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A Beginners Guide To Brain Health

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Then……………my grandpa had a massive stroke at the age of 65, six months shy of their retirement. He lived in a nursing home the next 10 years, a prisoner in a body that didn’t work.

The stress of this event took a life changing turn for my grandma who went from looking impeccable every day of her life, was very involved in all kinds of clubs and church, had an acre garden, loved to play games, very competitive, knew everything about her 5 kids and 15 grand-kids, had made 100 quilts and so happy to…………….

Lost her zest for living, visited the nursing home every day to see grandpa, developed high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes, and was on at least 8 medications to not remembering names, dates, what she did last week, more anxious, less tolerant, forgot how to sew and eventually forgot how to cook and take care of herself to ending up in a nursing home.

She no longer wore make-up, jewelry, fixed her hair, dressed to the tee, but the most heart breaking part of all…………..SHE NO LONGER KNEW WHO WE WERE.