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If you’re
a man who has ever had a bad sexual experience, had
a woman leave him for another man, and find yourself
stck in a boring, sex-less relationship, then
this may be the most important message you ever read!

I’m about
to reveal something to you that you’re not going to
believe. But know this: It’s all TRUE…

Are 4 UNDENIABLE And Disturbing Facts About

: 60% of Married Women will cheat
on their husbands, and more disturbingly, the
will feel absolutely NO GUILT about it whatsoever
because they feel entitled to the good feelings
sex with another man will give them.

A whopping 90% of women will LIE
to their lover about experiencing orgasms during
lovemaking to spare their lover’s feelings.
However, these same women are more prone to
have affairs outside their relationship to be
sexually satisfied and break their lover’s heart
in the process.

70% of men report that after being
married, sex with their wives goes down dramatically
and sometimes even stops completely. This is
usually because sex becomes “boring”
or “routine” for the woman, and the
man doesn’t know how to re-kindle that flame
with his same bog-of-tricks in bed.

85% of relationships end because
the woman is sexually unsatisfied with her partner
and is looking for a man who can fullfill her
needs in the bedroom. What’s more, most men
will never know this, and continue to suffer
one break-up after another because they don’t
bother to improve their sexual prowess.

Let’s face
the facts:


It’s important
to men, but even more so, it’s important to women

There is
a big myth in this world that women don’t enjoy sex
as much as men do. That is a FLAT OUT LIE!
In most cases, women enjoy sex even MORE than men

But that
myth exists because: 75%
of men don’t know how to give women orgasms!!!!

but true.

Too often,
men will chaulk up their failures with women to issues
they have no control over. Things like penis size,
premature ejaculation, looks, build, money — whatever.


The only
thing that matters is your ability to give a woman
not just one, but MULTIPLE orgasms in bed!
(more on this later)

But the
really scary thing is…

Knowing How To Give A Woman An Orgasm Will Actually
Put Your Life At Risk!

talk about why sex techniques are so important.

Right now,
there are approximately 16,222,181 people in the world
with full blown AIDS!

56,122,303 are HIV Positive.

On a worldwide
basis, most of these people did not become HIV Positive
because they were drug addicts sharing needles…
or… because they received it in a blood transfusion…
or… because they were having gay sex.

it or not, 81% of worldwide cases of HIV and AIDS
are caused by the simple act of a straight man having
sex with a straight woman.

why, if you are in a monogamous relationship or if
you are married, it is more important than ever NOT
to go outside your relationship for sex!

Can you
guess the biggest reason people cheat on their partners
or commit adultery? It’s very simple…

Because They Are Bored With The Sex Life They Have
At Home!

Let’s face reality here: If you can’t give a woman
what she wants, she will go someplace (and to someone)
else to get it. And while she’s sneaking around behind
your back trying desperately to get a simple little
orgasm, she will be EXPOSING YOU to the possibility
of contracting an STD.

How To Give A Woman Orgasms Is The Most Important
Skill Every Man NEEDS To Know!

Do you
remember taking Sex Education in High School?

You know,
when they showed you those cheesy videos about the
birds and the bees?

Do you
even remember what those videos were about?

Let me
refresh your memory: Teenage pregnancy. Sexually Transmitted
Diseases. Ruining your life by having sex. Common
questions and insecurities about sex.

Most of
these teachings are meant to SCARE YOU into not having

In fact,
most of society tries to hide any knowledge about
sex from you!

Sex has
become the biggest Taboo in the world. Think about
it… how often are men chastised for wanting to have
sex with a woman? For thinking about sex? For displaying
their own God-given sexuality?


Just watch
any TV show with a guy who’s out looking to pick up
a woman. He’s instantly labled as a “sleaze bag”
because he just wants to have sex.

But it’s
not just a problem with men. Women have it too.

From a
young age, women are taught that it’s WRONG to have

If they
have sex, they’re labled a slut and ostricised. They’re
told they’re going to get pregnant if they have sex
and their lives will be ruined. They’re told virginity
is something to be cherished and held onto at all

Most women
are even afraid to look at their genitals because
they’re told they are “dirty.”

And because
of this training, most people grow up not knowing
how to experience the joys of sex! In fact, finding
a partner who’s actually GOOD at sex is so rare, that
most women will cling to him like the only life preserver
left in the ocean!

Why It’s Important To Learn How To Give A Woman Orgasms…

Look, women
are STARVED for good lovers.

Just because
a woman agrees to be your girlfriend or your wife
DOES NOT MEAN you satisfy her in the bedroom.

