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How To Give Up Alcohol

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Dear Alcohol Sufferer,

What is the current pain you are experiencing with alcohol?

  • Are you feeling frustrated and out of control with your current drinking?
  • Are you feeling tired, sluggish, overweight, unhappy and depressed?
  • Are you not even sure you can change?
  • Are you wasting a lot of money on alcohol which you could be investing in your family and your future?
  • Do you have a lot of weight gain caused by drinking? Are you disgusted with yourself when you look in the mirror?

Well, I can relate to this as I used to have very similar drinking problems to the problems you have right now. I was caught in a cycle of binge drinking and I felt like it was impossible for me to change and that I would have to be this way forever.

I was caught up in the drinking culture of London, England and felt I could not deal with the peer pressure which made me feel like I had to drink plus I had beliefs around alcohol that kept me stuck to beer and wine. I felt that I needed to drink to relax, feel happy and also that it was weird not to drink.

Meanwhile, alcohol was causing me huge problems in my life – I ended up doing stupid and embarrassing things when I was drunk, (which was sadly becoming more and more often), plus I wasted most of the next day feeling ill with hangovers. (Again, these wasted days were becoming more and more frequent).

To sum it all up, I felt I was caught in a cycle which I could not get out of. Change to me seemed impossible. Just like it might seem to you right now.

Luckily, I found a way out of my hell and I want to share how I got there and how you can too by introducing you to a solution I have developed which will help you to finally make changes with drinking. Believe me it is possible and you are going to love the results when you get to a place of no longer needing alcohol as a crutch or even the main part of your life.

Imagine Yourself Living A Life Without Alcohol

Before I cover the details, I would like to invite you to imagine yourself being free from your alcohol problems in just 30 short days. Imagine yourself:

  • Finally being able to say no to alcohol – no longer needing this – being able to stick to your limits or being free from alcohol – perhaps for the first time in years!
  • Imagine feeling healthier than you have in years, with way more energy – so you can fit in lots more fun and exciting things into your life
  • Imagine losing weight as you drop the empty calories of alcohol – imagining seeing yourself in the mirror and feeling the sense of pride as well as hearing the compliments from your friends and family about the changes they see in you
  • Imagine how much more peaceful, calmer and settled you will feel once you have sorted this issue with alcohol
  • Imagine the pride you will feel and the pride your spouse, children and family will have when they know these changes are lasting
  • Imagine feeling free – free to finally be you! To finally take back control of your life from alcohol and everything around it
  • Feel the self-respect and confidence in yourself when you know you are finally taking personal responsibility for your life
  • Imagine never worrying about getting a DUI or having to find a ride home
  • Imagine having more motivation in your life to do what you want to do – and for the first time perhaps – finding out or exploring what this is
  • Imagine having more money – the money you save from drinking plus the spending on junk food and other things which come alongside the drinking

Well these are the kinds of things you can start experiencing in just 30 days or less, if you start working with me in the solution I am about to introduce you to

Who I Am And Why I Can Help You

Please let me introduce myself.

My name is Rahul Nag from London, England and I have run this How To Give Up Alcohol Course and website for 10 years now and over 1,400 people from all 50 US States and over 12 countries from around the world have invested in the solution I offer to make changes with their drinking.

I have seen and connected with people with all kinds of alcohol problems and as you will see shortly, many people have shared with me the incredible changes they made to their drinking – often when nothing else worked for them.

I have also been exactly where you are now. In the clutches of alcohol and feeling like I would never be able to change.

My Story With Alcohol

I was a binge drinker meaning that I didn’t drink every day but when I did drink, I would drink to excess. This led to some embarrassing situations and in me doing some really stupid things that I regretted later on.

One of the worst things was the next day which I wasted – I felt really dehydrated, sick, ill with a hangover. I could hardly do anything and was angry with myself for wasting the day.

But the worst thing was that I felt like I had no choice and I could not get off this rollercoaster. This was my life. Alcohol and getting drunk and wasting my life. Plus there was the peer pressure I felt to drink and the need for alcohol to relax my stresses and worries.

