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how YOU can profit wildly

AND take All the Fuss and Time
out of Managing YOUR Daycare Business with this EXPLOSIVE
Administrative Software!

From: Mark Ling

October 01, 2019

Dear Friend,

If you would like to keep accurate and up to date records on all
of your clients, manage the expenses and financial details of your
business with ease and efficiency and run a daycare center that
is a step above the rest, then this might be the most important
letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

This package not only manages your client billing and your every
day finances, but it also manages to build a highly detailed and
easy to use database of crucial client profiles! All of this detail
and all at your fingertips! You will never be better organized!

Daycare Manager Pro is one of the most highly respected organizational
software packages on the internet because it offers you more
features and functions
than other daycare management software
does, and it does it better!

I’ve spent a lot of time designing a solution to daycare management
that’s easy to use…

But it seems everywhere I’ve looked, all I’ve found is company
after company trying to pass off the same old, run-of-the-mill daycare
management system as a “revolutionary” new service.

And the shocking part is, they’re all selling
the same damn thing:

Their systems can establish databases, they can create classes,
they can store medical records, and some of the more sophisticated
ones can handle things like making forms and reports.

… But give me a break! Are these the features that have
the potential to allow you to manage
your daycare business like clockwork?

What you REALLY need is the ability to…

  1. Save time and energy by
    having all the essential details about your clients at your
    in our highly detailed database –
    and it’s so easy to use! You don’t have to be
    a computer expert!

  2. Build your database from
    20 clients to 200
    , and spend barely any extra time
    finding files, attendance records and billing notes!

  3. Never leave it to chance
    . All of the crucial information is safely stored
    and is accessible… at the touch of a button!

  4. Deliver a highly personalized
    and professional service to your clients
    . Take advantage
    of the highly detailed profiles that you can build for each
    child. Have all the personal details you need at your fingertips
    and sustain that competitive edge over your competition!

  5. Manage your business billing
    and reporting with ease
    . You can know the status
    of an account or be able to generate a report in a matter
    of minutes!

  6. Keep up with your billing
    and invoicing
    using the billing features and invoice
    your clients accurately and promptly! Manage your cash flows

  7. Banish the stress of learning
    by taking advantage of the comprehensive and easy to follow
    help menu
    , and learn the skills in the minimum of

  8. Manage an unlimited number
    of clients
    . No matter what the size of your business,
    this package will work wonders for you!

  9. Protect the health of all
    your clients by maintaining crucial doctor’s records
    and immunization records.
    Use this vital feature
    to eliminate the risk of mistakes and misunderstandings
    when it comes to the safety of the children in your care.

  10. Create stationary for class
    to help with the collection of attendance and
    drop off and releasee data – which can all be stored
    and managed easily using Daycare Manager Pro of course!

… and you want it to be EASY!

So all this research got me thinking… If I’m this frustrated,
after spending months and months looking for a comprehensive daycare
management software package and have had to spend thousands of dollars
making my own software package, how
frustrated are YOU?!

The average daycare center owner doesn’t have the time (or the
cash) to deal with problems like these. And you don’t want the SAME
daycare management solution that every other business owner and
their dog is having trouble with!

You want TWO things:

  • “Advanced management capabilities” that only a select
    handful of professional daycare center owners are using
    (and 99% will never show you) that can help almost GUARANTEE
    the success the management of your center!

  • An “all-in-one” solution that lets you link the critical
    components of your e-mail marketing into one complete, hassle-free
    software that you do NOT need a Ph.D. in Computer Science to use!

So I decided that, since I couldn’t find this software anywhere
else, I’d build it myself… … AND to offer to all my customers
and subscribers who’ve been telling me that they’ve been experiencing
these exact same frustrations.

Of course, we built it to include all of the basic features that
ANY daycare management software solution should have, but I’ll
tell you about these later

First, I want to tell you about the powerful
advanced features that set Daycare Manager Pro
apart from
ANY other day care management software solution out there…

How do you keep track of your class attendance sheets, personal
notation for children, billing records,crucial client profiles,
child reports and cash flow reports?

