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Energy Medicine Neuro-Metabolic Reset For Weight Release

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Up until now you may have had a conscious (and likely an unconscious thought) that; “weight loss is not possible for me.”

Let me share a story about this very belief that in turn prompted this program…

I attended a lecture where the speaker was the director of the famous “X-Prize,” which was an engineering contest encouraging participants to create a new kind of space travel… this resulted in several companies now going to space!

Since then they have created prizes for seeming impossible inventions like cleaning up oil spills, cleaning up ocean pollution and stopping wildfires… essentially prompting and inciting the impossible into the possible.

He spoke about how the prize was established from what happened with the original “moon shot.” 

How in 1960 when president Kennedy announced going  to the moon, there was zero technology that could accomplish this, it all had to be invented out of thin air.

Essentially Kennedy tasked NASA with the absolute impossible; build something that will take us to the moon and back.

And what happened next, as you know is they made the impossible, possible.

Now the lecturer then turned the tables on us and asked; “What is your moonshot? What in your life seems insurmountable? What seems impossible” and I realized in that moment, that weight loss seemed to be my impossible moonshot.

Of course it’s not impossible, but that moment revealed a deep seated belief that is “seemed” impossible, and I realized that I had created a lot of evidence in my reality to claim that.

That is the power of beliefs, that then become real because you believe them

So if you are like me and have a belief that you have tried everything, and this seems an impossible lost cause.

Or maybe, right in this moment you are having that “ah ha” moment of; “I didn’t know that I believed it was impossible.” 

Then, I suspect that the prompt from my guides to create this program came from your guides to support you and I into moving from “it’s impossible to “i’m-possible.”

AND, this series delivering healing, support and creating new behaviors and habits while shifting the fundamental neural physiology is what you have been asking and praying for.

What if it really is possible? 

And together you and I are going to go for it into this amazing experiment.