was a real hope or not.


You might be
experiencing this at the moment
as well… and that is exactly why
I strongly suggest you to read
on, because I have been there
before and I exactly know what
you need at this stage.

that is the case and you are
overwhelmed with zillions of
thoughts, I can assure you that
there is no need to

be confused
on your side. I have gone
through those steps and
experienced it the hard way FOR
YOU! It took me years but it
doesn’t have to be the same for
you. You have everything, ready
waiting for

best, top quality, tested and

Internet marketers would
say that this is the worst move ever but
as a stutterer myself who had been a
victim of false promises countless
times, I want to make myself clear here
before we move on.

If you are a person who
are looking for a ‘magic pill’ to cure
your stuttering overnight then I wish
you all the best in life and suggest you
not to read on, because “Stuttering
Dissolution” is not what you’re looking
for and I really don’t want you to end
up as an unsatisfied stutterer whose
expectations have not been met. I cannot
guarantee an overnight cure because
there is NO SUCH THING. Period!



You Are A Person Who Are Willing To
Understand What The Mysterious Puzzle Of
Stuttering Is All About And Follow
Proven Strategies In Conjunction With
Step-By-Step Effective, Result Oriented
Models To Overcome Your Stuttering
Challenge In An Effective And Permanent
Way In The Shortest Time Possible, Then I
Can Assure You That You Are At The Right
Place Getting One Step Closer To Make
Your Goals And Dreams Happen. Today
Might Be “The Day” For You, The Turning

Once you quickly reach
that point by following the step-by-step
models I’ll be sharing with you, just
pure fluency will not satisfy you,
you’ll want more than that. You’ll grow
as a person, you’ll be a complete person
with quality skills, you’ll be an
effective communicator with a radical
mentality shift and a new life vision.

You’ll be unstoppable with the freedom
of speech and a brand new you who would
serve you to become your best self and
live the life you deserve.


Anything you think you’ll
get just by reaching fluency; you will
get by “Stuttering Dissolution”.
Fluency is not the objective, it is a
After going through
‘Stuttering Dissolution” and follow the
steps to reach your desired outcome…

OK, let’s get back to
where we left of…

Do You Experience Some Or All Of The
Below? Honestly!



You avoid certain words, sounds
and situations.

You avoid phone and public
speaking at all cost.

You are self conscious about your
speech ALL THE TIME.

You want to share your thoughts
or tell a story or a joke in a
group but you avoid being the
center of attention and choose
not to speak instead.

You want to choose a specific
job or career(e.g. management,
public relations or marketing)
but instead you pick a career
which does not require extensive
talking(e.g. engineering).

Presentations at work or in
school gives you more adrenaline
rush than a rollercoaster. You
can’t stop thinking about it and
how you can manage “not to
stutter” during your
presentation. That’s all you
care; fluency and not to make a
fool of yourself in front of

Having a lot to share, but not
being able to EXPRESS YOURSELF
exactly the way you want to
frustrates the hell out of you…
in fact, from time to time you
feel like a prisoner who cannot
use his/her TRUE POTENTIAL.

The emotional pain stuttering
causes you is a huge burden on
your shoulders…
This is not a
simple speech disfluency problem
for you, it NEGATIVELY affects
ALL areas of your LIFE.

You believe you cannot live a
fulfilled and satisfied life
because you feel like stuttering
not only
your speech but
also your potential as a person
who wants to
in life.

You don’t make
the presence of others unless
you really have to.

Speaking, expressing yourself
and simple
become a huge PAIN for you… and
is a massive psychological
burden on your shoulders.

You want to ask or answer
questions in class or in a
meeting at work but you choose
not to because you think you’ll
be JUDGED by your disfluent
speech in a negative way.

You feel like you are not taken
seriously and are seen as “not
enough” in environments such as
school, work, social gatherings,

When you are expected to go
through a job interview, you
continuously think you would not
be able to express yourself the
way you want to because of your
stutter. So, you lose before you
even start…just(!) because of
your speech.

You want to order a specific
food or a drink on the menu but
you end up asking for something
totally different which you
believe you could manage to say

You want to make a phone call
but instead you choose to send
an email or a text message.

You want to register for a class
you are very much interested in
with all your friends, however
you end up not registering it
because ORAL
required for the class in

You want to ask a girl out but
you don’t because you think
you’ll get
because of
your SPEECH..or similarly, if
you are a woman, you are asked
out for a date but you choose to
turn the offer down just because
you don’t want a person who is
interested in you to find out
about your speech and
NOT LIKE(!) you anymore

You think you aren’t enough for
your spouse, for your kids and
for your family. You don’t
believe you can provide them the
best life they deserve.

You want to
about an
inferior service(e.g
unrecognized credit card
transaction) but you avoid to
call and choose not to
your rights…or you give all
your information to a loved one
to make the call for you.

You want to
or take
role in communities but you
choose not to just because of
the negative emotions you think
your speech will create you in
such a social environment.

Meeting new people is such a
stressful experience for you.

You let your loved ones to take
care of your responsibilities
which require talking… and
this makes you feel “not

of the time.

The need to introduce yourself
in class, at a work meeting or
social gathering is BAD news for
you… you start counting how
many people are left before it
is your turn. 

You use ummm, uhhh, welll, I
think, like, etc. before a word
or a sentence so you can get
your breathing going and get the
first sound out without

You use synonyms(word
substitution) to avoid feared
words which you believe is going
to cause you trouble.

You go through negative
emotions, destructive thoughts
and you hold limiting beliefs as
a result of your stutter.

Is your answer “Yes” to some or all of
the above points?

If so, I can assure
you that you are at the RIGHT place.
Keep reading and stay with me here
because I have a lot of high value,
breakthrough material I want to share
with you. As I said,
his may change not only
your SPEECH but also your WHOLE LIFE!

Stuttering is not just a speech block.