It started getting worse and due to a change in my work schedule going from full-time to self-employed work, I suddenly had more time to go out drinking. Which led to more getting drunk, behaving badly and wasting the next day.

The Most Shocking and Humiliating Night Of My Life

I still remember the night. I was as ever drunk. My friends had told me not to get another of the really strong German beers in a funny glass. I told them, I am fine, I can handle it.

But of course, I couldn’t. And, they were right. I ended up drinking too much. And then on the way home on the night bus, I did something even to this day I am ashamed of, I was sick. All over the bus. I remember the people looking at me in disgust and even now I feel sick writing this – and that was when I first started thinking that this is enough. I have a problem and I need to deal with it.

After a lot of soul searching and a lot of trial and error I stumbled upon a technique which overnight led me to stop drinking. (I later found out the exact technique from a former alcoholic from Scotland who used the same technique to stop his years of heavy drinking and who I have interviewed in the Course).

I have these days completely cut alcohol out of my life and yet can still be with people drinking or in environments with alcohol with no problems. I overcame severely limiting beliefs around alcohol such as – I need alcohol to relax and have fun, people who don’t drink alcohol are a lot of fun.

I realized then that I am not alone. There are many people who suffer from the same issue and need help – without going to AA or expensive rehab. So I have tirelessly worked on finding effective approaches to help people stop drinking or moderate their drinking from the comfort and privacy of their own hopes.

So please read the following words to find out how you can finally overcome your problem drinking and enjoy good health, feeling good about yourself and making your family and children proud of you.

What Are The Other Options For You To Change Your Drinking?

Unfortunately, just about all of the main options to help you stop and control your drinking either have major drawbacks, are very expensive or basically don’t really work.

Alcohol Counselling can be effective. However it is very expensive with one session likely to cost from $150 upwards and potentially needing several sessions.

Plus the hassle of having to go to the therapist’s office and more. And finding the right therapist. You might need to meet several therapists before you find the right one for you. That can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars plus your needing to repeat your story and background to each therapist and the time and energy needed to go through the process each time.

AA and 12 Step Groups

The issue is these are often peer supported meaning there is no independent teacher or leader there. Also they have a religious aspect you might not be comfortable with, there is the issue of a lack of privacy plus the sheer ineffectiveness of it for many people (I have read estimates of a 5-6% effectiveness rate, meaning 90-95% of people are not helped). It simply does not work for most people and you are labelled forever as a helpless alcoholic, something I don’t think is helpful.

My goal is to help you build and take back your personal power.

Rehab In-patient and Outpatient

This can get into very expensive territory – tens of thousands of dollars – and you still might not experience any lasting change. Whilst it can be great to get out of your current environment and have some space to pause and reflect, many people simply do not have the time nor inclination to travel to somewhere remote from their daily lives.

Rehab can often flounder when a person returns to the environment causing them to drink. It is in your daily life where the changes need to be made. This is what we will be working on with the How to Give Up Alcohol Course.

What makes me different?

I used to be a problem drinker. Now I no longer drink. Period.

So, I’ve been where you are now and where you want to be. Without labelling myself as an alcoholic, submitting to a higher power or doing things that don’t work. What I did works. I want to teach you this so you can make this work in your own life.

I now live an alcohol free life – something which seemed absolutely impossible to me for years. If I can do it, then so can you.

I would now like to introduce the solution I have designed to help you change your drinking once and for all:

Introducing the How To Give Up Alcohol Course

How The How To Give Up Alcohol Course Works

We will work together for these 30 days to help you reach your goals – with alcohol and beyond. You will be able to tailor this to your own specific needs – no one size fits all. No judgment – you decide your goals.

We will then work on eliminating unhelpful and unhealthy habits in your life and adding in healthier and helpful habits. It is what you do regularly which makes you different.

