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It was some sort of symbol that was etched in one of the walls.

As I came closer to it…

I felt like it was calling me…

I could feel its power.

And I was transfixed.

I just couldn’t get my eyes off of it.

And as I stood there silently watching it…

I could feel a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders.

The feeling was profound and I just couldn’t get enough of it.

It was bliss.

I must’ve stood there for about an hour.

I turned and saw that it was an old man with an orange robe and a long beard.

He looked wise and peaceful.

His face was glowing with joy and happiness.

And he was radiating so much warmth and love.

I didn’t even know him, But instantly liked him already.

I decided to ask him about this magical symbol that transformed me.

He smiled and told me that it’s an ancient sacred symbol that’s deeply revered and respected amongst many monks and priests.

In fact, it’s been used throughout the ages as a way to meditate and find inner peace and calmness.

He informed me that there’d normally be lines of people who come to this temple.

But since it’s late and the temple was about to close for the day it was practically empty.

He commented on how lucky I was to come here just in time when he was about to close.

I was intrigued…

I told him about my problems and what I had gone through…

It felt like a huge dam broke and everything was flowing free…

He listened quietly and gave me some wisdom at the end.

He made me realize that the main culprit of my misery was my fast-paced life…

I was constantly trying to remain busy…

I was constantly trying to run away and find something to distract myself from having to deal with my past hurt and trauma.

Instead of dealing with them…

I’d sweep them under the carpet and let it accumulate.

I couldn’t be still…

It came to a point where there was no more space under the carpet…

And the ugliness started showing itself in many ways…

It took a toll on my mental and physical health.

And my life was full of worry and stress.

I was constantly agitated and annoyed for no reason.

I tried plenty of things to heal myself.

I’ve tried bending my body in impossible ways with yoga…

Tried reading books on positive thinking but couldn’t get the point.

Tried to visualize and attract living a great and happy life, but all this was useless as I couldn’t focus on anything.

I even went to a therapist who prescribed me antidepressants.

But after knowing the side effects and seeing first hand what my friends who depended on it had to go through…

I just couldn’t afford to take any risk.

Thankfully, after what happened on that fateful day I finally knew what had to be done.

I could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I decided to do some research about this Ancient Sacred Symbol…

I couldn’t help but wonder how a mere symbol could be so powerful.

My life literally transformed by simply gazing at it.

Turns out that it wasn’t just a “mere symbol”.

This sacred symbol is called Sri Yantra.

The Sri Yantra is made of nine interlocking triangles that radiate outwards from the center also known as the Bindu point.

And this point is considered to be the meeting place between the physical world and the spiritual world or the unmanifest source.

Which means this central point has the ability to connect the material world you’re in, with the spiritual world.

Sri Yantra is an ancient sacred geometric pattern…

And is considered to be a tool for materialistic and spiritual manifestation.

This means that by meditating and putting your focus on the central point of this Sacred Symbol…

You’ll open your mind and body to the spiritual world and tap into its infinite resources.

I later learned that of the nine triangles in Sri Yantra…

Four points upwards and represent the masculine.

While five points downwards representing the feminine.

No wonder I felt such a calming balance of energy within me when I was meditating on it.

Upon further research I discovered that Sri means ‘wealth’ and Yantra means ‘Instrument’- Wealth Instrument!

You simply gaze and meditate on it for a few minutes and you’ll start to experience pure calmness and peacefulness.

Clearing your mind and increasing your focus and confidence.

Before you know it,

You can tap into the unlimited abundance of the spiritual realm at a moment’s notice.

Allowing you to manifest happiness, health, and abundance.

I was fascinated by it and I wanted to get one for myself.

I decided to start searching online…

But there were a lot of complaints of poor quality…

Or that the Sri Yantra symbol was not geometrically correct.

Some of them didn’t even have the Bindu Point.

And some just looked plain wrong and was not symmetrical in the least.

Carelessly made by people who have no interest in truly finding out the meaning and wisdom behind Sri Yantra…

They’re just trying to grab your cash and run off.