It is a BLOCK in our feelings, in our
choices, in our decisions, in our
personality, in our potential, in our
goals, in our dreams…

Stuttering is the act of holding back.
It happens as a result of your divided
intentions. One side of you want to
speak and express yourself while the
other side of you holds back and doesn’t
want to speak and
be seen as a stutterer… just
because you do not want to go through
the emotional pain it’ll possibly cause
you in case you stutter.

Let me tell you this. We cannot solve a
problem on the problem level. Therefore,
we cannot solve stuttering just by
“fixing” it by learning a physical
“technique” or a fluency tool or
whatever. That is why traditional
speech therapy which focuses solely on
the physical speech production fails in
almost all cases

Therefore, If Understood
And Addressed Correctly, Stuttering Can
Be Dissolved And You Can Break Free From
Stuttering Mindset Permanently…

Just like you probably have… I
desperately look for solutions to get
rid of those “blocks” which gave me
huge emotional pain

I read all the books on
the subject. I got involved almost all
kinds of speech therapy programs one way
or another, which some required me to
spend 3 FULL WEEKS in a therapy room. I
learned tips, techniques, tools,
anything and EVERYTHING available on the
market… physical, mental, psychological,
technological…you name it…

I also tried various
devices and even medication (what the
hell was I thinking!). I searched,
studied, learned and tried EVERYTHING I
could get my hands on.

Unfortunately, I got the
same result every single time… me
looking at the mirror seeing a person
with no hope and full of
and anger. Lots
of hope, time, energy, money in the
beginning, and least REAL LIFE RESULTS
at the end. The outcome of those
treatments to “fix” my stutter had
always been the same…


And my journey started…

That is exactly why I
am here today writing this letter to
I am not going to use sales
tricks and tell you how this letter will
make you fluent instantly! We all have
had enough of that, don’t you think so?

My journey took me more
than 5 YEARS. I had to figure out
everything by myself, the HARD WAY.
I’ve spent a lot of money, effort, time
and energy to take care of the WORST

I’ve met with some of the
most knowledgeable and experienced
people in this area, earned their
respect and convinced them to share
their wisdom with me.

In addition to that, I
got involved in the self development
area and have attended seminars,
workshops, bootcamps. I invested in
ebooks, cd’s, dvd’s, home study courses,
anything and everything you could
imagine regarding to stuttering,
communication and self development… and

…to be able to give
back to the community and help others
who goes through the same physical and
emotional struggle I had been going
through 5 years ago.

“Stuttering Dissolution” Is The Most
Complete And Comprehensive Program Out
There Which Will Give You The
Step-By-Step Process To Dissolve Your
Stuttering In The Shortest Time
Possible…Knowingly, Honestly,
Confidently, Effectively, Permanently!


Stuttering needs to be
UNDERSTOOD very well before you aim to
dissolve and overcome it. You need to go
deep and analyze the core of the
problem. Only then you can start
getting effective and permanent results.

That is one of the reasons why “one fits
all” speech therapy approaches have not
been able to meet our expectations. No
two stutterers are the same, therefore
the solution cannot be the same. For
every single stutterer, a detailed
customized approach is mandatory.

That is also why even with some
effective speech management programs
people improve their speech but never
seem to get pass a level and reach “the
desired outcome”!

In Stuttering Dissolution I’ll Walk
You Through To Come Up With A Customized

As I mentioned before,
I have already gone through everything
and anything possible for the treatment
of stuttering.
Therefore, you don’t
have to go through the same struggles
and lose money, time, energy and worst
of all HOPE to find out that “it did not
work for you”…everything you need is
right here, ready to walk you through and
lead you to reach your speaking goals
beyond your wildest dreams.

Stuttering Dissolution is
an audio program, or in better terms a
multimedia program which I shared all
the essentials, tools, techniques,
strategies and the mentality you need to
break free from stuttering. You’ll have
more than 5 hours of audio of me sharing
the BEST material with you. This is the
first time I am sharing those fully
proven strategies with anyone in such an
organized and detailed manner.

In “Stuttering
Dissolution” you’ll get access to:



5 Hours of audio

me discussing how
to unlock the hidden
mystery of stuttering
and step-by-step proven
strategies to
overcome it.
You’ll learn everything
from basics to the most
advanced stuff in
conjunction with related
self development
subjects on how to
succeed in dissolving
your stuttering.



A 112 page eBook

which you can follow
with the audio program
to be able to see
various visuals,
graphics and
step-by-step models for
better understanding.
Also, if you are a
“reader” type of
learner, then you can
always choose to read
and learn the same
material in a more
productive and effective


A Startup Guide video

which I’ll explain the
content of the program
and how you can get the
most out of it.

I wish I had a package
like this when I started my journey.
It would have saved me a lot of time,
energy and money
. But, I had to
learn and figure out everything the HARD
WAY. I had to go through and find out
what works and what doesn’t by myself.
I have met
thousands of stutterers, I coached
hundreds of stutterers. I had the
privilege to meet, work and have
countless conversations with most of
them who were able to make it happen and

As a result of everything
I went through, observed, experienced,
tried, tested and learned in the past
5-6 years, I am in a position now to
give you the best material EVER
compiled in one package.

It doesn’t have to take you years to
make this happen. I had to go through it
but it doesn’t have to be that PAINFUL
for you. That is exactly why I am here
today! To make it a lot easier,
cheaper, less painful and more effective
for you
Everything I’ll share
with you is tested and proven by
hundreds of stutterers.

“Stuttering Dissolution”
is a compilation of best and most
effective material put together as a
result of hundreds of successful
recovery journeys. I came up with all
those stuff not only as a result of my
own journey but also as a result of
being a part and observing hundreds of
others’ journeys as well.

This is the program which
will give you…

This is the step-by-step
guide to speak, communicate and live
like the person you have always wanted
to be. This is the program which if you
follow, will lead you to achieve your
speaking and life goals beyond your
wildest imagination.

