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Pheromone-Infused Shower Gel

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When I originally planned to launch Secret Seduction Shower Gel, I ordered enough ingredients to make a run of 1000 bottles.

However, there was some miss-communication during the manufacturing process, and instead of filling 150ml bottles…

My team accidentally filled 250ml bottles.

So instead of 1000 bottles, I now only have less than 600 bottles.

What does this mean for you?

Well, you get 3 huge benefits to buying Secret Seduction Shower Gel right now, today:

First, you get the special discounted launch price of $67 (normally the shower gel will be $97, just like Secret Seduction Spray – same pheromones, same price).

Second, you get 250ml instead of 150ml (that’s a massive 66.67% EXTRA for FREE!)

Third, you get a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee – allowing you to give this incredible Attraction-Boosting Shower Gel a try with NO RISK.

Now, I know what you might be thinking…

$67 for Shower Gel is a STEAL when it contains the same powerful Pheromone as Secret Seduction Spray.

And, you’re right…

That’s why the price will go up when it’s officially launched.

So yes, $67 is an absolute bargain. Especially when you keep in mind the FACT that: when it comes to soaps and shower gels – cheap will WASH AWAY your precious Pheromones, making you much less attractive to women.

And, consider this…

What else could you possibly do, for $67, or $667, or even $6,667 that would so dramatically INCREASE your ATTRACTION Level?

There’s nothing else that even comes close…

Books on dating and relationships and sex are mostly a waste of time. Most are written by ‘fake experts’ and are full of THEORY (as opposed to stuff that really works).

How about Pick-Up Boot Camps (what? So you can WATCH some other guy, the instructor, show off, and pick up chicks)

How about dressing better? Going to different bars? Trying harder to impress women? Throwing more money at women?

All of that stuff is USELESS and, and some of it can DESTROY your self-esteem.

DOOMED to FAILURE, whichever way you cut it.

Yet, when you use Secret Seduction Gel, you will INSTANTLY become more ATTRACTIVE and command more ATTENTION, each and every day…

Improving your interactions with practically every woman you meet.

So, it’s your call…

You want some?

If you do, choose an order option below, and hurry! Because these few hundred bottles won’t last long, considering this page is being read by over 67,000 customers…