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It was while at MIT that I developed the formula which would lead to the creation of my Bet Profit Filter software.

In one of my programming classes, I had been tasked with developing an algorithm that would organise data, filtering out errors andanomalies, leaving only the valid and useful statistics.

And it wasn’t until several years later that the penny finally droppedand I realised that I could be using some version of that same algorithm to make money!

Of my graduating class, my closest friend had been a British guy named Jake West, who hailed from Manchester.

Jake was fanatical about horse racing, and supposedly so was the rest of his family. And that adoration of horse racing had been passed on from generation to generation.

And so after a couple of years of no contact – other than the odd Facebook like here and there – I reached out to Jake.

When he picked up the phone and greeted me in his thick northern British accent, it was as though I’d only seen him yesterday.

We exchanged pleasantries, swapped stories, and I asked him how he was readjusting to life back in the UK.

Eventually, we got on to the reason for my calling– the filtration software.