That is why, after analyzing in detail
and putting a lot of thought into it for
weeks, I chose the following heading for
the program which I believe explains it

“Unlock The Hidden Mystery Of Stuttering
And Discover PROVEN Strategies To Put An
End To The EMOTIONAL PAIN Of Stuttering
The RIGHT Way – Knowingly, Honestly,
Confidently, Effectively,
Permanently…Achieving Your SPEAKING And
LIFE Goals Beyond Your Wildest
Imagination Is Now A CHOICE – YOUR
Choice !”

A sample of some of the great things
you’ll learn:


What exactly
the mysterious puzzle of
is all about.
Once you understand this and
you be able to see the big
picture, the solution will
come a lot easier and sooner
– chp. 3
#1 biggest
stutterers make that
sets them up for
disappointment… and cause
them lose their chance to
overcome stuttering right in
the beginning – pg. 33
I’ve tried
every ‘stuttering solution’
out there, and I found out
something that I didn’t
expect in a million years.
In Chapter 5 I’ll explain to
you why almost all those
‘stuttering solutions’ cause
you to lose before you
begin, and what to do
instead to be able to
succeed in overcoming
stuttering effectively,
permanently and in a FUN
The simple
thing you can do during a
conversation that leaves
your listener

smell your total confidence

and… gets him/her think that
your speech is not your
weakness but one of your
strongest features! This is
very easy to do, yet what
you obtain as a result is
HUGE – pg. 75
The thing
almost all out of control
stutterers do to try to look
“cool” and gain respect of
others that actually

and often makes them think
twice as negative about you
– pg. 49
unconscious strategy 99% of
stutterers use in almost all
speaking situations thinking
it’s helping them, where in
reality it is causing you to
go through twice as bad
emotional pain. One simple
… and all those
negative emotions will
replace with extremely
positive ones – pg. 51
proven exercises to develop
a stone-cold, unshakable
inner confidence that allows
you to speak anybody

in any situation without
getting nervous and without
the fear of being judged

– chp. 8
psychological tactics
stutterers can use to make
anybody choose them
over a “fluent” person
can use these during job
interviews, social
interactions, sales,
convincing, debating and in
a lot more other areas) –
chp. 7
12 things you
can do to dramatically
improve your skill in
setting goals and achieving
them (The best part is they
are very simple to apply…
yet people avoid taking
those simple steps…as a
result they ruin all their
chances to succeed anything
in life including overcoming
stuttering) – pgs. 78 – 82
How to
finally get rid of negative
programming, self limiting
beliefs and false
perceptions that have been
sabotaging your success in
overcoming stuttering your
entire life – chp. 7
I read all
the books, tried fluency
techniques, went to various
speech therapies, and tried
almost everything possible
you can think of. It wasn’t
until I did THIS ONE THING
that it all started to
happen for me. On pages
33&34 I’ll share the single
most powerful thing
you can
do to become successful in
dissolving your stuttering.
One critical
of your dissolution
process which if you miss to
follow you’ll lose all the
positive things you’ve
gained – pg. 47
A step-by-step routine you can
follow that instantly sets
you up for success – pgs. 95
– 96
The 16
personality traits that draw
your speaking goals and
dreams to you

like a magnet

pgs. 97-98
Create two
simple boards the way I
explain it to you in
Stuttering Dissolution… and
those two simple boards will
both ATTRACT success to you
and will MULTIPLY your
MOTIVATION. Those two boards
will be your secret
weapons to motivate yourself

to the fullest to turn your
goals and dreams into
reality! – pg. 79
Think about
any challenging situation.
Now, think about how would
it feel like to overcome
your speaking challenges
knowingly, effectively and
permanently. How would you
feel if I tell you that I’ll
show you a model which will
lead you to manage those
challenges effectively and
dissolve your stuttering in
a strategic way?! Get your
hands on this model and you
can repeatedly use it to
challenge any limiting
belief around your
stuttering. Without this
step-by-step model,
overcoming stuttering would
probably be as confusing as
hell. – chp. 6 
The truth
behind the fact that
traditional speech therapy
has been unsuccessful in
meeting our expectations.
Know this and you’ll
overcome stuttering a lot
sooner than you think. Don’t
know this and it’ll cost you
years. I am guilty of that
so I don’t want you to do
the same mistake I did.

– chp. 5
step-by-step strategy for
you to follow and break free
from stuttering mindset.

– chp. 6
The revealing
secret about why fluency is
the WORST goal you can ever
set for yourself and how you
can reach fluency by not
even aiming for it. This
would definitely accelerate
your stuttering dissolution

– pg. 67
One simple
mental technique that will
create an environment for
you which would be

– pg. 66
How to be
your best friend and not
your worst enemy. It sounds
easy but 99% of stutterers
fail in achieving this.
We’ll make sure you will be
in the 1% category.

