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Oily Skin Solution – Huge Untapped Market In The Skin & Beauty Niche

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“Did You Know That 80% Of The Cleansers, Moisturizers, And
Toners On The Market Right Now, That Are Formulated To “Fight” Oily Skin
Actually Cause
And Will Do


To Your Skin
Instead Of Help It…”

Patricia Everson



Have you ever woken up in the morning, looked in the mirror and thought to
yourself “how the heck did an oil field get on your face while you were

I used to do that morning after morning….

Have you ever carried a pack of oil blotting sheets in your
pocket to wipe the excess oil off your face throughout the day?

I used to do that day after day… (sometimes I would even excuse myself
from my friends to go to the toilet so I could spare myself of the
embarrassment of “cleaning myself up” in front of them)

Have you ever taken a shower or
washed your face only to feel dirty and have oily skin/hair again in less
than an hour’s time?

I used to feel that way

all the time. ….until I finally declared

Enough Is Enough

I Was Sick And Tired Of Having
To Live And Deal

With Oily Skin Day In And Day Out!

Oily skin was something that only
young teenagers were meant to have to deal with, and even then it was only
meant to be for a short period of time. Not for me, my oily skin
followed me through early puberty, to late puberty and beyond!

It was time for me to stand up and say “Enough Is Enough” and actually do
something that actually worked! I had spent thousands (literally) on the
“latest” and “greatest” skin creams and lotions for

NONE of them to work,
even worse all they ever did was make my skin breakout EVEN MORE so it
not only looked really oily, it also looked dirty.

You’ll never forget the days where you wake up in the morning with oily skin
feeling dirty and unclean no matter how long or how frequent you wash and scrub your

….or when you friends look at you and ask you why your sweating when it’s
only 5 degrees outside, really it’s just the excess oil sitting there on
your skin!

You’ll never forget those days… I can tell you I never have….

WHAT If I Could Show You A

To Stop Oily Skin?

And it’s not going to cost
hundreds of dollars like the overpriced

miracle skin creams you see on TV everyday with the beautiful models

showing you how “perfect” their skin is!

Before I go there, let me ask you…

Are You..

Suffering From Low Self-Esteem
because of how your skin always shines from the excess oil?

Embarrassed or Even Annoyed at how
oily skin and hair can make you look sweaty, dirty, and even tired in

Sick and Tired of Wasting Money on
Expensive skin “care” products that just DON’T Work

– Applying countless creams and lotions on
your face for it to only cause MORE breakouts, and even flaky skin

Plain and simply Fed Up with the amount of
maintenance your skin requires to stay oil-free and clean

Let me just say that “You Are NOT Alone!”

If any of this sounds like YOU
then YOU are not alone. There are thousands of people out there that
go through the same agony
day in and day out.

That’s not the worst of
it though
, it’s all the misleading information that we see
advertised everyday that’s the real problem. We’ve all tried different
products to reduce oily skin with no results, but the beautiful model on the
TV always seems to have “perfect” skin.

And it’s not just the false
, but what about the price tags of these “magic” cures that never work,
so when you look for something next time there is almost always going to be
a new cream or lotion in
it’s place.

“But Who Am I To Know? My Story…”

suffered from oily skin and oily hair since my very early teen years, I’ve
been teased to the point of tears and spent hundreds on products that don’t

In my early teen years,
oily skin was never a problem for me. I really didn’t pay much attention to
how my skin or hair looked back then. As long as my hair was silky smooth, I
was happy and content.

Next thing I know, puberty

I became more self
conscious about my physical appearance as more and more pimples started
to surface on my face. It was all completely new to me, my skin was also
visibly red and looked irritated ALL the time. Not only that, but I also
noticed the amount of “shine” on my skin became more apparent. My skin
and my hair became increasingly oily. It really wasn’t a pleasant sight
to see, and it’s a terrible feeling to feel dirty in your own skin. I
would constantly look into mirrors to check up on my skin throughout the
day only to feel disgusted at myself even more. It was a bad habit of mine and I eventually avoided
mirrors completely because all they ever seemed to do was put me down and
ruin my day.

