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Food Security Secrets: ‘They Don’t Want You To Know’ BOOK

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My name is Donald Carlson. And I have in my hands a list of 24 critical food items.

Items which will already be sold out… gone from store shelves… starting just hours from the start of the next crisis!

Listen, do you remember a month or two after the coronavirus hit?

If you were like me, you were SHOCKED to your core to go to the grocery store and find shelves stripped bare…

Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But the covid-related shortages were only the start…

We need to face a harsh truth:

And now factor in the war in Ukraine…

Crumbling supply chains due to sanctions on Russia…

Record shortages of fertilizer around the globe…

Crazy inflation, food prices spiraling out of control and the threat of price controls and rationing…

Even President Biden let it slip, saying food shortages are “gonna be real…”

And Tucker Carlson of Fox News recently reported:

“Our problem has always been having too much food. Now we won’t have enough…”

In the next few minutes, you’re going to be exposed to controversial information…

  • How to locate and buy the 24 most critical food items which will be sold out of stores after a local or national emergency…

  • The #1 food item that will disappear from stores, before anything else. To be blunt, you NEED this item to survive. I will tell you where to get it, before the public stampedes stores to get it. I will also tell you how to safely store it, and protect it from looters and thieves…

  • A crucial food item already selling out across the country in 2022! Restaurants are dropping it from menus and national inventory is running short. How to stockpile this item before it’s sold out….

  • How to tune your “crisis radar” to spot when shortages are coming, so you can be ready to safeguard your food stash, and load up on specific foods before the crazed mob empties out entire stores…

  • The dirty secret most Americans don’t know about the massive LETHAL danger hidden in pre-packaged, pre-made “survival food” buckets and MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)…

The bottom line is…

Just consider:

  • You saw what happened during COVID and the last round of lockdowns. Are you stocked up with the most critical food items for the next pandemic shortages?

  • During the 2020 elections, we saw riots and violent protests in major cities. What happens if this happens in the next election and your local store runs out of food?

  • If inflation mutates into HYPER-inflation, or if we face a global financial collapse, we could see food riots and entire sections of the nation shut-down. Will you be forced to go to your neighbors with your hands out to beg for groceries?

  • Imagine if the power-grid goes down due to a natural disaster… snow storm… hurricane… hackers… a terrorist attack… or if a nuclear bomb goes off. Do you trust our aging infrastructure to withstand a real crisis? Will you be ready… or will your family be forced to rely on FEMA for a bag of rice?

All it takes is a single event to disrupt our way of life.

Do you trust the government to bail us out?

I certainly don’t.

We are already seeing “flash mobs” robbing items right off the shelves in places like California.

We could see grocery stores respond with increased security and checkpoints.

We’re probably going to see an attempt at price controls and rationing.

Fact is, we need to prepare for the coming food shortages ourselves, starting TODAY.

That’s why I’m going to share with you 3 of my top food security secrets, absolutely FREE in this letter. So keep reading…

Why am I doing all this?


I remember the early days of Covid, when we started seeing shortages…

I rushed to the grocery store in a panic.

In my head, all I could remember was my little daughter pulling my sleeve and asking me, “Daddy, I’m hungry… are we gonna run out of food?”

As I headed up and down the aisles, I remember my heart sinking after seeing empty shelves.

Meat… gone…

Rice… gone…

Peanut butter… gone…

Eventually I got to the pasta aisle… and saw the last box of spaghetti in the entire store.

As I snached it up, I couldn’t help but to feel guilty for not being prepared — for not stocking up before the event hit.

That’s when I vowed I’d never victimize myself and my family like this ever again.

Sadly, like all Americans in the last round of shortages, I’d encountered…

Do you know the most dangerous emotion during a food emergency?

No, it’s not panic.

If you are seeing mass panic, it means this other emotion has already caused its damage…

The most dangerous emotion in a food crisis is a feeling of scarcity.