– pg. 58
How to turn
your so called “weaknesses”
into your high value skills
INSTANTLY. – pg. 52
Strategies of
turning all negative
stuttering causes
to you into powerful
positive feelings INSTANTLY
by taking action on
pre-planned action steps. –
pgs. 51-52
The one
single easiest thing you can
do which will take all the
burden on your shoulders and
make you feel relieved!
pg. 49
discover the role of physical technique in
recovery and whether it is a
mandatory component of
recovery or not. Use it with
the right mentality and it
is one of the most effective
tools in your recovery,
otherwise it’ll make the
journey impossible for you.
– chp. 5
The exact
physical technique
I used
throughout my stuttering
dissolution journey that
produced me great results
and gave me the confidence
to face my fears, expand my
comfort zones, challenge my
limiting beliefs… and also
enabled me to say what I
want to say when I want to
say it the way I want to say
it in every situation.
You’ll watch the video
presentation of me going
through the technique at the
comfort of your own house. –
Physical Technique Video
The number
one lesson
I’ve learned the
hard way which took me YEARS
to figure out… but once I
figured this out it took me
a matter of just hours to
turn the EMOTIONAL PAIN into
SATISFACTION. – chps. 5-7
step-by-step process which
will get you define where
you are now and guide you to
reach your speaking and life
goals effectively. – chp. 10
A 3-phase
I came up with which
will enable you to dissolve
your stuttering, achieve
your speaking goals and live
a fully expressive life. –
chp. 6
A 7-step
you can follow to
break free from the building
blocks of your stuttering
and produce concrete, real
life results.(Hint: I call
this “7-Step Dissolution
Cycle” ) – chp. 6
you cannot afford to miss.
If you don’t address these
areas, even the “perfect
technique” will not get you
anywhere and you’ll get
stuck in the “didn’t
work/last again
routine”. Miss addressing
any one of these and your
results will be temporary,
if any! – chp. 7
13 surefire
ways of building self
FAST! We all know
the importance and impact of
self-confidence on our
speech. I don’t think any
stutterer would miss taking
this chance to learn how to
become totally self
confident… so why should
you?! – chp. 8
Self-confidence building
techniques and exercises
which will lead you build
self-confidence to speak the
way you choose to speak in
every situation! – chp. 8
The effective
way of setting goals which
will lead you to get
concrete results in REAL
12 critical
factors which if known and
applied effectively will
make goal setting and
achieving process a
repetitive success story in
anything you put your mind
into! – chp. 9
3 exercises
on knowing and understanding
yourself so you can plan
accordingly. You will be
able to give a definite and
clear answer of who you
really are!
A lot of people
have no idea about this.
However, any change starts
with this step and missing
it would simply mean
‘unsuccessfull change”  –
pgs. 86-87-88
Two aspects
of the change process that
if you don’t know will make
any change impossible. On
the other hand, learn those
2 aspects and you’ll make
any change possible…surely
and permanently! – pg. 90
process which will enable
you to solve ANY problem
effectively and permanently
in a SHORT TIME. – pg. 93-94
The right
to ask yourself
and solve ANY problem
instantly! – pg. 93
Discover the
step-by-step roadmap to ANY
SUCCESS. Know and apply this
strategy to any challenge in
life and success will be
your closest friend. Yes, to
your stuttering challenge as
well! – pgs. 95-96
The revealing
secrets of becoming a
winner. Model this mentality
and become a winner in all
aspects of your life. You’ll
not only be able to turn
yourself into a winner but
also you’ll spot any loser
or winner as soon as you
meet them…Signs you’ll grap
instantly! – pgs. 97-98
Hundreds of
on your
stuttering dissolution
process. Figuring out all
those took me years but now
they are compiled,
summarized, organized and
served you at the comfort of
your house. These are pure
These are the outcome of
years of real life
experiences, learnings,
observations and coaching.
They are a condensed summary
of all the things I and
other hundreds of
stutterers I know have
experienced and learned
regarding to the stuttering
dissolution journey. Know
and apply those and the rest
will just follow and flow
with no resistance.These are
your secret weapons, your
shortcut to reach your
speaking goals! – chp. 15
One very
effective game which will
minimize procrastination and
will lead you to take action
with almost no resistance at
all. – pg. 81
One single
fact you need to know about
stuttering which is unknown
by 99% of the community.
This will make ALL the
difference and will change
everything in what you can
achieve! – pg. 67
How to
disarm any feared word or
situation… and reach a
point where you can say
anything you want anytime
you want the way you want it
– pg. 51-52
personality characteristic
you need to develop to be
able to avoid manipulated by
others. Creating this
balance is very critical. If
you don’t get this
characteristic of yourself
handled, you’ll have to live
in the shadow of others’
needs. – pg. 54
Learn how to
manage and enjoy the
uncomfortable feeling of
change. If you don’t master
this, turning any change
into success will almost be
impossible. – pg. 55
How I
challenged the fear of
answering phone calls in a
hilarious way. I still laugh
at this till this day.  This
sneaky plan of mine took the
fear of answering calls and
annihilate it! of all
it took me only a day to
plan and put this in action!
You can take this example,
modify it and use it for
your feared situation…
saying bye to your fears
can’t be this fun! You’ll
seek for feared situations
to repeat the fun – pg. 57
Do you
continiously worry about what
other people may think about
you? Get ready to reconsider
your worry once you learned
this one simple fact!  – pg.
One mandatory
“thing” you’ll be needing
besides yourself to be able
to overcome stuttering. This
other “thing” is as
important as you as a part
of your stuttering
dissolution process – pg. 61
A simple six
sided shape
which will
totally explain you all the
“why” questions you have
about stuttering – pgs.
There are
these simple but very
critical questions to ask
yourself before you do
anything about your speech.
If you miss to start by
verifying this step, you may
end up wondering why you
couldn’t make it happen
though you did
everything the right(!) way
– pg. 65
discover the REAL MEANING of
failure and recovery. If you
understand and master in
approaching these two areas
of your stuttering
dissolution process then
you’ll always be one step
ahead of your stuttering –
pgs. 67-68
And much,
much, much more…

Below To Access  ALL And A
Lot More NOW!

is why you need
to get your hands on
Dissolution”. I think we
both agree that the
emotional pain
stuttering causes us is
a big burden on our
shoulders. It affects
all aspects of our life
in a painful way. My
promise to you is that
“Stuttering Dissolution”
will add a huge value to
you in reaching your
speaking goals.
Dissolution” is not
about trying to be
fluent by using a simple
lame trick, it is about
BECOMING the person who
will reach fluency by
not setting fluency as
the objective but will
get it as a consequence,
as a by-product!

“Stuttering Dissolution”
may not make you 100%
fluent overnight,
however it is a surefire
way of reaching all your
speaking goals beyond
your wildest imagination
in the shortest time
possible. You’ll feel
that you are changing
and growing as a person
and once you reach
fluency as a by-product
you’ll realize that
fluency is your least
feature! You’ll be
more than your fluency.

“Stuttering Dissolution”
will lead you to unlock
the hidden mystery of
stuttering and discover
proven strategies to
permanently overcome it.
You’ll find answers
about why’s, what’s,
how’s and what if’s.
You’ll get step-by-step
models to apply and
recover from stuttering
once and for all. You’ll
learn the most effective
exercises about self
confidence, setting and
achieving goals,
exploring who you really
are and much much more.
If you are looking for a
complete change besides
your speech then
“Stuttering Dissolution”
is the answer.