Let me guess: a whole string of different folders within folders,
a few piles of paper stacked strategically on your desk, and the
odd post-it note on your monitor… am I right?

I used to run things the same way myself, but then I got fed up
with the lack of organization and efficiency… But now, with Day
Care Manager Pro you can…

  • Run and manage all the vital functions of your daycare
    center from ONE central location!

  • Use professionally designed templates and forms to produce
    professionally customized
    reports and invoices!

  • Manage your client profiles,
    your class attendance records, your invoicing and the accounting
    of your daycare expenses all at once
    with this dynamic
    one-stop program!

  • Personalize and customize
    each of your clients’ records and billing procedures so
    that you can deliver tailor made solutions to meet the individual
    needs of each client!

Save valuable time and effort by being able to add class
notes and progress reports to a client’s file for safe and
accurate administrative feedback.

…This is your truly ULTIMATE
daycare management tool
, from where you can manage
the individual needs of each and every client from one simple easy

You can instantly access a client’s file and account details in
a matter of seconds. You can
identify exactly what is owing on a client’s account, and identify
when the client was invoiced, and when the payment was received.
This really helps for the accurate and up-to-date book-keeping that
is crucial to running a small business.

” I’ve used Day Care Manager
for the last 4 months now, and now that I am totally
used to it and familiar with all of the functions, I would
recommend this to anyone serious about their business. I was
pretty organized as far as the client billing and personalized
service I offered to my customers, but it took me so long
to do it!

Now Daycare Manager Pro does it all
for me. I have automatic attendance entries set up for my
regular children, and the automatic billing feature makes
sure that I don’t forget to bill my clients. It really has
saved me so much time and hassle.

In fact, Day Care Manager Pro
has has made it so much easier for me, I’m have increased
my clients by a further 15 children, without having to spend
any extra time in the office. I’m generating extra revenue,
and it is less effort than before! I highly recommend this

Jayne Eaton, Miami,

The flexibility and simplicity of the settings menu
enables you to quickly and easily tailor a profile and range of
settings that is sympathetic to the diverse nature of the modern
family unit.

I know that there are a lot of different family situations
out there, and I insisted that Daycare Manager Pro
recognize this diversity by enabling you to
create your own titles, contact details and account types to best
fit the needs and requirements of the children and families in your

The settings option enables you the opportunity to
create your own titles, contact details, and account types to make
sure that you can accommodate the needs of your customers in a personalized
and efficient

I truly believe the
personal touch
is what can differentiate one good daycare
center from another. Daycare Manager Pro will support you in doing
this, and delivering a better service to your customers.

“When my wife and
I decided to start up a Daycare Center we had no idea how
much work it was going to involve. The first year in business
we spent a lot of time and effort in building the business,
to the point where we have 4 classes of 15 a day. We are making
good money, but it also means I have to spend a lot of time
sorting out the administration and day to day management of
the center.

With all the work and the
long hours, it was starting to have a real effect on my blood
pressure, as well as not having any spare time to catchup
with my buddies. Day Care Manager Pro changed all that. I
have cut down a lot of the time that I spent sorting and managing
the files and the billing, and now I have time to get out
and play golf and spend time with my wife! Best of all, it
was so easy to learn and use!

It has made such a difference
to my health and happiness. Now I feel as though I am back
in control. Thanks a bunch!

Ian Barker, New

Managing a daycare center involves accommodating
the needs of a variety of different people. Preschoolers,
infants, after school programs
, each of which involve the
provision and charging of different services, often at different

Whether you do billing weekly, monthly, or calculate
it according to an hourly rate, Daycare Manager Pro
is capable enough to accommodate the needs of your daycare center.
You can select from a range of different billing options and choose
one that fits you best.

Daycare Manager Pro is
flexible enough to recognize these different requirements, and allows
you to select or create a range of
different pricing options.
A charges and payments menu also
allows you to itemize additional charges and overheads and add them
onto a customer’s account.