I tried countless
products for my skin, and I still feel bad that my parents had to spend
hundreds of dollars on me. One of the first few products I remember
trying was Clearasil

and Clearasil

Ultra, and they both failed to work and only seemed to further aggravate
my skin. And then I tried almost every other product
I could find on the pharmacy shelves until I eventually resorted to
buying “miracle” herbal creams and lotions off eBay.

Nothing was working.

After what seemed like
years of trying so many different skin products, I finally decided to
bring it up with my doctor to see if he could help me. He prescribed me
an antibiotic (Minocycline) along with a topical antibiotic (Clindamycin). And
when that also failed to work for me, he then referred me to a dermatologist.

The dermatologist
prescribed me Accutane, which is considered the “last resort” for acne
sufferers. I took it over a period of 6 months. It cleared up my acne
and my skin was pretty much free from excess oil. Many nights I even
stayed up really late and surprisingly found my skin to be just fine and
only slightly oily. I thought that was the end of my skin problems, but
a few months later I started to notice that the oil was coming back and
my hair would also get really oily in the morning. I didn’t mind this at
first because my skin was still clear from acne, but THAT also started
to come back in full force in mere months after the oil started to
reappear. I have also developed Claustrophobia and social anxiety, which
I honestly believe was caused by Accutane as other members on’s
messageboards have reported similar side effects and even chronic
depression and suicidal thoughts. Have a look at this study on
Accutane’s potential damaging effect on the brain

This phobia is
something I am STILL dealing with up until this day, though it is
definitely not as bad as it was 3 years ago. I live my life quite
normally, but I still have panic attacks every now and then, so I still
haven’t completely overcome this condition of mine.

But back to the story.. a little over a year after I got off Accutane, my acne eventually
starting slowly clearing up on its own. It may have very well been the
end of puberty for me, but I was still left with oily, greasy skin that
I just couldn’t stand having to deal with every single day. As embarrassing as
it is, below is an actual picture I took (at night) to see how many oil
blotting sheets I could fill up with excess oil from my face in one go.
I’m going to apologize in advance if you find it disturbing..

Oil Blotting Sheets

Some people say oily skin is a
blessing, but I personally think it’s a curse and I really didn’t want
to live and deal with oily, greasy skin for the rest of my life.

I needed a permanent solution, and this time I told myself I was going
to find it on my own. No expensive dermatologist, no doctor.. just me,
my local library, Google, and trial and error..

I still can recall touching my
skin three years ago and feeling the oiliness of my skin and I remember the
feeling of disgust that it brought along with it, how can anyone want
to live with that feeling day in day out…

After 16 Long Months Of
Trial And Error and Countless Hours Online Searching To Find A “Cure” For My
Oily Skin…

…I Found It! I Found A Permanent Solution


But don’t just take my word
for it, here is what Sarah had to say about the Oily Skin Solution:

Before I let you in on the
solution I want you to know that I only share this with you today so that you
can short cut the countless hours of research that I spent, as well as the
seemingly endless trial and error I had to go through to find a natural,
permanent solution for oily skin. Not only that but I want to save you the
embarrassment and low self esteem that I suffered from.


No One Has To Suffer From Oily, Greasy Skin

There Is A Permanent Solution!


All you need to do today is to
decide that your happiness is worth the investment of a little time and
money. In fact, I guarantee once you start following the steps in my guide
you will be 100% happy with the results.

So let me introduce you to the
Oily Skin Solution..


This comprehensive 89
page eBook will:

Detail what exactly is the root cause of oily skin
The best way to fight or
beat something is to first understand it and know what exactly is causing it.

Show you the EXACT steps I took to beat my oily skin and
greasy hair permanently

It doesn’t matter if your skin is slightly oily, extremely oily, or even
if you have combination (oily and dry) skin, I have the solution for

Boost your self confidence – One of the major
reasons we ALL hate oily skin is because of how it makes us feel. Imagine
how much happier you’ll be when you can go outside without worrying
about how you look or what others are thinking about you

Give you more time! – Sounds weird right, but think about all the
time you spend on washing and scrubbing your skin to make it “clean”,
applying creams and lotions that simply DON’T work, worrying about
your skin and what
others think about you. If you could wake up in the morning KNOWING that
your skin is clear and oil free think about the extra time you’ll have

Allow you to be comfortable with who you are – I know as a
teenager life is hard enough without the worry of oily skin. We just
want to be treated equally without the worry of teasing or ridicule,
this guide will give you exactly that!