Stuttering is a mysterious
puzzle which has not been solved
or fully explained yet.
SLPs(Speech Language
Pathologists) may not like what
I am going to say here but I am
afraid they are focusing all
their effort(with good
intentions) on the wrong aspect
of the problem. They are working
on the problem level but the
resource of the problem is
hidden below the surface
level…and if they keep
trying to fix the
outcome(physical speech
struggle) I am afraid the
results they’ll be getting will
not be a lot different than the
results they have gotten so far.

“Stuttering Dissolution” will
consider all the studies which
have been done on stuttering so
far and will give you a roadmap
in the light of all those past
studies plus the new revolution
mental applications on
stuttering. Anything and
everything you’ll ever need to
make it happen for you!

In “Stuttering Dissolution” you
will get step-by-step processes,
cycles, an analytical model
which if you put in good use
it’ll lead you to dissolve your
stuttering. Various number of
mental and physical exercises
will be all included in
“Stuttering Dissolution” as

Best of all, you don’t need to
travel for hours, pay for
accommodation, spend time, energy
and money to go and learn all
this valuable material. I made
it downloadable so that you can
download and put all those high
value material in use instantly
just by getting access to it
with one simple click!

Dissolution” is all about taking
action. I’ll show you what to
do, when to do and how to do it
exactly with step-by-step models
so you can make it happen and
get concrete positive results in
what really MATTERS to us!


  • One of its kind and
    totally different
    the rest

    There is no such program
    out there like
    Dissolution”. All we
    have is very time
    consuming and pricey
    speech therapy programs,
    books, short videos
    showing us a so called
    “cure technique”
    promising instant cure
    which turns out to
    another desperation
    story that makes us feel
    twice as bad.

  • Stuttering
    Dissolution is a
    complete, holistic
    and outcome oriented
    multimedia program
    which will bring you
    more than fluency!
    the comfort of your
    own house! You can
    choose to read or
    listen besides
    watching some short
    but high value
    videos. No travel
    needed, no flight
    tickets or hotel
    accommodations, no
    taking off from work
    or school, no need
    for a high budget,
    no hassle, no
    headache, no
    worries… simply,
    nothing to lose…all
    you need to do is to
    access it, learn it,
    put it in use by
    following everything
    I’ll be sharing with
    you there and get
    concrete real life
    changing your speech
    and your

  • Honesty

    I am not going to
    show you a trick
    which will cure your
    stuttering in 6
    minutes 48 seconds.
    That is a lame
    promise which as
    stutterers we all
    have had more than
    enough! But, I’ll
    take you by the hand
    and show you
    everything needed
    including a
    step-by-step model I
    came up with to be
    able to dissolve
    your stuttering
    Recovery is not
    about what to do, it
    is about WHO YOU
    succeed and break
    free from
    By the time you are
    done with the audios
    and all the high
    value material in
    addition to the
    audio program, you
    will have all the
    strategies, tools
    and needed mentality
    to overcome
    stuttering. We’ll do
    this in an honest
    and effective way.
    This is THE
    SOLUTION. Stick with
    it and you’ll reach
    all your speaking
    goals beyond your
    imagination…in a
    shorter time period
    than you think!

  • I am here to help

    I had a time in my
    life that I needed
    help to get this
    part of my life
    handled. I was
    fortunate enough to
    find those people
    and learn every
    I could to be able
    to make my journey a
    success story.
    Today, I am here to
    give you a hand,
    walk you through and
    help you to reach
    your speaking and
    life goals beyond
    your wildest dreams.
    You’ll learn not
    only about speech
    but also about life and
    lots of self
    development topics
    which if you follow
    and apply will bring
    you a fulfilled,
    successful life.
    I spent thousands of
    dollars to go
    through those
    workshops, seminars,
    bootcamps and to buy
    programs, cds, dvds,
    etc. All for one
    single reason; to
    get this part of my
    life handled… And
    I am sharing all
    those best quality,
    selected material
    with you in one
    package, ready to
    guide you for ONLY a
    fraction of what
    I’ve paid for!
    Through “Stuttering
    Dissolution”, I’ll
    help you to get this
    EXTREMELY important
    part of your life

  • I am a stutterer
    myself and I’ve
    figured it out NOT
    by reading about it
    but by LIVING it

    I am a stutterer too
    and I know from
    experience that
    unfortunately most
    of the speech
    therapies out there
    have no idea what
    stuttering is all
    about. This upsets
    me that even the
    professionals in
    this area are trying
    to solve the problem
    in the wrong way!
    You cannot solve a
    problem on the
    problem level. All
    the effort, time,
    money and energy we
    put into various
    therapies and
    techniques are all
    turn into useless
    frustrating tricks
    by the time we
    experience the real
    world. Fluency in
    the therapy room is
    not what we seek; we
    want fluency in the
    REAL WORLD, in
    everyday situations.

    Dissolution” will
    explain you in
    detail what
    stuttering is all
    about and how to
    dissolve it with the
    guidance of proven
    strategies I’ll be
    sharing with you.
    Real life concrete
    are what
    matters at the end
    of the day!

  • I am aware of every
    single solution
    alternative out

    There are bunch of
    programs out there
    which promises
    immediate fluency or
    some sort of
    control. I can
    guarantee you that I
    used and tested
    almost all of those
    one way or another
    in real life
    situations…not just
    once, long enough!

    They don’t lose when
    it comes to their
    technique, they
    actually lose before
    they even start
    because of the
    mentality they have
    in approaching the
    core of the problem.

    Any high value,
    quality material
    from other resources
    are all included in

  • “Stuttering
    Dissolution” is the
    most complete and
    holistic program you
    can ever imagine for
    a stutterer

    This program is not
    just a “learn this
    magic technique and
    be totally fluent in
    minutes” program. This program is the
    most complete and
    holistic program you
    can ever imagine for
    a stutterer who
    wants to do
    something about
    his/her stuttering
    challenge… and
    overcome it
    permanently the
    right way!