This enables you to customize a child’s billing to
reflect the expenditure and activities allotted to that child. Everybody
knows that the key to a successful business is credibility
and cash flow.
The administration of customer accounts is
often a laborious and repetitive task, and Daycare
Manager Pro
will help you make this process a lot
easier and more efficient. Every feature we have packed into this
package is designed to make it easier for you to manage your day
care center.

If you have a field trip or a day out, add it onto
your customer’s account and itemize it. It’s
that easy!

“When Anneliese took
over an existing daycare center in her area, she was forced
to compete with two other daycare centers in her area. Since
all of them offered a very similar service, it was the standard
of service that she offered to her customers that differentiated
Anneliese from her competitors.

“When I bought a day
care center in my area, I was not aware of the level of competition
in childcare in the area. At first it was really hard, with
me being one of 3 daycare centers in the neighborhood. I
decided that I was going to offer a level of service that
would make me stand out above the rest.

When I was searching around
on the Internet I noticed your program and thought it would
be just what I needed to streamline my business and help me
achieve my goal. It has exceeded my expectations, and after
4 short months I am the leading daycare center in my area.

I love how detailed the
child profile is, as it really helps me remember details about
the children in my care. The doctor’s records feature is great
too. I take my business seriously, and thanks to Daycare
Manager Pro, the time I spend updating files and managing
children is greatly reduced. This gives me more time to focus
on the children. The parents really like that…”

Anneliese Watson,
San Francisco

Daycare Manager Pro has
an extensive child profile
that can enable you to build a highly
detailed record
of the child in your care. This includes:

  • Basic details such as name, age, date of enrolment, account
    type, status, siblings , and choices for automatic billing, and
    crediting of subsidies

  • Family unit, including the names of the parents or caregivers,
    and their address

  • Accounts area allows you to add charges and payments as well
    as the crediting of subsidies on a child’s account.

  • Telephone contact details and description of contact

  • Names and relationship to child of releasees (people who pick
    your child up)

  • Additional notes area where you can list details such as special
    requirements or important details regarding the care of the child

  • Medical details menu, including local hospital, blood type,
    insurance company, insurance number, insurance expiry date, doctor’s
    details, health comments, and immunization record

  • Immunization and inoculation record, list of childhood diseases,
    handicaps or limitations, and list of prescribed medications

…and the list goes on!

With a child profile like this, all the information you are likely
to need is literally at your fingertips!
Quality of service is paramount in
delivering competitive advantage
, and Daycare Manager Pro
is aware of this and supports this theory as a crucial marketing

“Since installing your daycare
software I have reorganized my business so much. I had a filing
cabinet full of files that were never put back in order. Whenever
I really needed a file it took me ages to find. Billing and
invoicing was something that I used to pay a secretary to
do all the invoicing.

After getting Daycare Manager I can
do it myself, its so easy. Now all the most important stuff
that I need for running my business is stored in your program.
I got rid of most of the files in my cabinet, and they are
all in my laptop. That way I can can take it away with me
and do some of it from home. My wife is pretty happy with
that arrangement too. “

Ray Norman, Cape
Town, South Africa

Managing a day care center effectively also involves
maintaining a current and accurate record of your employees. Qualifications
and certifications can be easily recorded, as well as contact details,
classes they teach and the salary or wage that they get paid. All
of this information is at your fingertips and is a useful addition
to your management function.

Daycare Manager Pro also
maintains an immunization record which keeps a record of what immunizations
your staff have had and how current those immunizations are. This
is vital to maintain the safety of your employees as well as maintaining
health standards and minimizing the risk of spreads of viruses and
illnesses in your day care center.

Daycare Manager Pro also
has an emergency contacts menu and a notes section so that you are
able to keep accurate and important notes on your employees close
at hand. You will be able to say goodbye to endless searching for
files and folders, all costing you crucial time and frustration!

The administration of employee records is often a
laborious and repetitive task, and Daycare Manager
will help you make this process a lot easier and
more efficient. The information in the employee records database
is information that you may need to access quickly. Every feature
we have packed into this package is designed to make it easier for
you to manage your day care center and manage your employees.