We do this using the 7 Steps To Change Your Drinking

  • Step 1: Fill In Your Drinking Diary: You will learn when and why you drink. This will open your eyes to the deeper reasons you drink so you can feel more in control, not be surprised by drinking and feel more relaxed and calmer in your life – both around alcohol and in general
  • Step 2: See Your Doctor. This Course is based around what is effective and safe. We factor in your seeing your Doctor which will give you confidence and feel safe that what you are doing is beneficial for your long-term health whilst also keeping your privacy intact
  • Step 3: Decide on Your Drinking Goal. You work out what you want – whether to give up drinking forever, safely moderate your drinking or somewhere or something in-between. This puts you in control and will give you confidence that you are doing what you want to in your life
  • Step 4: Work Out Your Drinking Triggers: Work out what causes you to drink in your life and the specific environment you are in the time – so you can take action before the problem even starts – meaning you will enjoy the next day without suffering from hangovers or wasted days
  • Step 5: Get to the Pain of Continuing to Drink too much: You need to have pain with your drinking, without this in the moment, you will use alcohol to reduce your stress and anxiety. Using this approach we will teach you can be the difference between you succeeding and not. Use this right now to make changes with your drinking
  • Step 6: Find and Change Your Beliefs About Drinking: I used to believe I needed alcohol to relax and that people who didn’t drink were weird. This kept me stuck until I changed these beliefs. You will identify the Beliefs you have and then change them so you can feel free from the demons of needing to drink or ‘conform’ to the peer pressure of drinking
  • Step 7: New Drinking Habits which can include pausing before you drink, adding in glasses of water or non-alcoholic options or going to non-drinking social events. You will feel healthier than ever before plus start to lose weight as you drop the unhealthy habits which have been holding you back

Positively Reviewed By A Licensed US Medical Doctor

I asked Dr. Suneil Kumar, a Licensed Doctor from Boston, Massachussets to review the Course and give an independent rating for its safety and effectiveness

“My name is Dr. Suneil Kumar. I’m from Boston, Massachusetts, and I am a qualified US medical doctor . I have conducted an independent review of the How to Give Up Alcohol Course from Alcohol Free Social I believe the AFSL course is a great way to quit alcohol due to offering its students a deep understanding of alcoholism and the addiction mentality behind it. It is safe and effective, and will change the lives of those committed to it.” Suneil Kumar, M.D.

Benefits Of The How To Give Up Alcohol Course:

Here are all of the amazing things you will gain by starting the One On One Coaching with me:

  • Feel better about yourself with much better self-esteem and also pride about living life on your terms and what you have achieved
  • Lose weight – as you cut the empty calories of alcohol AND start eliminating the unhealthy eating which alcohol binges often leave you craving
  • Feel great! More energy, no more wasted days with hang overs and low energy. You will feel happier and healthier than ever before
  • Privacy – this is between you and me, no one else. You will not have to share anything in Groups such as AA or with people you don’t know
  • Trust. You know me as you have bought my Course and have read and experienced a lot of what I have taught and shared with you in recent times
  • Work at your own schedule – no rush or stress meaning you are more likely to succeed. The 6 weeks gives us some flexibility
  • Completely tailored to your needs. You will save time, energy and money by working your way and on your goals rather than trying to squeeze yourself into someone else’s system which doesn’t fit your requirements
  • Save a lot of money – how much money do you spend each week and month on alcohol? Plus the trappings around it e.g. the food, smoking, going out etc. etc. Imagine over the period of a year – just how much you will be saving. You can use this to invest in yourself and finally start living the life of your dreams
  • Relax and reduce tension, get rid of the stress and tensions which may be one of the main reasons why you are drinking
  • Brain Fitness – stop the damage you are doing to your brain – and start working on building brain fitness, overcoming depression and feeling happier and more positive than you have ever been
  • Become more productive and effective in your career and business – you will be less stressed, more focused and deal with root causes of issues rather than using alcohol to mask them. You will make more money with less effort once you act this way!
  • Become a great role model for your children and family – when they see the changes you have made, they will not only be proud of you, you will have given them a powerful life lesson about what they can achieve
  • Improve your relationship with your spouse or partner. No more arguments, worries and aggravation caused by your drinking

How To Give Up Alcohol Success Stories

Here are genuine case studies of normal, everyday people who have successfully used this Course.If they can do it, so can you!

“Seven Years Alcohol Free”

Gary Rickard

“Hello everyone,

Well, another year has passed since I took the plunge and committed to an alcohol free life. I think the key word here is ‘life’. Now I have one!