    I designed this
    program to be the
    last and the most
    complete resource
    you’ll ever need.

    No more surfing the
    web for answers, no
    more isolation, no
    more avoiding, no
    more living in the
    shadow of your
    stuttering, no more
    negative feelings
    before or after
    doing your daily
    tasks or facing an
    important situation
    which requires
    communication and


  • This is not based on
    my experiences only,
    this is about a
    compilation of
    hundreds of
    recovery journeys

    I think I can
    consider myself as
    one of the most
    stutterers when it
    comes to trying all
    the possible ways
    and techniques out
    there. Don’t do all
    the mistakes I have
    done. Life is too
    short to learn from
    your mistakes, learn
    from mine and from
    others’ mistakes as
    This will
    shorten the time you
    need to permanently
    overcome stuttering.

  • I care about you

    Yes I DO. Because I
    know exactly how it
    feels to be a
    stutterer. I know
    the everyday burden
    we have to carry
    on our shoulders because of it. I’ve
    been mislead and
    misinformed, may be
    even lied to at
    times as well, who
    knows. They took
    advantage of my
    strong emotions
    about my disfluent
    speech. They gave me
    hope till I made the
    payment. Some might
    have done it with
    good intentions but
    they were
    bringing me the real
    life results because
    they lead me to set
    wrong expectations.
    I lost hope several
    times over and over
    again and felt like
    nobody! I don’t
    want you to go
    through and feel the
    same way I did.

    Most of the
    stutterers I met
    through my journey
    were all nice people
    inside and they were
    all willing to help
    others as much as
    they could. I know
    you are no
    different. Soon
    you’ll be in my
    shoes helping other
    stutterers to turn
    their speech related
    goals and dreams
    into reality. I know
    that if others can
    do this so can you!

  • I’d love to help as
    many stutterers as I
    can as long as they
    are ready to help

    Studies show that 1%
    of the world
    population stutters.
    Think about that for
    a minute. That is
    HUGE. Unfortunately,
    I can only reach
    some of them by
    using the power of
    internet…and if you
    are reading this
    right now you are
    one of those people.
    It might be your
    luck or your desire
    or your researching
    skills, or your
    determination or
    whatever it is…you
    get the opportunity!
     But some others
    will never get the
    chance to at least
    come across and
    learn about this
    stuff and totally
    change their life
    for better.
    even if you choose
    not to take this
    opportunity please
    forward this to
    others so they may
    take advantage of
    this possible
    opportunity. My
    primary goal is to
    reach and help as
    many stutterers as I

  • I am confident that
    you will be another
    success story.

    I have coached and
    helped hundreds of
    others so far. I
    shared my knowledge
    and wisdom in every
    single opportunity.
    I was always asked
    to write a book or
    coach people by
    following a step-by-step process, by
    following a fully
    organized, detailed
    material. Frankly, I
    never thought about
    it before that way.
    To me I was just
    helping them. They
    ask me all types of
    questions and I’d
    answer them and tell
    them what they need
    to do and set them
    the right goals.
    Writing a book
    seemed like a lot of
    work to me…and God
    knows IT WAS.

    I could
    talk about
    stuttering weeks and
    months non-stop, how
    could I possibly
    make it fit in a
    book? There was no
    way. But I did it,
    and even I was
    amazed how much
    valuable stuff I was
    able to fit into
    this. All the best
    quality material
    about overcoming
    stuttering is there,
    everything you need.
    Every single
    sentence I use in
    this program is a
    product of massive
    real life
    experiences and
    have done my part,
    now it is your turn
    to make this happen
    and become the next
    success story.

  • You are only minutes
    away from the
    revealing secrets of
    recovered stutterers

    I made this entire
    downloadable, so you
    get to access
    this entire program
    shipping costs, no
    waiting for mail
    delivery, no hassle
    what so ever. I have
    met with hundreds
    of recovered
    stutterers and I
    know how they did
    it. After all I was
    a part of their
    dissolution process.
    Therefore, in
    Dissolution” you’ll
    not find what I
    “think” or what
    “could” be right,
    you’ll find all the
    FACTS, the
    undisputable truths…
    all those are only a
    click away from you,
    even if it is 2AM in
    the morning.


It’s the full package,
everything you’ll need
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stuttering. 5 hours of
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eBook… that you can
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So think carefully and
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Life is too short to
waste time on overly
thinking. What gives us
results and desired
feelings are not what we
think… it is what we DO.
You have two choices,
you’ll either do it or
you won’t. That simple.

Do you want to do
something about your
speech and your life
today? It’s your life so
it is your call! 

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Stuttering Dissolution




A video presentation of
me sharing the exact
physical technique

I’ve used with great
success throughout my
stuttering dissolution
process to break free
from stuttering mindset.
I’ll explain you the
most effective and
which I chose to use
after researching and
trying almost anything
available on the market.

I put together the best,
most helpful and
effective physical
components of speech
therapy programs I have
learned and tried. This
is the exact
step-by-step physical
speaking technique I
customized for myself
which gave me the
confidence to go out
face my fears and
challenge my limiting


Interviews with 2 stutterers
who have OVERCOME stuttering and living a
quality life with no stuttering issues

These people have not only
overcome stuttering but they helped hundreds of
other stutterers to dissolve their
stuttering. In addition, both of these
people are now very eloquent and powerful

We’re truly going to get inside their
heads, pick their brains, learn how they did
it and what would they suggest to people
like yourself in overcoming stuttering
…see how they approach the
subject, what mentality they are in…
discover how they get to where they are


Alan Badmington, has written various
articles on the topic of stuttering and also
is invited to give speeches all around the
world now.

On the other hand, John Harrison, is the person who proved me that
this can be done and overcoming stuttering
is possible. He has a 485 pages e-book about
stuttering and public speaking. Last but not
least, he currently holds public speaking
workshops for general public in California.