“Since I started using Day
Care Manager Pro
I have been able to spend less
time doing the normal day to day stuff, and been able to concentrate
on other areas where I can make my day care center better.
Now it has got to the stage that the quality of service is
such that most of my new contacts and customers are coming
from word of mouth. My customers are impressed with my focus
on quality personal service and they are telling all their
friends! Obviously word gets round! I couldn’t have done it
without Day Care Manager. It has made the management and organization
of my business a hundred times easier!”

David Vial, Toronto

One of the most important aspects of running a successful small
business is managing your cash flows effectively. Your cash inflows
from customers enable you to pay your expenses and bills, and managing
this effectively enables you to run your business with a lower working

Good customers are ones that pay on time, and if you are able to
quickly and effortlessly bill
your clients on a regular basis with accurate and up-to-date records,
you are better equipped to meet the challenges that all small businesses
face. Daycare Manager Pro includes:

  • Automatic billing feature
    which enables you to automatically add attendance fees and charges
    to a child’s account. You can choose the dates that the amounts
    are billed to the account and it will add it automatically!

  • Automatic subsidy crediting feature
    allows you to automatically add the subsidy credits to a child’s
    account on a specified date. Given the repetitive nature of crediting
    subsidies, the automation feature is a valuable addition to Day
    Care Manager Pro
    to help simplify your billing process
    and reduce the occurrence of errors in billing amounts.

Don’t leave your client billing to chance. Use our Automatic
billing and Crediting functions
and know that nothing is
being missed at billing time! These are your cash flows we are talking
about! Make billing time easy for
you and avoid the risk of making mistakes and forgetting to bill

“Having found and tested your software
package, I found it to fit the needs of my daycare center
really well. All the other programs I had looked at had features
that I didn’t really want, and not much of what I really needed!
Daycare Manager Pro had revolutionized the way I run my business,
and it’s a real bonus that it is so easy to use. I don’t have
the patience or the time to spend weeks trying to learn a
new system. But Daycare Manager Pro is really easy to use,
has a good help menu if I do get stuck, and has all the features
that I really want in a management package.

In fact its so good I have cut back
on my time at work and have more time to treat myself!”

Melanie Woods,

Reporting Function That Leaves Other Management
Programs In It’s Wake!

One of the most useful functions that sets this package apart from
the rest is the effortless availability of reports that are crucial
for the functioning of a day care center, and all at the push
of a button!

You get professional, streamlined
that are easy to read and give you the information
you need with the minimum of fuss. You are able to get reports on:

  • Waiting lists of children who have registered interest in attending
    your day care center. This can enable you to target advertising
    at them to maintain their interest, as well as develop a strategic
    plan for your business into the short-term future regarding composition
    of classes and class sizes.

  • Doctors report that gives you crucial
    medical information
    as well as insurance and health provider
    details. In an emergency situation it is critical
    that this information is available promptly.

  • An attendance report by child that lists all the recorded times
    that a selected child is in day care, including time signed in
    and time signed out, daily total and weekly total.

  • A ledger report that includes charges added onto the account,
    as well as payments made

  • Cash flow report that records all the charges and payments that
    have been made within a selected period

  • A late payments report that shows all money owed outstanding
    to the day care center, the name of the account holders, and the
    balance outstanding, as well as a combined total.

…plus many more!

All of these reports are easily created and anyone
can do it!
I have purposely made it easy to use so that you
can generate professional reports involving vital functions of your
business in a matter of seconds.
It has never been so easy to
get the information you need!

“When I told some of my business
colleagues I had found a management software package that
is easy to use, they scoffed at me. I was told by several
business developers that I would need to buy a big expensive
package, and then spend the next few months learning how to
use it or going to a class to learn how it works.

Having found and obtained your software
I was really surprised at how easy it was to implement and
use. I’m pretty nervous when it comes to learning new stuff,
especially on the computer. Day Care Manager Pro was really
user friendly, and in no time I was teaching some of the staff
how to use it too! I feel totally confident using it now and
it is making a real difference to how I run my business. It
is so much more efficient than the way I used to run things…”

Vicki Sullivan,

Organize And Streamline Your Business With
Customized Stationery!