I decided to go back to that unfamiliar part of town…

I needed this symbol in my life…

And the only way I was going to get it was with the help of the priest I met in the temple the other night.

So I fought back my fear and went back to that unfamiliar part of town.

Thankfully it wasn’t half as bad during the day.

In fact, it was quite pleasant.

I found the temple I visited last night…

And it was pretty crowded.

I met the priest from last night and asked him where I can get a hold of a Sri Yantra symbol for myself.

He told me that he had one with him and he offered it to me

I was elated and honored to receive such a blessing.

He went back to a private area while I waited outside.

I was excited like a child who was about to get his gift on Christmas morning.

When he came out he had with him a Sri Yantra symbol which I could hang on the wall of my house.

I was filled with joy and happiness.

I started to feel more confident.

And for some reason, my colleagues were more supportive of me and helped me find a way out and beat the deadline at work.

My boss even called me in and apologized.

Saying that he should’ve been more supportive in helping me meet my deadlines.

I just couldn’t believe it.

Not just that.

I also could feel my stress and anxiety melt away.

I felt more relaxed and peaceful.

My focus increased and I was more productive than I’ve ever been in my life.

You see, as powerful as this sacred symbol was…

I only had it in my house.

I wanted something that was more practical and more accessible.

Something that I could take with me wherever I went.

Something that would make me feel calm and protected at all times.

That’s when I had the idea to make a pendant out of it.

But when I tried to make one for myself…

I realized that it was harder than ever.

This intricate design is impossible to make!

I decided to visit the priest again and ask for his help.

I was a bit hesitant to be honest.

This priest might think that I am pestering him.

But when I reached the temple and met him…

He gave me a knowing smile and told me he knew why I came back.

But just to be sure I decided to tell him my plan anyway.

And he laughed.

He said:

“I knew you’d come back asking for it.

Well, unfortunately, It takes time to master the craft of making a perfect Sri Yantra!”

And with a twinkle in his eye, he then jokingly added:

“There’s a reason why it’s known as a sacred geometric symbol and not a modern geometric symbol.”

I felt hopeless.

And I guessed he sensed my hopelessness because the next thing he said was:

“Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right person. I’ll personally make one for you. Give me a month.”

A month?

I was baffled…

But I had no choice.

So I reluctantly agreed.

And went back home.

On the way home I realized how much I missed the Sri Yantra symbol.

I couldn’t wait to reach home and be in its calming presence.

I really missed the feeling.

It was clear that I needed that pendant.

One month felt like a year.

But it passed…

and a month later, I went over to the temple to meet the priest.

When he saw me he instantly recognized me and handed me the pendant.


I wore it and felt a pleasant and warm sensation throughout my body.

Like someone who cared about me deeply was hugging me and reassuring me that everything will be alright.

I felt safe.

I thanked the priest and took his blessings.

I’ve never felt so much happiness before.

I was smiling from ear to ear.

But I noticed something on my way back home…

I noticed how people all around me were stressed and anxious…

And because of it…

They were unknowingly spreading their negative vibes.

I don’t blame them.

In fact, I was one of them.

And that’s why, as powerful as this Sri Yantra pendant was…

I could still feel the constant negative energy around me.

Thankfully, it didn’t phase me as much as it used to…

But it was there.

So I decided to do something about it.

And that’s when I remembered something that I read a while ago.

A radical invention that was found in the 1930s called the Orgone Accumulator.

It had the ability to neutralize the negative energy of anyone who sat inside it…

But it didn’t stop there…

It transformed the negative energy into pure clear energy that made you feel calm and relaxed.

It practically melted years of stress and anxiety and transformed it into peace and calmness.

During its day, The Orgone Accumulator successfully removed the stress and trauma of so many people.

And cure so many stress related illnesses…

Which made a lot of powerful people in the medical industry panic…

They knew they’d go out of business if this invention got even bigger…

And so they did the unthinkable…

They used their power and influence to put its inventor, Wilhelm Reich, behind bars.

His name ruined for good…

His reputation was destroyed.

He was labeled as a mad man and a quack…

His papers and inventions were destroyed.