These 2 interviews is about 3 hours
long in total. Frankly, these are PRICELESS.
I am bringing those people to you with all
the right questions you would have
asked…just press play and listen those
people sharing GOLD material with you, me
leading them with the right questions. All
you need to do is press play, listen, learn
and enyoj it
without even leaving your room.


A 485 pages eBook called “Redefining
Stuttering: What the struggle about speech
is all about” by John Harrison.

This sells for around $38 on Amazon. A must read
book explaining all the why’s and
how’s of stuttering. There is also a public
speaking section of the book. In addition to
all those, any resources about stuttering,
you can find it in this book(organizations,
books, websites, forums, types of therapies,
and much much more…)


If you act now and
get your hands on ”
Dissolution” , you
will get access to:

Dissolution Audio Program

5 Hours of audio

me discussing how to unlock the
hidden mystery of stuttering and
step-by-step proven strategies to
overcome it. You’ll learn
everything from basics to the most advanced
stuff in conjunction with related self
development subjects on how to succeed in
dissolving your stuttering and live a
fulfilled life. 

Estimated Value:


Dissolution E-Book

A 112 page eBook

which you can follow with the
audio to be able to see various visuals,
graphics and step-by-step models for better
understanding. Also, if you are a “reader”
type of learner then you can always choose
to read and learn the same material in a
more productive and effective way.

Estimated Value: $97

Guide Video

A Quick Startup Guide video

which I’ll explain the
content of the program and how to get the
most out of it.

Estimated Value: $12

Bonus #1

Physical Technique Video

A video presentation of me
sharing the exact physical technique

I’ve used with great success
throughout my stuttering dissolution process
to break free from stuttering mindset. I’ll
explain you the most effective and realistic
technique which I chose to use after
researching and trying almost anything
available on the market. I put together the
best, most helpful and effective physical
components of speech therapy programs I have
learned and tried. This is the exact
step-by-step physical speaking technique I
customized for myself which gave me the
confidence to go out, face my fears and
challenge my limiting beliefs.

Estimated Value: $97

Bonus #2


Interviews with 2 recovered stutterers…

which we are going to get
inside their heads, learn everything about
the dissolution process including how they
did it and what they would suggest to people
like yourself.

Estimated Value: $97

Bonus #3

Redefining Stuttering E-book

Redefining Stuttering by John C. Harrison, a
485 pages eBook

which will help you in understanding what
the struggle of stuttering is all about. You
will be able to find the answers of all your
why, what, how questions on stuttering

Estimated Value: $37



This is a total of easily over $500
worth of value. But

you’ll get all six when you order
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Let me explain. Because;

1- I know what it means to want
something but not being able to afford


I strongly believe the importance of
taking immediate action. My life
experiences have taught me that taking
immediate action is extremely important.
It is the difference between success and
failure, achieving and wishing. I
strongly believe that people who take
immediate action should be REWARDED no
matter what!

Considering that you’ll
get ebooks, 7-8 hours of audio and
various videos all full of high value
material, this may sound like a joke.  I
am fully aware that this is a
ridiculously low price for the package I
am offering you here. But as I mentioned
above, I am doing this on purpose.

I want the people who take immediate
action to have something better than the
rest who only think(!) about doing
something. Some things should
differentiate the people who takes
responsibility and do something and
people who only think about doing
something. People have to develop this
characteristic, because it makes all the
difference in the world when it comes to
reaching your goals and living a
fulfilled life.

That is exactly why I want to reward
those people who will not procrastinate,
invest in themselves and take immediate
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For now it is underpriced for a reason;
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people who need this material and
willing to make a change in their speech
and life.

Just to give you a hint, the price of
this full package will be at least $100
and that is going to take place sometime
really soon.. in fact it might be
as soon as tomorrow. I cannot guarantee
that you’ll find this price the next
time you visit this website. 

I’ve gotten several
questions from people who are asking
whether or not “THIS program is RIGHT
for you.” Here’s my answer:

You’re the only one who
can decide whether this program is right
for you or not. You know yourself, and
you’re the only one who knows whether or
not you’re serious about learning how to
put an end to the emotional pain of
stuttering and reach your speaking and
life goals beyond your wildest

That said,
I CAN tell you that this
is THE single best, most informative,
most powerful multimedia program of its
kind on stuttering. I’ve invested a lot
of time and energy creating what I
consider to be the ultimate education
for learning what stuttering is all
about and how to dissolve it effectively
and permanently.

And if you want to know
what the mystery of stuttering is all
about and discover proven strategies on
how to dissolve it in the shortest time
possible… then I can’t recommend this
program highly enough.

This is possibly the most
important investment you’ll ever make in
your speech.

I assure you that you’ll be able to put
together the mysterious puzzle of
stuttering and you’ll discover
step-by-step proven strategies to put an
end to the emotional pain of stuttering
the right way!

I am confident that “Stuttering
Dissolution” will add a huge value to
your speech and to your future life.
But, I want you to be absolutely sure
about it, that’s why I am going to offer
Listen, watch, read everything in
“Stuttering Dissolution” and see for
yourself how effective it can be for

When you click on the button below,
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you’ll learn in this program then simply
let us know and get a FULL
hassles, no questions asked…

Go through the Stuttering Dissolution
program from cover to cover and you’ll
find strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY
to start improving your speech. I

Take your time to read, listen and watch
the information in “Stuttering
Dissolution” and start applying the
information you learn.

If, after you’ve done that you decide
that it’s not for you… or you didn’t
find any useful information in it for
your situation, simply ask for a refund
and I will give you a full refund, no
questions asked.

I truly want to help you with your
stuttering challenge. I get emails and
phone calls every day from people who
are using these materials to
DRAMATICALLY increase their speech
success in their daily and professional
life… and I want to help you too.


There is nothing to lose
but A LOT TO GAIN. After all, I am
offering you to try this out on MY RISK.

