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Is FAST KETO™️ Healthy? 

What we basically promote in FAST KETO™️ is to avoid the food-like garbage that we are surrounded with today which were not even a part of the humans’ diet until quite recently in history, and make choices in accordance with the diet of our ancestors that is in alignment with our biology. The way of eating we teach in FAST KETO™️ is not just limited to this 28 days of the challenge, it is a life-long applicable healthy version of keto with much less restrictions than the conventional keto diets out there, making it sustainable and also allowing you to get the benefits of healthy carbs without fear so that you won’t end up binge eating, and you won’t miss out on necessary nutrients. 

How is FAST KETO™️ different than other keto diets?

We have come up with the term FAST KETO™️ after ten years of experience in keto coaching. We implement only the aspects of keto that actually work for fat loss, and this higher protein way of low-carb eating leads to the ultimate fastest weight loss. Much of the keto advice out there focuses solely on increasing fat consumption, in an attempt to correct the mistakes of the past regarding nutritional advice, and going to the extreme opposite side – however this only works for a short period of time and leads to weight loss stalls. 

Plus, with FAST KETO™️ you do not have to do the complicated macro and calorie calculations, all of the meals in our meal plan and the recipe books already have the perfect balance of macros for weight loss. 

Finally, what makes our program unique is also highlighting the importance of working on changing your mindset, your core beliefs about your body and food which will allow you to maintain your results for the rest of your life by becoming the person that you want to become and never going back to your old story. 

How Much Weight Can I Lose on the 28-Day FAST KETO™️ Challenge?

Many clients lose up to 3 inches from their waist within the first week! With the 28-Day FAST KETO™️ Challenge, however our book contains the necessary steps for you to keep implementing the principles of FAST KETO™️ for as long as you need to lose weight, and then how to keep your weight stable for the maintenance phase when you are at your desired weight.

I don’t know anything about the keto diet, will it be enough to purchase FAST KETO™️? 

More than enough! You came to the best place if you are new to the low carb way of eating. Starting with FAST KETO™️ will actually save you a lot of time and confusion by teaching you how to steer clear from the common mistakes and flawed advice surrounding the keto diet that block people’s weight loss instead of helping them.

I have already been doing keto for a while. Will I still benefit from starting the FAST KETO™️ 28-Day Challenge?

Of course, even more so if you have already been practicing ketosis than if you are a beginner. With FAST KETO™️, you will learn why the weight loss stalls happen on conventional keto diets, and you will learn the common myths about that are going around, causing so many people to waste their time. 

Can I join gatherings / eat normally at social settings?

Of course. There are always going to be some plans and invitations. You can perfectly manage to find the foods from our approved foods list and eat them to satiety without having to explain to others or looking “strange”, the most important thing is that you watch out for what you need to avoid. 

Will I have to subscribe and pay monthly?

No. You will get 8 e-books and the 28-day meal plan with your purchase. There will be no additional charges after purchasing the FAST KETO™️ 28-Day Challenge.