Channel Daddy SaaS – GET ON TV! We Develop and Host a Roku Streaming Channel With Your Videos.


Got Videos?  Get on TV!

This package is for the development of one Roku Streaming TV channel that millions of people can watch on their Smart TV or Roku Stick.  Then you will be charged only $79 per month to host your channel ongoing with unlimited bandwidth!  And there is no 3rd party advertising or link outs unless you want to turn on advertising, and collect revenue.

Health Visions owns, so you will get a login for a SaaS panel where you can manage your channels, and take advantage of numerous options including feeding your videos to Amazon TV (for free) or sign up to have your videos play on your own Apple TV channel.

This package is for the development of your channel, and your first month’s video hosting and your own private Channel Daddy SaaS administration set-up.  Once you pay for this package, we will work together to immediately secure your Roku TV channel name (it must be unique, so act fast), load your videos and set up and submit your own private Roku TV channel.  After that, your channel will be submitted for final deployment and even appear in the Roku Channel Store.  

Then we will automatically bill your account for only $79 per month for unlimited bandwidth – no up charging!

Imagine, you will have your own Roku TV channel for only $79 per month, for up to 25GB of videos, which is quite a few videos.  You can order extra space if needed but as an example, we can load most YouTube video channel videos in that much space.

This increases your branding power, you can tell everyone you are on TV, and boast that on business cards, your website, and press releases.

Order today so we can secure your channel name immediately.

Price includes:

$370  RokuTV Channel development with your videos (you can add more as time goes on, but let’s get you live ASAP).  One time fee.
$ 49   One time Channel Daddy SaaS set up fee – then you will have your own login to an incredible system (read more at
$79   First months video and SaaS hosting fee (25GB of videos, can be increased if you need)
$498  Total to be charged for this package (Plus you will receive bonus stock photos and software during the first week)

Then, only $79 per month for video and SaaS hosting,  with no cancellation fees.



Get on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV.  Unlimited bandwidth for one ridiculously low price.  Live stream to everywhere at once.  Or line up a video channel playlist as the Big TV Broadcast stations do. Cord cutters are taking over, get in on the new mainstream NOW.

We are the future of streaming TV and content monetization. Create your own live or syndicated streaming TV channels using the patent-pending point-and-click technology, and keep up to 100% of the revenue you generate.  Collect revenue from automatic commercial placement, your own commercials, or collect a monthly subscription like Netflix, Food Network, ABC, NBC, CBS, Sling, Hulu, and the rest.

Did you miss the glory days of YouTube, eBay or Amazon? Do not miss today’s opportunity. The OTT (Over The Top) market is exploding, everyone has heard it called many things, cutting the cord, cord-cutters, Streaming TV, Roku, Prime or OTT.

Now anyone can get on television because Channel Daddy has not only automated the entire process, but we also offer truly UNLIMITED bandwidth. Do not be fooled by our competitors, they are expensive and will either charge you for bandwidth or refer you to someone who does.

Our platform is the only affordable solution on the market.  And the fastest way to get on TV!


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