I’ve shown this program
to people who succeeded to reach a level
where they are free of stuttering
mindset now and asked them to
objectively put a value on it. All of
them said for a person who goes through
the emotional pain of stuttering, the
material in “Stuttering Dissolution”
would just be priceless. Then
when I insist on it some didn’t give up
and said still priceless where the not
so stubborn ones said it would easily
worth $500 to $1,000, especially
considering the pricey “cure” programs
which makes you feel twice as bad


When I think about all the experiences I
have gone through and the effort, time
and energy I put into this material, I
think they are not wrong. But don’t take
their or my word for it. You try it and
decide yourself. Try it on MY risk. As I
mentioned it above, if for any reason
you don’t like it, just ask and get a
refund, no questions asked.


below to take an advantage of this
opportunity and get the whole package
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Here is what you’ll get

understand that I’m getting instant download access


If you act now and
get your hands on ” Stuttering Dissolution” , you
will get access to:

Stuttering Dissolution Audio Program

5 Hours of audio

me discussing how to unlock the
hidden mystery of stuttering and
step-by-step proven strategies to
overcome it. You’ll learn
everything from basics to most advanced
stuff in conjunction with related self
development subjects on how to succeed in
dissolving your stuttering to live a
fulfilled life. 

Dissolution E-Book

A 112 page eBook

which you can follow with the
audio to be able to see various visuals,
graphics and step-by-step models for better
understanding. Also, if you are a “reader”
type of learner then you can always choose
to read and learn the same material in a
more productive and effective way.


Physical Technique Video

A video presentation of me
sharing the exact physical technique

I’ve used with great success
throughout my stuttering dissolution process
to break free from stuttering mindset. I’ll
explain you the most effective and realistic
technique which I chose to use after
researching and trying almost anything
available on the market. I put together the
best, most helpful and effective physical
components of speech therapy programs I have
learned and tried. This is the exact
step-by-step physical speaking technique I
customized for myself which gave me the
confidence to go out face my fears and
challenge my limiting beliefs.



Interviews with 2 recovered stutterers…

which we are going to get
inside their heads, learn everything about
the dissolution process including how they
did it and what they would suggest to people
like yourself


Redefining Stuttering E-book

Redefining Stuttering by John C. Harrison, a
485 pages eBook

which will help you in understanding what
the struggle of stuttering is all about. You
will be able to find the answers of all your
why, what, how questions on stuttering


You’ll get all of the
above for ONLY $67.

That roughly comes to

a dinner of two. Think
about this way; take a recovered
stutterer out to lunch or dinner to
share all his/her experiences with you,
it would probably cost you a lot more
than the price of the whole package.
Just with the interviews, you’ll get
almost 3 hours of that.
That is crazy!

Think about getting access
to all the information you can learn in
5 years(let aside all the frustration
you’d go through, the effort, time,
energy and money you would have to put
in it to be able to experience, learn
and come up a complete package like
this)… 5 full years totally
focusing on stuttering 7/24
. Doesn’t
it worth to at least try those and see
what it can do for you, what is
possible, for the price of a simple
dinner of two?  

Let me ask you


What if there’s even a chance that this
material can actually teach you what
stuttering is all about and how to
dissolve it – to live a fulfilled life
by reaching your speaking and life goals
beyond your wildest imagination?

What if you really can learn how to put
the mysterious puzzle of stuttering
together and get this part of your life
handled for good?

How much would that be worth to you? A
thousand dollars? Ten thousand? More?
For most people I know who go through
the emotional pain of stuttering, it
would be priceless

Just the POSSIBILITY of having this kind
of success with your speech be worth the
investment. I personally invested over
five years and thousands of dollars to
learn how to overcome stuttering.

I wish that I was able to
buy this knowledge, insight and
experience for $67 when I decided to do
something about my speech and started my
stuttering dissolution journey. And I
know that you’ll be glad you made the
investment in yourself once you start
listening, reading and watching it.

I have one final thought
to share with you.

After studying behavior for many years,
I know one thing:

If you don’t make the
decision to get this part of your life
handled right now, there’s a very very
small chance that you’re going to do
anything about it in the future.

You know how they say that you can’t
tell someone how to get somewhere unless
you’ve been there yourself? Well I’ve
been there, and I’m going to show you
the way.  Think about it…

You are only a few short
steps away from getting your stuttering
challenges handled the right and honest
way. I spent 6 MONTHS putting all those
material together for you and made sure
I included everything I could to help
you in your journey and make this happen
for you.



I’m ready to make the
best investment ever… and invest in
myself! by getting my hands on


Stuttering Dissolution…

I understand that this is
a one time, limited offer…and the
price will definitely go up very
soon(remember, taking immediate action
should be rewarded)

am tired of all the bold promises which
only makes me feel twice as bad
afterwards. I want to honestly and
exactly know why’s, when’s, how’s and
make this happen for me. If others can
do this so can I!

know the offer carries zero risk… And
that this crazy low $67 price may not be
here tomorrow.

realize this complete package
“Stuttering Dissolution” is available
for me to download and read/listen/watch

know that the information I learn here
is going to take my speech and myself
personally to a completely different

am aware that this is possibly the best
investment I can make for my speech. I
want to make the best investment ever
and invest in myself… and in my future

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So You Have
to Act NOW

If you have any questions
please feel free to email me at

I look forward to hearing from you…let
me know what you think, let me know what
you liked and what could be better…last
but not least send me your success
stories so I feel good seeing that all
my hard work, energy and time have been
paid off and I was able to help you to
take your speech and life to the next

To reaching your speaking goals and
living a fulfilled life

All the best,

Every tip, strategy, and technique
that I share with you in this

           book is a PROVEN winner. I
use every one of them personally

           real-life situations, and I
know that they can work for you, too.

           Remember, you have a 100%
satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not

you get A FULL REFUND.
This is truly a 100% risk- free offer.


Stuttering Dissolution

is a downloadable multimedia(ebooks,
audios, videos)
program. No physical
products will be shipped. After you
order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to
download Stuttering Dissolution
Multimedia Program and all the bonus
files onto your computer.

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