Your business is never going to be so organized thanks to the customized
stationery menu
available in this package. You will be able
to create attractive and professional:

  • classroom rosters
  • customized attendance sign in sheets for each class
  • daily attendance sign in sheets
  • weekly attendance sign in sheets

Keeping your records will be much easier with customized
rosters and forms, and will save you
hours of time and effort
sorting attendance details and times
the children are in your care.

It is features like this as well as the may others
in this revolutionary day care management solution that is going
to deliver real results for you and your business! Let’s face it…
nobody likes having to spend endless hours sorting through records
and files for information and billing details, as well as child

You want the information to be as easy as possible
to access, and have it presented in a format that is both useful
and professional. It is all about managing your day care center
in the best way possible, and I truly believe that I have created
a package that is really going to do this.

No matter how big you are… No matter if you are
just starting out… You are going
to change the way you run your business and get results that are
way beyond what you thought possible!
I have created a package
that is going to eliminate the stress and the endless hours spent
sorting through records and files.

Once you have tried Day Care Manager Pro
you are going to wonder how you ever
coped without it!

Important note:

Did you
know that similar packages like this are retailing for around
the $500 mark?

That’s what my competitors
think you should be paying for life-changing technology such
as this. For a small business like yours, that’s a significant
gamble to take, relying on the fact that their packages will
suit your day care center, and you need to learn how to use
them! And how easy is that?

And they
don’t even have all the features that are in Day Care Manager

I believe Day Care Manager
Pro is a hundred times better
than the packages my competitors are offering, and I’m not
going to rip you off to the tune of several hundred dollars!

I am offering you this package,
at no risk to you, and all for a fraction of what I could
be selling it for if I was greedy like my competitors! I want
all day care centers of all sizes to be using my software,
so I am offering it at a fair price so you can all benefit
from my hard work.

Of course, to
“sweeten the deal” even MORE,
also going to throw in…

Super Bonuses

— yours to keep, no matter what you decide!

I want to make sure you have everything
you need to immediately guarantee the success
of your daycare center.

So if you act TODAY
, and claim your copy of Daycare Manager Pro, I’ve
decided to give anyone who claims a copy of Daycare Manager
Pro FULL ACCESS to the following TWO Super Bonuses…

Bonus #1:
(FREE If You Order Today)

‘Bullying Prevention
– Everything You Need to Know’

You can discover effective
ways to combat bullies and bullying problems in your home
and work environment! We are offering you this amazing book
with full reprint rights so that you and your daycare clients
can use this excellent resource.

We are offering you
the right to download and distribute this fantastic learning
tool strictly to you and your clients so that you are able
to increase awareness and facilitate an anti bullying policy
in your center. You are not allowed to re-sell this book,
however you can give away printed copies to others for free.

Bonus #2:
(FREE If You Order Today)

‘The Business Plan

Chances are you’ve probably heard those words
before. . .”Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan.”
Sounds like a pretty good proposition. . . if you are a high
powered financier. But, what does that have to do with running
a daycare center?

Truth be told, it has everything to do with the success or
failure of your center. Without a well charted course, odds
are that your business has already arrived at a destination.
Does that mean that hope for success is lost? Not at all.
. .read on!

The Business Plan Workbook consists of 65 jam-packed pages
that literally take you by the hand and lead you step by step
through the process of creating a realistic roadmap of your

This well prepared workbook answers such questions as:

  • How to understand exactly what is a business plan
  • Why you need a business plan
  • Where to start
  • How to write an effective business plan
  • How to ultimately use a business plan to create or improve
    your venture
  • The workbook can be printed out to assist you in thinking
    through your ideas and will teach you how to organize your
    communication into the business plan components.

Your 8-Week DOUBLE Risk-Free Guarantee:

Of course, you don’t have to decide now. Instead, grab our risk-free
offer, use Day Care Manager Pro for 8 weeks, and watch firsthand
to see if your day care center is revolutionized!