Scarcity is what causes mass panic, like we saw with Covid…

A famous experiment by social psychologist Stephen Worchel demonstrates how vulnerable people are to scarcity.

Test subjects were asked to eat a chocolate chip cookie from a jar and rate its taste and overall quality.

But here’s the big twist: 50% of the participants were asked to evaluate a cookie from a jar that contained ten cookies.

The other 50% of participants were asked to rate a cookie from a jar containing only two.

Guess what happened?

The participants rated the “rarer” cookie as being tastier and of higher quality — even though the cookies in both jars were identical!

What’s this mean? It means the more “scarce” an item appears to be, the more someone will want it.

The emotion of scarcity is the reason why we see food fly off the shelves in the minutes… hours… days after a crisis.

A feeling of scarcity is what drives normal shoppers into a “panic-buying” frenzy — grabbing any food they could get their hands on…

Think about it…

How will the “herd” act when hoards of other desperate shoppers stampede into stores to fight over the last loaf of bread?

Imagine what happens when we face a food shortage due to an infrastructure failure that cuts off our power or water supply, or a flood, and the stores can’t restock shelves…

Or if the unthinkable happens: nuclear attack from Russia, China, North Korea or some group of terrorist wackjobs…

The truth is, without these 24 crucial items, your family isn’t going to be prepared. These items could disappear from stores at even the hint of a crisis.

That’s why I recently wrote a book, titled Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know: The 24 Survival Items Guaranteed To Disappear 24 Hours After a Crisis

Who are the “they” I am referring to in the book’s title?

They are the corrupt food industry. Those who I believe know how close we are to a total food supply failure, and do nothing to prevent it…

They are our government officials. Those who I believe smell an opportunity to rob us of more of our rights and money, thanks to yet another crisis they created…

They are the shady mainstream media and Big Tech. Those who I believe bamboozle us everyday on behalf of their government and corporate masters…

Ask yourself: What are “they” not telling you about how to prepare for the coming food nightmare?

For example, it’s clear to me you won’t hear a peep about this problem…

Ask any engineer and they will warn you of the devastating consequences of a “single point of failure”…

A single point of failure is basically a flaw in the design of a system, whereby one malfunction or failure takes out the whole system.

Turns out the single point of failure in our food supply is trucks and truckers

Think about it… how does nearly all our food get to the grocery stores?


What happens if the trucks stop moving, and it makes it impossible for stores to get more food in stock?

The shocking truth is stores would run out of food in 3 days if trucking is somehow disrupted.

According to a report by Business Insider:

“Grocery stores would run out of food in 3 days if long-haul truckers stopped working… Trucking moves 71% of the freight in the United States. And if it were to suddenly cease, the effects would be more drastic than you might expect…Gas stations and grocery stores would start to run out of supplies.”

This has happened in the past… and it could soon happen again!

  • In May 2018, truck drivers in Brazil went on strike for a week, and it “paralyzed” the country in unexpected ways. As gas stations ran out of fuel, public transit halted. So did the trucks…

  • In 1974, truckers went on strike in the US for as long as three days in some areas. Around 100,000 truckers were laid off, and the National Guard was called in Ohio to deploy tear gas and forcibly remove trucks from blocking the highways. That strike also led to food shortages nationwide…

  • Just recently in March 2022, truckers in Spain went on strike, leading to “food shortages” according to MSN.

According to the American Trucking Association,

“With a strike as long as three days, essentials like bottled water, powdered milk, and canned foods would be gone…”

Don’t say they didn’t warn you…

In my book, Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know, I cover…

  • Supermarkets fear this secret! How to get all the food you need for your survival stockpile, for dirt cheap, or even FREE! (You can make this plan work, on any sized budget!)… PAGE 130

  • The one beverage you must stockpile to ensure your mental fitness in an emergency. (Without this item, you could be opening yourself up to dangerous threats beyond your perception.)… PAGE 150

  • The single most dangerous myth about food security, and how it can put your entire food prepping plans in dire straits. …PAGE 19

