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Optimizing Adaptation And Performance

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Optimizing Adaptation & Performance

Deliver better results to your athletes by learning the most effective strategies to integrate strength and conditioning, sports science, and advanced nutrition into a comprehensive program!

The field of sport performance is rapidly evolving.

      • The importance of strength and conditioning is more widely recognized and appreciated than ever before.
      • There is more applied sports research being published than ever before.
      • There are more opportunities to work in the field than ever before.

This is an incredibly exciting time to work in sports performance.

But with this growth comes several challenges.

There is more opportunity, but significantly more responsibility.

More recognition, but significantly more pressure.

More available information, but less clarity.

Strength and Conditioning Coaches aren’t just responsible for putting together a good training program. Now you’re expected to:

  • Understand movement assessments and how they relate to injury risk and sport performance
  • Design special programs to recondition athletes recovering from injury or surgery
  • Integrate technology to monitor workloads and recovery
  • Analyze data for meaningful insight, and design reports to effectively communicate with athletes, coaches, and management
  • Educate athletes on proper sleep habits and the consequences of suboptimal sleep
  • Make nutrition and supplementation recommendations to facilitate improved health, performance, and recovery

And while some S&C coaches are fortunate to work within a comprehensive performance team alongside rehab professionals, nutritionists, and sports scientists, most are not.

And even those that do are expected to know enough about the other fields to communicate seamlessly.

Simply, strength and conditioning coaches are spread thinner than ever, and expected to know more than ever.

And as the amount of information within the field continues to grow, it becomes harder and harder to filter out the noise to determine what actually works.

This is exactly why we put together the Optimizing Adaptation & Performance seminar…

Three of the best professionals in the industry, spending 8+ hours talking about best practices and real-world situations. It’s a no-brainer to pick this up.

They’ve done the work to make my job easier.

The talks about optimizing in-season training were extremely helpful.

The work that James is doing is groundbreaking.

Devan McConnell

Optimizing Adaptation and Performance with Mike Potenza, Kevin Neeld, and James Lavalle was a really unique experience, combining the expertise of two Strength and Conditioning Coaches working in pro sports, with one of the world’s most foremost experts in nutrition and supplementation strategies to optimize human performance. The seminar covered everything from program design to sports science to advanced nutrition strategies. I couldn’t recommend this resource any more highly.

Devan McConnell
Head of Hockey Performance & Sport Science, UMass Lowell Men’s Ice Hockey

Sarah Cahill

The Optimizing Adaptation and Performance seminar was an incredible opportunity to learn with some of the best practitioners in the field. I really enjoyed the combination of up to date research and practical application. I took away several tangible strategies to immediately implement with my clients.

Sarah Cahill
Former S&C Coach, USA Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team

Optimizing Adaptation and Performance will provide you with a comprehensive model of athlete performance, including the assessment and analysis tools, as well as programming, recovery, nutrition and supplementation strategies to best serve the individual needs of today’s athlete.