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You will experience VISIBLE
within your first week! And if you are not
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60 day moneyback guarantee!


Did You Know That Most
Creams That *Fight* Oily Skin Really

Just Cover It Up And Don’t Actually Do Anything To Stop

The Excess Sebum (Oil) Being Produced By Your Body.

They Are Just Short Term Expensive Solutions That End Up

Doing More Harm Than Good For Your Skin…

What you really want and need is something that goes directly to the root of
the problem, something that gives you a way to finally STOP THE PROBLEM.

The fact of the matter is that
there isn’t the perfect solution for everyone, we all have different skin
types which means no one cream or cure will fix everyone’s oily skin and
that’s why I have put together this guide which will help men and women of
all different skin types (oily skin, and combination skin, which is dry and
oily) in such a way that it’s easy to find the solution that will help YOU.


 Download the
Oily Skin Solution eBook Now!


This is a pdf downloadable
file which you can view and read directly on your computer using
Acrobat Reader.

It does not matter if it’s 3
a.m in the morning, once you order you will get immediate access to the

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In this guide I will show you how to keep your oily skin under control and
STOP the excess sebum (oil) production naturally to make
your skin “shine-free” without the use of expensive products which often contain nasty,
harmful ingredients and fillers.

Everything that I share with you in this guide comes from my

own personal
and it worked for me, and I am sure it will work for YOU.

ALL Natural Techniques To
Ensure That Your Skin Is

Brighter, Healthier, and Less Oily So You Can Enjoy

A Happier Life!

If you are sick of paying hundreds or thousands for expensive products,
creams and lotions then I have the perfect, natural solution to help you


Download your copy of this guide today for a small one-time fee of $27.00
and start living a happier, oil free

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Because I know that you have wasted money on countless failed products to
help stop your oily skin, I want to make sure that you can buy with
confidence which is why I’m offering a Rock Solid 60 Day Money
Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the results that you get from applying the
strategies in my eBook to get clear, oil-free skin you simply need to
me through the Contact page for a no-questions-asked refund at anytime within 60 days of purchasing
the product.

You see, I’m not after your money like the big “skin care” companies, I just
want to help others that are in the same situation that I was in. I want you
to be happier and not have to worry about your oily skin on a daily, or even
hourly basis.

Claim your risk free copy of the guide today:


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Right now you have 2 options and the choice
you make here right now will determine whether you live on with oily skin or
say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and start taking action today….

Option #1:

The first option involves you ignoring this opportunity, the opportunity to
finally conquer your oily skin, to finally wake up in the morning feeling
fresh and oil free…

Things will continue on for you exactly the same as they always have, you
will be teased, you will be embarrassed and you will be a social outcast.

Years from now you will think back to these two options and regret the
decision you made…

…you will regret deciding that it was ok for you to live with oily skin, it
was ok for you to have low self confidence, it was ok for you to NOT love
yourself enough to take some action…to create some change…to live a happier
life and look healthier.




Option #2:

You take action on this no-brainer deal right now and suddenly…

…your oily skin almost instantly clears up

…your self confidence sky rockets

You invest in a happy, healthier you and you forget about those oily skin
days and start living an oil free LIFE.

There honestly really is only one decision to make right NOW and that is to
make the right decision today by clicking on the button below RIGHT NOW and
starting your journey to a oil free lifestyle.



Wishing You An Oil Free Day,

Patricia Everson

P.S: This is a RISK FREE investment as you are
covered by our BULLETPROOF
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P.P.S: Let me be frank, if you are reading this right now then you feel the
pain that I have felt, you have lived through the experiences that I have
lived through. In fact you have probably already invested thousands of
dollars in miracle cures that just have not and will not work.

For a very small and RISK FREE investment of a discounted price of $27 (save
$10) you can finally find a
solution that will fix your oily skin problems..

Go ahead, you have nothing to lose, make the decision today…

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