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Dry Itchy Scalp & Dandruff Causes & Remedies

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The Truth About How Dry Scalp and 90% of Off the Shelf Shampoo are Intertwined. Our Method Will Show You What’s Really Going on as Well as Ways to Reverse Your Condition.

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Dry scalp is a condition that has the potential to turn into a more serious and noticeable conditions such as severe itching, flaky scalp and even heavy hair loss. And if you think that applying the available hair treatment product will help you reverse your condition, you better think again. Did you know that Sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate (SLS), an aggressive cleaning and foaming agent commonly used as an engine degreaser, is added to 90% of shampoos!

But fear not! There are dozens of natural solutions to a dry, irritated and itchy scalp. But what works for one person may not necessarily work for you. The key is locating the cause of your specific problem and applying the appropriate remedy.

Natural homeopathic treatment is the way to go! Carcinogens are a bad idea! Appendix

With over 7.500 satisfied customers worldwide, there’s no reason to assume that this product will not work for you.

“Enabled Me To Stop The Itching And Get Rid Of My Scaly Dandruff.”

“……It wasn’t till I read your ebook I realized that my extremely itchy scalp and dandruff wasn’t coming from me and not just something I had to put up with or had to keep treating. “It was very liberating to know I could stop this nasty affliction. Understanding what was really going on enabled me to stop the itching and get rid of my scaly dandruff. “My hair is even getting a bit thicker on top. Keep spreading the word!. Thanks Mia.”

Henri Joubert, Johannesburg, SA

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“For The First Time In Years – Relief & Results!”

“I had to write to you and thank you for helping me rid myself of a complaint I been dealing with since the late 80’s. “I am 64 yrs of age and had been living with persistent scalp problems for a very long time. My symptoms included a red itchy rash around my neck/hairline & ears which periodically became worse during certain seasons. “My doctor & dermatologist had prescribed medicated topical creams for this. These offered relief while I was using them but contained cortizones so gradually became ineffective. “It got so bad my hair was thinning in places so I bought a wig to wear during particularly severe outbreaks. “I had all but given up on finding a solution. “My daughter came across your website and bought your ebook for me. I followed your advice. For the first time in years – relief & results! “Everything went calm with NO SIGN OF ANY RASH OR INFLAMMATION. I had forgotten what it was like for my scalp to feel normal – not to feel irritated. “I have noticed my hair is thickening and I now have the confidence to no longer wear the wig as a result. Thank you for sharing your experience with others like us who need to know there is a solution!”

Eleanor Cruickshank, Florida, USA

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“Packed With Valuable Information”

“This ebook is packed with valuable information and actual remedies and answers… as opposed to taking more drugs and prescriptions to add more health issues to our lives. “Pure and natural long term remedies and info on actual known causes to the issues we deal with in regards to our health and well being rather than a doctor prescribed unnatural drug related quick fix and/or temporary relief which never addresses the real cause of the problem. “Very well done, easy to read, and well worth every penny.”

Tony Sullivan, USA

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“Within 2 Weeks My Daughter’s Skin Had Cleared”

“Your information helped greatly. My daughter has Psoriasis and we have tried many treatments to help her skin. We have had expensive lotions prescribed to us by dermatologists and they only gave about 60% relief. It was only after I came across your site that I replaced all our soaps and lotions with the organic products that you recommended. Within two weeks my daughters skin had cleared up almost entirely. Its been a relief to finally learn how to treat my daughters skin. Thank you for creating this website.”

Steve Reinhardt, Pasdena, USA

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“Cleared Up In 3 Days…”

“Mia, I just wanted to let you know I used the fantastic Neem remedy in your ebook on our 8 year old daughter Maia’s itchy scalp. It stopped itching” as soon as I applied it and the rash had cleared up in 3 days. I just want to express my gratitude for your going out of your way to help us.”

Trudi Hodgeson, CA, USA

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“Able To Take The Best Care Possible Of My Scalp And Hair”

“You were instrumental in getting me away from chemicals and I feel that, through you, I’m able to take the best care possible of my scalp and hair.” “I found your e-ebook very helpful and I constantly refer back to it and have recommended it to friends. Happy New Year!”

D Shapiro, NY, USA

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“Thank You So Much for Your Methods! I Really Appreciate it!”

Hello justin,

There is nothing worse than that annoying urge to scratch my itchy scalp. I am always on the lookout for good natural remedies for my dry and itchy scalp. There are so many harmful ingredients in most commercial hair and scalp care products that for me homemade and natural is the best way to go. Thank you so much for your methods! I really appreciate it!

Lacey, Merseyside UK

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“I Finally Found it After I Read Your Book!”

Hi Justin my name is Dave. I have been searching for 2 years now for a natural remedies that really works for dry, flaky, itchy scalp and I finally found it after I read your book. I think the price for these book are a little expensive for me, but it is well worth it if it works. My hair feels and looks great after doing your methods. Thank you Justin!

Dave, Zurich SWZ

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“I Even Took It to Her Dermatologist to Show Him”

My young daughter has seborrheic dermatitis. Her scalp condition was so bad at times that it bled. Chunks of dry scalp would come off. I tried Head & Shoulders, Nioxin, Delsun Blue to name a few. After researching, I found your website & decided to try your methods. I saw an improvement after one week! I can actually brush her hair now & not have flakes fall all over her shoulders. I will continue doing your methods. I even took it to her dermatologist to show him. Great methods!! Thanks Justin!!

Roger, Alabama US

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Only $77 $37 With Lifetime Access