  • A “must-have” food item issued to soldiers in the field in World War Two, and proven during the most dangerous battles, including D-Day and Iwo Jima… PAGE 110

  • If you pack your food the wrong way, or buy food with the wrong packaging, you could have a gross surprise waiting for you from maggots, rats and other nasties. Worse, imagine digging into your stockpile in a crisis and getting deadly sick from food poisoning? Here’s exactly what to do to avoid… PAGE 44

  • The signs you could be eating food which could make your family sick, versus knowing with certainty a food is as good for you as the day it was packaged. (Knowing how to spot this is crucial for your survival!) … PAGE 60

  • An ingenious “trick” to store dairy products without refrigeration for up to 25 years. (Keeps dairy foods both fresh and delicious for decades, even during extended power outages.) …PAGE 79

  • A food item used by a major fast food chain which RAN OUT during the Covid shortages. Will we be facing shortages again? Better to be safe than sorry, so stock up! …PAGE 91

  • This food item has been an essential part of the U.S. Army’s MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) for 11 years. According to legendary Army Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, this item “has always been in demand by troops in the field.” If it’s good enough for the American fighting man, it should be good enough for you!… PAGE 95

  • Some critical advice about securing your food stockpile from America’s top firearms and self-defense instructor (he’s also a former police officer.)… PAGE 14

I also cover…

If you fail to acquire this food item, you simply won’t survive for long…

And this item will sell out quickly.

In fact, according to the American Trucking Association, in a national supply disruption, this item will run dry in as little as two weeks.

In September 2021, stores like Cosco limited purchases of this item as it flew off the shelves due to Covid. (No, I’m not talking about toilet paper. I’m talking about an all-important food item here!)

Make no mistake. In the 24 hours after a crisis, the #1 item you need to survive could be gone.

Vanished off the shelves, for God knows how long…

In my book, Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know, I tell you EXACTLY how to get this #1 survival food item, how much to get, how to store it, and even how you can acquire this item after it’s sold out in stores.

But this is just one of the critical items…

In my book, I will reveal the 24 food items you need to get right now.

I narrowed down this list to the 24 most critical, most nutritious, longest-lasting items — the foods guaranteed to disappear off shelves 24 hours into an emergency.

No more. No less.

In short, this book contains the ultimate “shopping list” for food security.

You can grab all these items in less than 2 hours of shopping!

Inside the book you will find out:

  • The food items which most commonly disappeared during the recent Covid shortages (some of them might also disappear again!)… PAGE 25

  • Talk about long-lasting! A food which has been proven by science to last 106 years and still be 100% edible… PAGE 58

  • Why you do NOT need to drop hundreds — even thousands of dollars on expensive dehydrated survival food, or pre-made food buckets. If you can afford to spend cash for these expensive solutions, then great! But the food security secrets in my book work for ANY sized budget… PAGE 130

  • Exactly how much food to get to maximize your food supply, even through an extended food shortage or national crisis…PAGE 40

  • What foods to NEVER include in your food security stockpile (this might surprise you!) … PAGE 34

  • The secret to making your supply of canned goods last forever… PAGE 47

  • The brand-name of a kind of alcoholic beverage which lasts practically forever (even if the bottle is opened), has a myriad of uses beyond drinking (medical first aid, etc.) and can be used to make your favorite mixed drinks… PAGE 103.

  • A super-cheap survival food which beats every other food in terms of cost per calorie…. PAGE 64

  • A delicious survival “superfood” discovered by ancient Incas in South America. Later, this food was used in the field by soldiers in the Civil War because it’s easy to keep, easy to prepare, and provides incredible food energy… PAGE 61

  • How to build a hoard of farm-fresh survival foods using an obscure government-sponsored program. (Using this program, you can source food directly from a local farmer, including non-GMO organic veggies and free-range eggs and meat.) …PAGE 133

  • This ancient seed is drought resistant, has more amino acid proteins comparable to eggs, and is packed with vitamins and fiber. The amazing thing is you can plant this seed in your yard and with little care, feed your family for years, should it ever come to that… PAGE 121

These secrets and more can be yours, thanks to a special offer I created just for you.