Women enter
into relationships for many reasons. Things like security
or emotional connection can play a big role in these

But the
biggest factor in a successful relationship is the
elephant in the room that everyone’s trying to ignore:


Here is
what being a skilled lover will do for you…

  • It
    will ensure your woman will never cheat on you.

  • It will
    strengthen your relationship and make sure she won’t
    leave or break up with you.

  • It
    will make your woman want to have sex more often.

  • It will
    make her want to try harder to please YOU in the

  • It
    will open your woman up to trying new adventures
    and fantasies in bed.

  • She
    will brag to all her friends about you, and you
    will become known as a great lover.

  • All
    this and more is possible, if you only know how
    to please a woman in bed.

Now are
you starting to see why this stuff is so importnat?

A Woman (Multiple) Orgasms Isn’t Hard. In Fact, It’s
Quite Easy…

What those
sex ed videos from High School should have been teaching
you is how to please a woman instead of how to ignore
her (and your own) sexuality.

So many
men have no idea how a woman’s body works, or what
it responds to. In fact, I’d even go so far as to
say that 95% of men are completely CLUELESS when it
comes to female anatomy.

They just
know that “the penis goes in the vagina”
and that’s that.


a lot more too it than that. But so many guys look
at a woman’s body like blueprints for a thermo-electric
nuclear fusion generator… WAY too complicated!

But the
secret that almost no man knows is: It’s actually
very easy to give a woman an orgasm!

just need to know WHAT to do!

And once
you know how to give a woman ONE orgasm, you can give
her MULTIPLE orgasms with no problem at all.

Secret Orgasm Tips!

If you
are interested in having an incredible sex life, there
is a new course that has some of the most exciting
secrets you will ever read.

This is
the course they should have given you in school.

You see,
not too long ago, I was in the same situation you
are. I did not know a SINGLE THING about how to please
a woman in the bedroom. (in fact, it was a topic of
much trepidation for me).

But then,
something strange happened…

I was at
a trendy nightclub in Los Angeles one night looking
to meet a woman I could take home and try to pleasure.
And that’s when I saw him…

There was
a short, pasty-white man with a pot-belly and thinning
hair walking through the club with no less than FOUR
drop-dead gorgeous women hanging all over him. Seriously,
these girls were trying their hardest to get his attention
– even though they were already with him!

My first
thought was “this guy must be rich.” Because
no man who looked like that could ever get four women
that hot to compete for his affections any other way.

So figuring
he had more women than he knew what to do with, I
approached one of the women he was with, thinking
I could steal her away…

she flat-out REJECTED me right there!

When I
asked her what made this guy so special, her answer
shocked me. She said:

the greatest lover I’ve ever had, and no man could
ever do to me the things he can!”

At this
point, I was hooked. I HAD to find out what this man
knew that was driving these women so crazy.

So I walked
up to him and introduced myself. He greeted me enthusiastically,
seemingly relieved to have a break from the four women
buzzing around him, and we got to talking.

It turns
out that not only was he pretty average looking, but
he was also almost COMPLETELY broke! He was attending
graduate school and living off of student loans.

This meant
that each woman was there because they were OBSESSED
with him!

So I cut
to the chase.

I begged
him to tell me his secret.

That’s When He Dropped The Bomb On Me…

He told
me one (just ONE) technique he uses called “The
Secret Twitch.” He told me to go out and use
just that one trick, and I’ll be able to give any
woman multiple orgasms for hours on end!

to say, I didn’t believe him. Just one technique couldn’t
do that! I’d studied every book on the subject, and
nowhere did I find ANYTHING remotely like it.

But then,
while I was on a business trip to Europe, I met a
beautiful Russian woman who I ended up taking back
to my hotel room. And as we were taking off our clothes,
I decided to use the “Secret Twitch” on

To my surprise,
I was able to give her FIVE screaming

done that before!

And then,
as we were lying in my bed in each other’s arms, she
looked up at me and said something I will never forget…

man has ever been able to please me like that before!”

right. With just that one simple technique, it didn’t
matter how big my penis was or how long I was able
to go before climaxing… I was suddenly a better
lover than 99.9% of the other men out there!

Now that
I had a taste for being the greatest lover a woman
ever had, I was obsessed with learning more!

It was like HEROIN.

If just
ONE of this guy’s techniques was that incredible,
I needed to learn ALL of his secrets!

As soon
as I got back to Los Angeles, I called him up and
told him about my success with his technique.

I then
begged him to teach me more.

It took
a while for him to trust me enough to share his nuclear
arsenal of sex secrets with me, but my hard work and
perseverance really paid off (for both you and me).

what I mean.

I got
him to go on tape revealing some of his most powerful
and mind-blowing sex secrets!