My head is clear, my thoughts are good, my actions are positive and I am hurting no one.

It has been six years now. I’m at the point where it has been a bit hard for me to sit down and write this. I feel as if another year is not such a big accomplishment.

It is though, I know it. Since going back to tech school and studying nursing I’ve been able to move along with the rest of my sober life. About three years ago I started doing casual work for a funeral home. A full time position became available six months ago. Now, I find myself working five days a week and enjoying it immensely.

My wife still has a drink of wine or sherry. That’s ok, I’m good with it and happy for her that she can now go back to enjoying a social drink. Heck, I even pour it for her. Funny though how my thoughts are that I should pour her a BIG glass full and I’m keen to refill her glass. I laugh at myself for these thoughts! I really can’t understand how she can have one glass with dinner!

When I drive around and see the placards advertising booze I feel so good that I’m not wasting money. As a consequence my wife and I have recently been able to purchase an investment unit. Money for our future.

This weekend sees us off to enjoy time in our nations’s capital – Canberra..

Of particular note for this year gone is a very dear friend of mine has also committed to an alcohol free life. She has just put one year down and she is pretty chuffed! I’m very proud of her achievement. Well done!

I’ve answered a few emails from others concerning their drinking. I’m only too happy to talk.

To everyone out there contemplating taking the plunge and giving up the dreaded booze; give it a go; you know you want to, right?”


Gary Rickard, New South Wales, Australia

Dare Magazine Cover“Controlled her Drinking in 2 Weeks!”

“UK women’s magazine writer and author of several health and personal development books Helen Foster shaved 22 minutes off her best 10k run time and had controlled her drinking, including no longer drinking at home… within only two weeks of taking the course!


“I Dropped 20 lbs and look years younger!”

Harry Hagemann“Thanks to the 30 day steps I did on your program I am now 80 days alcohol free and am enjoying my new freedom.

I have dropped 20 lbs, sleep so much better and look younger and am full of energy. I haven’t felt like this since I was a teenager….

At 51 I think that is a great gift to myself.

-Harry Hagemann, Canada

Carol’s Been Alcohol Free For 2 Weeks And Counting!

“Hello Rahul

I have to say a big thank you for being persistent and sending me e-mails regarding the problems with drinking.

Thanks to you I have been alcohol free for over 2 weeks and really do feel the difference.

In fact the other day, I had some wine left in a “box” and poured a glass to get rid of it.

Well I couldn’t believe the feeling I had. It was like my entire blood stream was feeling the effect of the alcohol – like a heavy feeling from the feet up and then it went to my head – this was after a couple of mouthfuls.

Needless to say the rest went down the drain and that’s it for me. – No more. I have made myself the most delightful herb iced tea which is a very healthy and thirst quenching substitute.”

-Carol Oosthuis, South Africa

“I Have Also Stopped Drinking For 1 Month!”

“I was drinking every weekend and felt very depressed. One morning I went onto the Internet and found your website and downloaded the first steps on what alcohol is doing to me and I got very scared of all the illnesses that come when you drink too much alcohol.

I decided to stop drinking and its been 1 month and I’ve been feeling great about it.

I just want to thank you sooooo much for all the emails that I receive every week truly they have helped me so much!!

-Lisa, Oxnard, California, USA

“Truly one of the best decisions I have ever made!”

“I was drinking far too much, far too many nights every week. It started out slowly and got worse. I knew it was getting worse and I knew I needed to do something before things really got out of hand. I have a wife and two pre-teen kids and know that they need me, so I had a theoretical reason to stop. I knew that something needed to change, but I did not know how to go about it.

I kept reading how quitting with AA was the ONLY way to go, but I refused to believe that. Deep down I have worried for a long time that I needed to find a way to control my drinking BEFORE I got to the point where I would have no choice but to quit completely. I did not want to ever get there, but I was now starting to feel like I could see it in my near future, and I did not like it at all.

Then I got Rahul’s email and decided, what the hell, it is worth a shot.

