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My mother was happy to see me a second time that day…and she especially loved the plate William had made for her.

Her appetite hadn’t been great, so it was wonderful to see her eating.

She just seemed to perk up a bit…

…and when I went to see my mother the following day, she was sitting up. 

She seemed to have more energy, and was talking in a lively way with her visitors.

That continued for the entire week I was there.

Every day, William came to see her with a delicious plate like the one I’d brought her.

And one week after I left to go back home for work, they released her from hospice and gave her in-home care, instead.

The beef organs were doing their job.

And I’m happy to say that my prayers were answered! My mother lived WAY longer than the doctors expected.

Her quality of life improved. She was a new woman.

And we experienced a miracle.

That got me really obsessing about the power of using healthy organs to help your body heal – without needles, costly doctors’ visits, or having to monitor your diet to the point of being obsessive.

William and I started researching together. And here’s what we discovered…