The thing is, you won’t find my Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know at any bookstore…

You won’t find it on Amazon. At least not yet…

When we do list the book on Amazon, we plan to sell it for $35.

Yet I’m going to give this book to you for an amazing low price (More on this deal in a minute.)

Still, I realize you don’t know me from Adam. How can you trust some guy on the Internet with potentially your life?

That’s why I’m going to do something here, right now, to prove to you I’m the real deal…

I’m going to give you a FREE sneak-preview of three of my top ideas in my book.

This way I can demonstrate to you the value of the book, and how it can prepare you like no other resource…

If you turn to page 36 of the book, you’ll find a 3-step secret to dealing with foods in your freezer in the event of a power outage.

Here’s the first part of the secret:

Don’t rely on frozen foods and expect to live long if the power goes out for a long period of time.

That’s why in the book, I give you the foods which will survive without freezers or refrigeration.

The second part of the secret is to keep your existing freezer items lasting as long as possible.


Fill your freezer up as much as you can. I mean all the way filled, with as minimal air inside as possible.

Why? Because a full freezer will last twice as long as one half full if there’s a power outage due to a storm or disaster.

Finally, here’s the third part of this secret:

Take water bottles, juice or milk containers and fill them full of water. Then cram as many of these water containers in the empty parts of your freezer.

This will keep your other foods colder longer after a power outage.

And when the water inside the containers melt, you’ll have a stash of water that you can drink in an emergency.

I cover other secrets like this in the book. But go ahead and put this knowledge to use now to prepare your frozen foods for the worst…

But here’s another issue you need to be ready for, if we see power outages or food shortages…

When grocery store shelves are empty following a crisis, people will be very upset…

There could be riots in the streets, looters and other forms of civil unrest.

And the fact is, those who didn’t prepare are going to go hungry…

The way I see it, there will always be those who are too lazy, too entitled or too brainwashed by the media to bother with doing any sort of preparation.

After an emergency, government officials might start confiscating food for the “crime” of hoarding ahead of time (otherwise known as “smart preparations”)…

Worse, once hunger pangs set in, even regular people can become desperate, even dangerous…

Desperate people do desperate things.

After Hurricane Katrina, the unprepared masses lined up for a scrap of food from the National Guard. The more unruly ones broke into homes to steal food.

History is filled with ugly stories like this…

In short: If it gets scary out there, they will be coming for YOUR stockpile…

You need to learn how to lock down your food stash.

That’s why I will show you in the book how to conceal and hide your emergency food from looters, thieves and other sociopaths.

In fact, I’m going to share with you another FREE secret you can use right now:

If you go page 126 in the book, I share all my top secrets to securing your food stockpile from threats. Including this one:

I call it the “hide-in-plain-sight” technique….and it lets you conceal your food stockpile without needing a safe or even a lock.

It works like this:

First, grab a bunch of used sturdy cardboard boxes. The best ones are those with slip-top lids, like what you get when you buy reams of printer paper.

Stick your survival food items in the boxes. Pile up the boxes in your basement, storage room or closet.

And then use a Magic Marker to write on boxes in big letters with labels like “Books,” “Baby Clothes” or “Blankets.”

If you want to add an extra measure of camouflage to each box, layer a bunch of worthless junk on top of your food items.

Your average looter is likely too lazy or dumb to look to rob food out of your box of “baby clothes” in your basement.

This will keep any scumbags from stealing your emergency food.

I cover other strategies and tactics like this in the book…

But I highly encourage you to use this free tip to protect your food security stockpile.