There are two main things that I absolutely LOVED about the course:

1) It was not proposing a one-size-fits-all approach. Some people quit, others cut back a lot, some cut back a bit. It allows you to tailor a solution to your situation and your personality. This was a huge plus for me.

2) The course also has a multi-pronged approach. It is not just a book you read. It is not just a hypnosis recording. It is not just a daily email. It is ALL

3) The changes I needed to make were not the kind I thought that I could make overnight. It was a process that I needed to go through, with its ups and downs. Some days a chapter in the book helped me, some days the hypnosis helped, some days the email really hit home for me. The combination was fantastic.

I can confidently say that I am back in control. I am not completely where I want to be just yet, but I have made great progress to get to where I know that I need to be. But knowing that I can control my drinking, and making slight changes from week to week, I feel like I have a new lease on life and know that I have broken free from the demon that was haunting me.

Thanks Rahul, I am not sure where I would be now if I had not clicked on the link in that email. It was truly one of the best decisions that I have ever made.”

-Steve, Canada

“I Am Finally Making Changes With My Drinking”

Martin Paardekooper

Give Up Drinking “The information and assistance from one alcoholic to another – words can not explain. Just great stuff with such meaning.

The one big thing I got out of his book – CHANGE IS A PROCESS, NOT AN EVENT. Its all real stuff and so understandable. If you have an addiction problem – get a hold of Rahul’s book, it will make you want to change. There is hope.”


-Martin Paardekooper – Amberley New Zealand

“I Finally Controlled My Problem Drinking!”

“I used the course primarily as I had become sick of drinking too much on social occasions and would say i had a fairly developed alcohol problem.

I used the course and abstained from January the 10th through to March the 10th.

I went to a wedding on the 10th and got drunk however (I misjudged how much alcohol would affect me after abstaining for so long).

Since then my drinking has been much more controlled and I have been able to have a few beers while out without getting absolutely drunk.

I had a dinner party this weekend and drank moderately and my wife was very pleased. I also have a baby son and it was mainly for this reason I wanted to apply some control and restraint.

I found the hypnotism mp3 very useful indeed.

I put it on my mobile phone and listened to it in bed before I went to sleep for about 3 weeks, every day. I think this was one of the main factors that helped me abstain.

I felt that the course was value for money – considering I managed 2 months of abstinence and have only been very drunk once or twice since then (considering in the past it was most weekends).”

-L.D. from London, England (Name withheld by request)

“I Gave Up My Binge Drinking After 20 Years”

“I am a 38 year old female who has battled with binge drinking problems for over 20 years.

After starting your program and listening to the hypnosis CD, for the first time in my life I have been able to say no to an alcoholic drink.

I started the program a week before I had my birthday celebrations, Christmas, family reunion and then New Year.

I thought about starting after the New Year but then I thought there is never a good time and if I can get through this busy and social period I can conquer anything.

The night of my birthday I was on such a high because I had gone without alcohol and was so proud of myself, knowing I was going to wake up the next morning (Xmas day) without a hangover gave me the most incredible feeling. I have not been sober on my birthday for 20 years.”

-Nicole – Australia

Imagine what you can do and how you will be in just 30 days!

To make this even more effective and powerful for you, I am for a very limited time offering you five exclusive BONUSES – Worth $598

Bonus #1: 30 Day Alcohol E-Mail Course (Value $150)

Many people have told me how this one Bonus alone has changed it all for them. You will receive an e-mail everyday for 30 days, the time you need to change your habit of drinking. These e-mails will keep you going.

Think of them like friendly doses of encouragement to make it through when times are hard and also a kick up the X when you feel like slacking off! They contain specific tips and exercises from the Course – so you know what to do to change, case studies of others who have changed their drinking successfully – so you experience the belief you can change and also explaining about the damage alcohol does to you – so you know what you are saving your health and organs from.

Bonus #2: Alcohol Self-Hypnosis MP3 (Value $57)

Exclusively recorded for me by a professional UK based hypnotherapist,

You will become more in the present moment, relaxed, less stressed, and able to avoid distraction and tension. Plus, you will build more space in your life – so you won’t even need alcohol like you used to!

