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Emp Fit In 5- New Breakthrough Synthesizes Weight-loss & Success

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Learn How Women everywhere are Finally Reaching Their Goals

and Unleashing Their God-Given Super Powers to Master their Mindset and Transform their Bodies!

Discovered By an Empowered Mom, Wife, Therapist, Trainer, and Coach.


Struggling to Get Motivated to Lose that Stubborn BabyFat, Staying Sane,and Building a Happier and Health life!

Women Everywhere are

Getting Empowered & Fit in Just 5 Weeks!

Valued at $99.99
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Just $37

Are you still with me? Sound good?

Have you ever dieted and dieted with no avail, and ughhh alas that belly fat still stubbornly and saggy butt still seems to stick around?

And…you work even harder to complete many rounds of ab exercises or sadly even more long hours of cardio, and again ughhh..Nothing!

And how about this, have you started and stopped more diets and workout plans than you care to count, because frankly they are just too hard to stick to for the busy woman’s lifestyle. You always feel like you are left, MORE physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted and unmotivated than when you started.

Honestly, does this sound at all like you? Your connection to any of these statements are really quite revealing….the root of all these failed attempts is within you.

Hold on….now before you get upset and go back to that ugly cycle of guilt and shame, you need to be aware of this surprising fitness fact.


According to The Trade Commission…


It’s absolutely disheartening, but true. Almost every fat loss “solution” on the market is actually setting you up for failure. Frustrating right?

The alarming statistic is that the OBESITY EPIDEMIC hit an ALL TIME HIGH in the United States, with 1/3 of WOMEN in the US be classified as Obese by the CDC.


Sure makes you wonder, right?


Despite new gyms, new workouts, and many fat loss systems out their with ‘no commitment’ incentives along with slick & cleverly labeled “healthy foods”. If this is the case, why are we finding that us women are only getting bigger, fatter, sadder, and more unhealthy daily??

If you didn’t know about the failure rate, well now you know and the best part. You are now not naively floundering around any longer.


Still hesitant?

Will you consider this?

The majority of the weight loss programs on the market do not take into account the unique challenges busy women face, while respecting you starting point, your mental health, the societal pressures, your areas of strength, and all the daily pressures of being a superwoman.

This means that other programs often provide false hope, unrealistic expectations, rigid demands, and perpetuating the hopeless guilt ridden cycle of failure.

this my fellow empowered woman is one of the biggest reasons WHY

you have struggled for so long!

No wonder why you are so frustrated! You have been putting your time, energy, and efforts all into plans not focused on you.

I have great news for you that changes NOW! .

You Heard That Right…

NO MORE,Your Struggle Ends Today!



As a busy woman myself I have created something simple and straightforward utilizing the time you have.

I’m sure you are looking for something that you can fit into your life.

I have just that thing for you, you have found this because you are ready to reclaim and empower your life through your fitness.


If you feel like you have lost all confidence.

If you feel like there is not way out of the guilt ridden loop you are now stuck in, just stop, breathe and think again!

Giving in to that negative feedback loop, bowing down the negative mind monsters, and inhaling those self-defeating thought is all part of the cycle…Remember nothing changes, if nothing changes!.

Let me first acknowledge that I have been there too, I have allowed for the “know it all negative Nancy” to take over and steal my desire to succeed. I have worked with other women who share your same struggle and who have used this system to achieve their results.

I get it, after having my first baby, was an overwhelming realization that I would no longer ever be the same. Not just physically, but in my whole entirety. I spent a year fumbling through life as a mom. I made it my purpose to create something so other women didn’t have to do the same. This does not just apply to mom’s but women who have lost their path.

I made it my sole mission to develop and create a system that was simple, reliable, and doable for myself. I wanted something BETTER. Since my journey in graduate school as a therapist I stumbled upon a SOLUTION to getting better body results. This became the direction and larger purpose for this program.

I have spent the last 7 years guiding, supporting, encouraging, and teaching women just like you, to empower them to to confidently improve their mental, physical, and spiritual health.

I want you to know that I understand your journey and have lived your journey.


Empowered and Fit in 5 takes into account:

  • Your time
  • Your support system
  • Your motivation
  • Your energy demands
  • Your finances
  • Your mindset
  • Your realistic nutrition goals
  • A realistic approach to eating that you can follow



Yes, great question!

Are you skeptical? Wondering why Empowered and Fit in 5 can be the system different from the many on the market? Give a moment to share with you why…


I am Jennifer Caldwell-Hernandez.

I am woman. As a woman I have many roles:

Mom. Wife. Therapist. Trainer. Online Fitness coach. And just like you I am BUSY!

I am in my late 30’s. I have 5 children in all stages: from blossoming toddler to a blooming young adult. I work 24hrs week outside of the home and the other 144 are spent being counted on by the loves of my life.

Like you, each and every day of my life is managing schedules, others nee ds, prioritizing, juggling, dancing on the line of insanity, and oh reminding myself to BREATHE! .

Like you, each and every day of my life is managing schedules, others nee ds, prioritizing, juggling, dancing on the line of insanity, and oh reminding myself to BREATHE! .