And to prove to you the value of this book, here’s one more free secret…

Watch out! If you do any research on food security, you’re gonna hear a ton of BS…

“All you need is rice and beans…”

“Prepping is all about living like the Unabomber in a doomsday bunker in the middle of the forest…”

“You need to blow a ton of money on expensive MREs…”

The fact is, these myths are dumb…

Worse, some of these myths can literally KILL you!

Here’s one really bad myth I need to bust right now:

MYTH: It’s best to stock up on one single kind of food. For example: Buying 100 pounds of rice and relying on this food exclusively for your survival food needs.

FACT: Loading up only ONE kind of food could be extremely dangerous…

If you’re counting on a garage-full of pre-packaged “survival food” or MREs, you could be ultimately putting yourself at risk!

All foods aren’t created equal. Many are worthless nutritionally. Others are a waste of money.

Worse, the wrong foods could end up being lethal over an extended crisis….

That’s why in the book, I tell you exactly what 24 foods you need to get…

In creating this list, I also balanced maximum shelf life and nutritional content. It all works together for both you and your family’s survival and health.

The point is, this book is MORE than a list…

This book is really a complete system for food security.

Of course, you might worry if this info is too complicated for regular people to use…

The thing is, this book is NOT about tricking you into an extreme new lifestyle.

I did not write this book for “crazy survivalists” or “professional preppers”… instead…

Regular hard working Americans… like you and me.

These food security secrets work if you live in a rural area… house in the suburbs… or in an apartment or condo in the city.

Armed with this knowledge, you don’t have to live “off the grid”in the middle of the forest like a hermit…

I’m an American dad. I love my country and my family. I vote. I enjoy my hobbies… probably just like you.

People like us are not deadbeats looking for handouts.

We don’t want to rely on buffoons in the government when push comes to shove.

(I know I’m NOT sending my family into a FEMA camp!)

But let’s be honest… MOST people are not like us. They won’t get it. They trust the system and whatever garbage the media feeds them.

That’s why Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know is critical knowledge right now.

You’ll need it to protect yourself and others. To NOT be a sheep or a brain-dead zombie. To be a leader for your family, friends and community.

This 138-page book is jam-packed with survival food secrets, including:

  • The truth about “When in doubt, throw it out.”…PAGE 59

  • The best places to hide your food survival stockpile in your home. You do NOT need to invest in safes or expensive locks. There are 8 easy ways in your home right now to conceal your food stash from unfriendly eyes. I will tell you exactly what to do to lockdown your survival foods… PAGE 124

  • This “Magic Survival Food” can provide you with 90% of the nutrients you need to survive an extended emergency…PAGE 80

  • Got kids or grandkids? Then you simply must stock up on this food! (A special problem with kids is they only eat what they like, even at the risk of starvation. Thankfully this item is cheap, has a long shelf life and is delicious for kids)… PAGE 100

  • Rice and beans. Yes, these are critical foods to stock up before the stores run out. But do you know which kind to get? I will tell you the best kind of rice and beans to get for maximum nutrition… PAGE 84

  • The surprising survival secret you can learn from one of our greatest U.S. Presidents… PAGE 22

  • What to do if you forget a critical item? Here’s some “last minute” shopping advice so you can get into the store, grab what you need most — and then get out before the mob starts stripping shelves bare… PAGE 31

  • Why an item in your bathroom could mean the difference between life and death in an extended emergency. (You MUST have this item ready before the emergency, I will tell you how.)… PAGE 53

  • How a recent US Army study reveals the exact combination of foods you need to ensure maximum nutrition (these items are all in the book!)… PAGE 37

  • A better alternative to beef jerky. (Beef jerky is missing a crucial nutrient you’ll need to survive long-term. Meanwhile, this alternative has this nutrient in abundance, and also lasts just as long.) …PAGE 98

  • An indispensable kitchen “gadget” you need to store with your food stockpile. (Without this kitchen item, it’s possible 10% of your food security items could become worthless.)… PAGE 59

  • A big BIG mistake many preppers make when factoring in the number of calories in a food… PAGE 38

  • Foods you should never, ever store in their original containers… PAGE 92

  • One of the very first food dishes taught to the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock – how to make this dish and survive “pioneer” conditions, using only items in the book… PAGE 85

  • And even MORE tactics & secrets that I can’t list here…

Look — you don’t want to wait to get this information.