I put this
special recording under lock-and-key in a special
fireproof safe that I keep in my home to protect my
most valuable possessions. I’m also looking into getting
it insured — I consider it that valuable.


in all my studies, I have not found the information
this guy shared with me that night in ANY books, videos,
or audio courses — anywhere.

This was
all stuff he discovered and developed on his own,
and I was the only one he’d ever shared it with!

Until now.

What You Need To Know To Become The Best Lover She’s
Ever Had…

The man
I met is David Van Arrick.

He’s a
certified hypnotist, master martial artist, and a
doctor skilled in Eastern Medical Practices. And he
was able to combine his knowledge of the human mind
and body to discover every last dirty little secret
about the female body!

And after
delving into the swinger scene and having sex with,
literally, 2,377 women — he was
able to perfect his techniques beyond even his wildest

Here is
what he’s agreed to reveal in this special interview:

  • How
    to kiss a woman so passionately, her knees will
    buckle at the touch of your lips.
  • The
    secret to “sexual mirroring” to take your
    partner to a deep sexual level where she’s willing
    to do anything in bed.
  • How
    to tell when your partner is into you and ready
    to be kissed (no more guess work)
  • How
    to open your partner up to ENDLESS possibilities
    in the bedroom (and have them think it was their
  • How
    to manage the emotional states a woman goes through
    during the lovemaking process to make sure she experiences
    unbridaled sexual extacy.
  • Methods
    of stimulating the clitoris that produce such amazing
    results, they SHOULD be in the Kama Sutra (but they
  • The
    “indirect method” method that will build
    up and tease a woman to climax — at almost no effort
    on your part!
  • The
    art of “sexual fractionation” that will
    have your partner writhing in extacy before you
    even DO anything!
  • The
    “secret twitch” method that will help
    you give a woman earth-shattering orgasms MULTIPLE
  • The
    “Golden Rule” of lovemaking that will
    have any woman beating down your door to sleep with
    you again and again.
  • The
    ultra-powerful “Coup Des Gras” technique
    that is guaranteed to produce the one orgasm women
    can’t fake! (no more worrying about whether you’re
    actually pleasing them in bed, fellas. Use this
    technique and you’ll have undeniable proof!)
  • How
    to find the G-Spot in any woman and the secret techniques
    to stimulate it in ways she never thought possible.
  • The
    secret to overcoming premature ejaculation
  • Mind
    blowing oral sex techniques that will put you a
    cut above any lover your woman has ever had!
  • The
    “Vaginal Massage” technique that will
    keep your woman primed and ready to go for hours
    on end.
  • How
    to tell when a woman is ready for round two (and
    three, and four…)
  • The
    “sexual inhertia” method that is guaranteed
    to give women multiple, multiple orgasms.
  • The
    secret knowledge that will NUKE all insecurities
    about penis size or body image.
  • The
    special “Illusion of Control” method that
    makes anal sex safe and pleasurable for both parties.
    (and if your woman doesn’t want to do it now, she
    will after you learn this method!)
  • The
    special process of “Sexual Conditioning”
    so you can train a woman to please you in every
    way possible.
  • How
    to transform yourself into the “Romantic Hero”
    so you’ll be irresistable to any woman you meet.
  • The
    secret to making any woman become your “friend
    with benefits” should you not want to be in
    a serious relationship.
  • Forbidden
    group sex tactics that can get you threesomes, foursomes,
    and more…
  • …And
    much, much more.

And that’s
just the tip of the iceberg. David’s techniques are
so powerful, and so simple to master, I’m amazed that
no one’s been able to think of them before!

For Yourself Just How Insanely Powerful These Secret
Orgasm Tips Are:

It’s one
thing to talk about these techniques. It’s quite another
to see the results they will bring you.

Here are
REAL testimonials from REAL people
who will give you REAL proof about the effectiveness
of these secrets…

your course is simply amazing. I wish I had found
David’s teachings 15 years ago. I used the Secret
Twitch on my wife and gave her more orgasms in
one night than I did over the course of our entire
marriage. Our bond has never been stronger. Thanks!”

Aaron C., Pennsylvania

needs to give Van Arrick a f**kin’ medal! I
used one of David’s oral techniques on this
girl I was dating to give her multiple orgasms.
She goes and tells all her friends how great
I am in the sack, next thing I know, I’ve got
three women THROWING themselves at me! I’m having
so much sex now I can barely walk!”

T., New York

I just wanted to write to thank you for your
course! I’d been suffering in quiet desperation
with my husband’s poor lovemaking skills for
years. When I came across your secret orgasm
tips, it was like a godsend. After showing it
to my husband, we tried it that night, and I
had not one, not two, but THREE orgasms (finally!).
Now I can’t get enough, and both my husband
and I are happier than ever.”

