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Nail Fungus Revealed

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After coming to this sad realization many people turn to the web in search of a miracle cure. Unfortunately, a lot of the info floating around on the Internet is just plain wrong, and some of it downright dangerous.

At best, you’ll be throwing your money away on expensive snake oil products and at worst you’ll be damaging your body even further.

If you’ve done any research online, you’ve probably noticed that just about every site you see recommends a handful of products like Zeta Clear, PurNail, or Funginix.

But if you look closely you’ll find that a lot of those “unbiased” review sites are actually being paid by those very companies. 

Below is some honest feedback from real users on

Zeta Clear Reviews

*I did not write these reviews nor am I associated with these companies in any way 

So now we’re stuck scouring Internet forums and alternative health sites with our fingers crossed looking for a last ditch effort.

There are dozens of so called “natural cures” passed around online by people who are essentially using themselves as lab rats, but most of them have no idea why they are using these products or how to use them. Apple cider vinegar, Vitamin E, tea tree oil… do any of these actually work?

Do some reading and you’ll find that there is not much more than pseudo-science and anecdotal evidence behind these remedies, and results are spotty at best.

Most of those who do see results from these types of products have to use them daily them for months at a time and as soon as they stop, the fungus comes right back.