Already, inflation and global supply chain problems from Russia are causing shortages in our stores. Food prices are skyrocketing…

But there’s an even bigger problem coming in the weeks ahead…

According to scientists at MIT, the world is running out of fertilizer…

The Guardian says, “North American fertilizer shortage sparks fears of higher food prices…”

The Wall Street Journal is reporting “Farms Are Failing as Fertilizer Prices Drive Up Cost of Food…”

Bottom line: No fertilizer for farms equals no more food!

Could this global fertilizer shortage be the spark of the coming food Armageddon?

That’s why it’s so important you buy these 24 critical food items now, before the prices go higher… before the stores run out… before the supply chains implode… and before the farms run out fertilizer.

In a world where farms can’t produce, food will be worth its weight in gold.

Yes, I mean this literally. People on the verge of starvation will pay ANYTHING to get it…

As mentioned, I plan to list Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know on Amazon in the near future…

We will charge $35 for the book…

But given the urgency of the situation, I’m going to give you a fantastic deal to get this book right now, ahead of the general public…

Even better, you can get this book instantly, because I’m going to offer this book as an eBook you can download and start reading today.

You can download Food Security Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know for the price of less than what it now costs to order a pizza…

That’s an 80% discount off of what I plan to charge in the near future.

A steal, I hope you agree…

But please act now. I’m not sure how long I can keep this page up. And the minute we print and sell this book on Amazon, I will likely pull down this offer.

Hit the “Order Book Now” button right now and get my book for a one-time low price of only $7.

Don’t wait. Grab this book and the 24 critical food items right now.

I packed this book to the brim with a TON of lifesaving secrets for food security.

Inside you will find out:

  • Why chocolate needs to be in your food security shopping list. (That said, you must buy the right kind of chocolate… I will tell you which to get for maximum shelf life. This kind of chocolate is also good for your health, and still is delicious.)… PAGE 110

  • Shortages of this critical food item have caused revolutions and wars in the past. In scarce times, it’s often heavily taxed by government authorities. Another reason to stock up now! …PAGE 96

  • The best “dehydrated” food you can get. It lasts practically forever, and can give your family all the nutrients you will ever need. (NO, this isn’t raisins… or any kind of fruit.) …PAGE 87

  • Got a baby at home? Baby formula is facing nationwide shortages in 2022, according to the New York Times. Here are the 3 crucial food items to make baby formula yourself at home…PAGE 79

  • Don’t bother with expensive “survival bars” from camping stores. Here’s a cheaper alternative, which works just as good…. PAGE 72

  • How to use this critical food item for maximum potential: It’s delicious, it will preserve the freshness of vegetables, and you even rub it on cast-iron pots and pans to ensure they remain rust-free… PAGE 96

  • Why one sheet of paper can be the difference between life and death as you build your food security stockpile. (This tactic is CRITICAL if you have kids, or if you take care of elderly parents.) …PAGE 43

  • The exact order of what to eat first in an emergency situation. (Eat your survival food in the WRONG order and you will be in a world of hurt)… PAGE 44

  • How to use a blanket to extend the life of your food after a power outage… PAGE 37

  • A simple mathematical formula on how to calculate the exact amount of water needed for you and your family. (You can figure it out on the back of a napkin.) …PAGE 50

  • A survival food you can eat — and also easily plant in your garden to grow more of it for longer term situations. (No, it’s NOT a kind of seed.)…PAGE 86

  • A surprising fresh food you’ll want to stockpile. Yes, in general you should be careful getting fresh foods because they will spoil faster than other choices. But THIS fresh food will last months without refrigeration, and is shockingly nutritious…. PAGE 89