Protection #1:
If you’re not absolutely thrilled, e-mail me within 8 weeks (56 days) for
a complete 100% refund. No hassles. You will be issued a prompt refund, right up to the final day of this guarantee.

Protection #2: Even if you
cancel, your efforts won’t be for nothing. You’ll get to keep the
TWO Super Bonuses as my way of saying “Thanks.”
That’s a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide!

… I literally take ALL of the risk for you because that’s how
much I believe in this package.

Picture this: It’s a year from today (or a lot sooner),
and you’ve revolutionized the way you run your business and are
now so organized you have time to focus on other goals. You might
have developed another aspect of your business or even expanded…
or you may be spending more quality time with family or at the golf
course. Daycare Manager
has enabled you to realize your dreams
and goals.

Now, stop and look back on today. Considering that
you’ve now realized your goals, what price tag would’ve made it
a good investment?

With that in mind, I’ve decided to make Daycare
Manager Pro
available for customers ordering TODAY for an affordable


Start Using Daycare
Manager Pro
in the next 5 minutes!
If you request it on the order form, our system will allow
you to access the Daycare Manager
members area immediately, so you can start
transforming your daycare business
within five minutes! 
Even if you have never downloaded something from the internet
before it comes with instructions it’s so easy!


• Zero shipping costs.

• No waiting time, forget having to wait weeks for postal

• No risk of products lost in the mail or damaged.

• You receive Daycare Manager
at a lower price because it costs us less
to produce.


How To Place Your Risk-Free OrderThe fastest way to order is directly
online with ClickBank’s SECURE SERVER
. Clickbank is one of
the internet’s leading online retailers specializing in digitally
delivered products. Keep in mind that when you use ClickBank’s
order form, we do not have any access to your credit card information
at any stage. You can be certain that your details are completely

Keep in mind that when you use my order form
on ClickBank’s Secure Server, you can access Daycare
Manager Pro
instantly so you can start
organizing your business and spend less time in the office from

Common Question:
What is the difference between the $49.95 version and the $99.95

Answer: There is no difference. However if you
order the $49.95 version, you’ll receive instant access to a members
download area where you can download Daycare Manager Pro’s software
and super bonuses. If you order the $99.95 version, you’ll receive
Daycare Manager Pro
via postal mail (hence the increased costs of distribution).

I look forward to getting a letter
from you, telling me about your experience with Daycare
Manager Pro
and about your business success.
Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to
me. I’d love to hear your success story!

To your success,

Mark Ling, President

Daycare Manager Pro

P.S. To claim your TWO Super Bonuses and Special Pricing, be sure
to claim your copy of Daycare Manager Pro TODAY. Remember, this bonus is yours to keep no
matter what you decide! After that date, you may pay a lot more for this software.

P.P.S. Don’t forget that your software is tax deductible
as a business expense. Depending on your tax bracket, its actual
cost could be up to 40% less, once your bookkeeper deducts it on
your tax return… so be sure to remind him or her, because they
might be too busy counting all the cash that comes pouring in once
you’re using it.

Minimum System requirements:

  • 1 GHZ Equivalent or higher
  • 256MB RAM or higher
  • Windows 98SE/2K/XP/2K3 or later
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) for sending and receiving mail
  • At least one e-mail account on a POP3 server
  • 250MB free hard drive space
  • For Windows XP users, Daycare Manager Pro will only run if Service
    Pack 1 is installed, and should be updated to the latest Windows
  • For Windows 2000 users, Daycare Manager Pro will only run if
    Service Pack 4 is installed, and should be updated to the latest
    Windows updates

Attention MAC Users:

  • Daycare Manager Pro requires a PC Emulator to run on a MAC.

    Please note that this does reduce the performance of

    the Daycare Manager Pro software
  • Compatible PC Emulator (Virtual PC is one we recommend; you
    can get more information at:
  • Mac OS 7.5.5 or later
  • 250MB free Hard Drive space
  • 28.8k (or faster) Internet Connection

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