S., Colorado

Joe and David,

three relationships that ended with the girl
leaving me for another man, I knew something
was wrong. I just didn’t know what. When I got
my new girlfriend, I didn’t want it to end like
the others. I took a chance on your course,
and boy, am I glad I did! Your stuff doesn’t
just work – it blows everything elseout of the
way! Not only do I now have the strongest relationship
in the world, I know she’ll never cheat on me
with another man! Thanks!”

K., Ohio

your fingering techniques alone were worth the
cost of admission. I never thought I’d be able
to have a woman orgasm with just my fingers.

H., United Kingdom

your tactics saved my marriage. My wife and
I were on our way to break-up-central because
she wasn’t giving me the sex I wanted. Little
did I know, she craved it just as much as me,
but I couldn’t please her! After trying out
your course, the flood gates opened (in more
ways than one), and it feels like we’re teenagers
again! I can’t thank you enough.”

B., Australia

always been insecure about a woman faking her
orgasms with me, wondering if I was actually
a good lover. After using your one orgasms that
women can’t fake technique, I now finally know
for CERTAIN that I’m delivering what I need

F., Texas

used to be really scared about taking women
to bed because I was ashamed of the size of
my d*ck. I’d think they’d laugh at me. I tried
all sorts of pills and pumps to make it bigger,
and nothing worked. I took a shot at your course,
and now I have women lining up to sleep with
me! And you know what they all say? That I’m
a great lover! My d*ck is still small, but all
these girls want me more than any other guy.
What a great feeling.”

G., California

You can’t
make-up praise like that! Each and every person listed
above is real and got that result after listening
to this ground-breaking new course.

Talking About Sex Is Creepy. I’d Feel Wierd Listening
To This Course.”

Let’s be

Sex is
a natural function of human beings, and villifying
the act is WRONG.

Human beings
thrive on sex, and it’s an essential factor in ANY
serious relationship you have with the opposite sex.

To ignore
that is to deny your true nature as a Man.

thing you can do is give into this myth that sex is
a bad thing, and you should go on being ignorant about

learn about sex if you want to have true happiness
in life – despite what the mainstream puritan media
tells you.

Wanting To Learn More About Sex Make Me A Pervert?”


It makes
you HUMAN.

We can
only go so long denying our urges before something
bad happens to us. You wanting to learn more about
sex is really an extension of you wanting to learn
about your happiness.

It is NOT
a bad thing!

the reality: Women rely on men to take the lead. They
desperately want a knight in shining armor to sweep
them away into a world of romance and sexual bliss.

Why do
you think romance novels are so popular? Have you
ever read any of those books? They’re almost straight-up

But that’s
what women want. Remember, they’re just as clueless
about sex most of the time as you are! So if you’re
not able to take control and give them the experience
they desire, they’re going to keep looking until they
find a man who CAN give them what they want!

I can’t
stress enough how important knowing what you’re doing
in bed is. So what’s worse? Feeling a little bit uncomfortable
learning how to pleasure a woman? Or suffering the
heartbreak and possible health problems that come
with a cheating lover?

You decide.

I A Loser If I Don’t Know How To Give A Woman An Orgasm?”


not alone in not knowing how to give women orgasms.
Most of the male population on this planet don’t know
how to do that!

But this
gives you an amazing opportunity.

This gives
you the chance to stand out and be better that 99%
of the other potential mates your woman has out there!

Think about
it. 50% of men don’t know how to give a woman 1 orgasm.
About 40% can give a woman a single orgasm in one
lovemaking session. 10% are able to give their lovers
more than one orgasm.

I can teach
you how to be in that elite 10 percent. And once there,
you will most likely be a better lover than ANY other
man your woman has ever been with.

Once you’ve
achieved that, are you going to feel like a loser?

think so.

Interested, But What Do You Do To Ensure My Privacy?”

I understand
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I Want This Course! How Much Does It Cost?”

the thing…

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  • How
    much is it worth to know your woman won’t dump you
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  • How much is it worth to you to know with absolute
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    Expectations Ever Again…?

I’m willing
to bet that’s worth much, much more than
$77. Is isn’t it?

Let’s make
something clear:

These techniques will make your life better FOREVER.
It will make sex more enjoyable, your relationship
better, and your life much happier and you can feel
absolutely confident that you are satisfying your
woman like no other man ever has or could.

How Much
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damn right it is.

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Look, this
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It’s an
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about such a sensitive issue, I can understand why
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Orgasm Tips course, and you don’t get the results
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Time For You To Get Serious About
SEX, Realize How Important It Is, And Use It
To Strengthen Your Relationships And Enjoy The Kind
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