So, yes my Superwoman. I GET IT!

I practice and use this system daily. The age old saying, practice what you preach.


Being responsible for and caring for everyone else, whether it be children, your spouse, your aging parent, building that business, answering that demanding boss, or being available to a significant loved one you, you end up putting your needs last on the list.

It was evident as I started working with women that having an adequate and feasible solution was 100% necessary.

Most programs available often focus so much on weight loss through calorie restriction and many hours in the gym. What they often do not address is the limiting mindset that most women often carry around, which in my opinion is the ABSOLUTELY most IMPORTANT. The development of this program was rooted positive psychology and manifestation.

Often other programs attempt to motivate through guilt, shame, and ignoring self-care. I knew that there had to be another way.


I have spent many hours devoted to developing and improving, and developing and improving again the Empowered and Fit in 5 program to bring the most effective system available.

I have poured so much into this program to provide a solution to struggling and busy women alike who have lost their motivation and are seeking to feel and look their best, despite what life throws at them.

Most Essential

Empowered and Fit in 5 is not like any other exercise program, because it is specifically created for YOU by understanding your needs and wants. This is a program for the overly busy, overcommitted woman who deserves to regain and empower themselves through physical, mental, and emotional health! .

Empowered and Fit in 5 does not believe

  • That spending time focusing on cardio and over exerting yourself with heavy workouts is the way towards success.
  • That piecing together workout and not following a plan will support you in your success. Fail to plan, plan to fail.
  • That you have to go to the gym to be fit and achieve results
  • That you need to continue to put pressure on your body, mind, and spirit in order to be effective.


The time for you to experience the most empowering and uplifting results of your life is NOW!

Valued at $99.99
Yours Today Only

Just $37

Thanks to all the wonderful and empowered women who have given the Empowered and Fit in 5 system their all, now you can get the results you have been daydreaming about.

You can be confident that this program had your busy life and yet unachieved desires in mind. Every word, every exercise, every detail, every suggested tip, and strategy is honestly and specifically designed with your needs in mind to support your in achieving those dreams you will be working so hard to manifest.

Need More Convincing?

Hey…I get it! .

Throughout my years working with busy women, online and in person, it’s rare to not be met with skepticism. I understand. You have most likely felt like you have tried it all.

What I found to be most helpful was 2 things: connection and ongoing support. Once you have seen and connected with the results of others and/or had another busy mom work right alongside you, that eye of skepticism turned to the eye of RELIEF AND HOPE! .

Please take a moment to meet real women just like you and hear what they have to say about the Empowered and Fit in 5.




I thought you had to kill yourself at the gym every day and starve yourself to lose any kind of weight, but that’s just simply not true. You can change the way you eat and how you think to help you to lose weight without getting a crazy workout in. It was easy and simple.

Taylor D.

I focused more on my mindset than on exercise and at times strayed from my meal plan, yet still came out with an 8 pound weight loss from the beginning of the program. I feel better and am more empowered and confident in the way I look and how I live in the world thanks to what I learned and followed in the program.

Judy L.

Empowered & Fit in 5 really changed things for me and turned my life around. I believe this can help you too, to turn your life around and have a better relationship with your body, food, gaining control of your life.

Jenni H.


This system will work if you do!

Do not confuse simple and do able with EASY…

Let’s be honest!

Nothing lasting comes quickly nor easily. Working with discomfort and pushing yourself just a step further will be required.

However, this system is SIMPLE AND DOABLE!A VERY SIMPLE system that you can follow in the comfort of your own home.

What this program will ask of you is to commit to 25-30 minutes a workout. Very basic equipment is encouraged, but not needed.

List of Suggested Equipment

  • Dumbbells (3lbs-15lbs)
  • Mat
  • Ketones (improved results and increased energy)
  • Sweet Sweat (improved results)

Everything about this is specifically designed for you, the busy woman!

You will discover that this program was precisely designed by combining isolated proven methods for achieving results in minimum time. The order and time of exercises and suggested meal plan, the encouraged tools, all were considered for you. Everything about this is specifically designed for you, you busy woman!


Other weight loss methods often have unrealistic and/or fleeting results

The Empowered and Fit in 5 system will reshape your body, boost your energy, increase your motivation, shift your mindset, and the most important it will empower your life so that your results will be lasting!

Even better through the commitment and progress, you will discover that each day will you be encouraged to strive for MORE and BETTER!

Most programs will focus on “weight loss” and using the scale and numbers and restriction as a measure and means of success. The cortisol “stress” that is created from this focus will only cause you to hold on to weight, thus setting you up for failure.

This is a proven, simple-to-follow Fat Loss System that will give you incredible and lasting results in just 15 minutes a workout.


Valued at $99.99

Yours Today Only Just $37


Well let’s be honest, we live in an expensive world and I want you to be able to afford this system..

Having a family or possibly many financial responsibilities, I know finances could be tight. I know that this needs to be a worthwhile investment for you.

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.”

Robin Sharma

I just ask that you be willing to try a new approach and put forth the commitment over the next 5 weeks as you build the EMPOWERED you!


Valued at $99.99
Yours Today Only

Just $37

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