  • The key ingredient in an easy-to-make survival food used by Alaskan bush pilots (this food is impervious to contamination and packed with essential carbohydrates.)…PAGE 111

  • The truth about a food item long considered “nuclear annihilation-proof.” (Scientists have tested this item’s shelf life, the answer will surprise you!)…PAGE 109

  • How to use an item common to most houses to generate all the water you need to survive — even if a power outage shuts down your well, or the city or public water utilities are not working… PAGE 55

  • The amazing “lost” secret to keeping eggs safe to eat for months, even years. This secret was brought to the USA by German mercenaries in the 1700s, way back before refrigeration even existed… PAGE 90

  • A major danger when stockpiling grains like wheat. (A wrong move here could put your whole food security plan in jeopardy.)… PAGE 70

  • Don’t forget about your furry friends: Here’s how to use two “off the shelf” items to feed your dog or cat during an extended emergency… PAGE 66

  • A dangerous myth about stockpiling canned foods, like canned tuna or canned beans. (Some canned foods contain ingredients which can seriously endanger your health. Here’s what to look for.)… PAGE 82

  • An item from Japan which you won’t want to go without in the kitchen (it’s still available in grocery stores, but I will tell you a better place to get it.) …PAGE 118

  • A survival food which grows in the wild. You can find it in your local park, or even in your own landscaping. For thousands of years, Native Americans gathered this food and survived the harshest winters. The best thing is it’s free and grows in abundance across the continental USA, if you know where to look… PAGE 122

Still on the fence? I know I’ve thrown a ton at you today to think about. I’m sure you’ve got questions…

Question: How long will your food security plan last after an emergency?

Answer: Many of these food items will last and can be safely eaten for years, should it come to that. You’re investing in long-term food security, no need to run to the store with every potential crisis.

Question: Some of these scenarios seem far-fetched. What are the odds we face World War 3/Great Depression 2/Trucker Strikes, etc.?

Answer: Look, I’m not telling you what to believe. I’m just following the facts to the logical conclusion.

President Biden said a global food shortage is already here. Given how bad this is for Biden’s approval ratings, I doubt he’d lie about this issue…

Plus, no matter where you live in the USA, you will face potential natural disasters!

Tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes, drought, wildfires, hurricanes…

It’s estimated 41 million Americans live in a flood zone.

During a recent gas shortage on the East Coast, the media reported delays in food deliveries…

Denial is a dangerous place to live. Don’t live there.

Question: Will your book teach me when to time a potential disaster, so I can start shopping right before the emergency hits?

Answer: Frankly, the timing to prepare for the next disaster was yesterday…

Thankfully, we still have a window of time to catch up. But it’s fading fast…

When a disaster hits, all bets are off.

By the time all the stores fail to restock, it will already be too late…

Plus, going shopping in the midst of a mass panic could be physically dangerous.

I can only imagine how unprepared folks will handle it.

Not to mention, leaving the house to go to the store in an emergency could expose you to danger. What dangers? The dangers out there because of the ongoing emergency (for example, if there are riots, radiation, flooding, weather, etc.)

In short: I highly suggest do NOT wait. You should build your food security stockpile now.

Question: We are already seeing shortages in some stores. Am I too late?

Answer: Not yet! That’s why I wrote this book. All 24 food items in the book are still easily obtained.

I highly suggest you grab these items today before the next potential food crisis hits.

Question: Will building my stockpile take a lot of time and running around?

Answer: I make it easy. All you need is the shopping list in my book, a local store and a grocery cart.

To get these items, you don’t have to go to Army-Navy Surplus stores, gun shows, or expensive sporting goods or camping stores.

Question: Will buying these 24 items cost me an arm and a leg?

Answer: These food items will NOT cost you a fortune. Even with the recent inflation, many of these items cost less than $2 each.

This book will help you AVOID buying expensive ready-made survival food kits.

You can use this book to build your food security stockpile yourself, using items common at every grocery store!

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