Bonus #3: Change Your Drinking Video Series (Value: $297)

These three videos are based on evidence based scientific methods which can help you change your drinking. The nice thing is these videos are practical to watch and then use straight away. Many of them work by using your body and are something practical and active you can do to change

These are available exclusively to you as a Bonus if you order right now


  • Change Your Breathing, Change Your Drinking
  • Change Your Posture, Change Your Drinking
  • If When/Then Plans To Change Your Drinking

After watching these videos, you will feel more in control in your life, way less stressed, happier, more grounded and connected and most importantly, more powerful and able to deal with alcohol and any other issues in your life way more effectively.

Bonus #4: What Is Alcohol Doing To Me? (Value: $47)

This is a sobering but critical read. In painstaking detail, you will learn the damage you are doing to every part of your body – your liver, kidneys, heart, skin and more. You will want to change almost immediately after reading this book. You will no longer be able to hide being ignorance once you learn the shocking and even terrifying results and consequences of every sip you take

This pain will get you to take action and be and feel healthier than you have in years with more energy, strength and vitality. Imagine other people complimenting you on how much better you look and how much more energy you have.

Bonus #5: Brain Fitness and Alcohol (Worth $47)

This Bonus is incredible. I interviewed a PhD and an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Psychiatry in one of the leading Universities in the US. He is a co-author of a book on Brain Fitness and a specialist in this area.

You will learn exactly what Brain Fitness is, why it is so important, what Alcohol has been doing to damage your Brain Fitness and most importantly, what you can start doing right now to increase your Brain Fitness – specifically for people like you – who have been drinking heavily – potentially for years. You must do this now to stop damaging yourself any further.

Imagine the confidence you will feel when you know you are doing what your brain needs to be healthy long-term. Feeling crisp, clear and sharp.

Here’s Everything You Will Receive Today

Alcohol Free Social Life Book Display

So, as a reminder, you will be receiving the life-changing 204 page How To Give Up Alcohol Main Course E-Book, the 30 Day Alcohol E-Mail Course, the Hypnosis Mp3, What is Alcohol Doing To Me? E-Book, Brain Fitness and Alcohol and the Change Your Drinking Video Series.

And the best part is, you get to try the How To Give Up Alcohol Course For Free

Alcohol Free Social Life Guarantee Seal

In order to help you feel secure with the order, if you feel this is not for you, anytime within the first 365 days once we start, you will get your money back. No hassle or questions asked.

Remember most alcohol counselors and rehab centers and other alcohol treatment facilities don’t even offer any guarantees whatsoever. I shouldn’t even be offering this to you. However, I want you to be happy in making this decision.

This refund is guaranteed by ClickBank, the company which manages the payment and the product delivery. I have cleared this with them – normally they only allow you to offer a 60 day refund – but I wanted to go further.

What’s The Bottom Line: How Much Does All Of This Cost?

Let’s get down to it. If you were to go into in-patient rehab, you would spend tens of thousands of dollars – potentially with no success. The same for out-patient rehab or alcohol counselling – it would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The Course I have designed has cost thousands of dollars to create and thousands more to run and improve. I have put this together with the help of experts. If you were to work with them individually – if you can even get a spot on their busy schedules – it would again cost you thousands of dollars.

Instead, I have designed this Course to be sold at a fraction of what it would cost for you to go to rehab or counseling – namely $197. This is excellent value for money. Remember, you are also getting the bonuses worth $598. For Free!

However, if you buy today, I am going to make this even more of a no brainer for you. I will make this only $127! A full $70 off. This is your early bird offer to help you finally change your drinking. This is only if you vest in this Course within the next 48 hours. I am serious with my offer here – are you serious with changing your drinking?

I want to ask you where will you be in 30 days’ time? Will you still be drinking heavily, feeling stuck and frustrated, damaging your health, upsetting your partner and children? Or will you be finally free from the demon drink, feeling healthier and happier before and making your family and children proud of you? If you invest in this Course, I can help you get there.

How much would you have spent on alcohol in that time, how much damage would you have done to your body? To your relationships and family? Can you afford the cost of that? Please see this as an investment in your health, your family and your future.