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A Baby Bottom Smooth Shave – Master The Safety Razor

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The best kept secret in mens grooming

Ditching the plastic cartridge razor for a classic safety razor can eliminate razor burn and bumps

Let’s face it, shaving isn’t a new grooming procedure. We’ve been doing it since the Stone Age. Nevertheless, it seems like we’ve wen’t back in time. There are numerous factors nowadays, such as urban air pollution and cosmetics laced with countless chemicals, which cause adverse skin reactions. Trailing multi-blade cartridge razors is the last thing your skin needs. 

People assume the safety razor is redundant. That new is always better. Well, the safety razor is a timeless design. Mastering the art of this procedure only requires ONE blade. You’ll be amazed by the results, and wonder why you never made the switch years ago. You are being lured in by the cartridge razor propaganda, but no more!

Say NO to ingrown hairs

You deserve a fresh, cleanly shaven face every time. I know you aren’t getting that right now. But with the proper shaving tools, shaving tips and tricks, you’ll master the classic shave . Not to worry, all the guidance, including the best products for your skin, is laid out in the course. 

This is hair reduction, NOT hair removal. Sure, you’ll spend an extra 10 minutes in the morning shaving, but a smooth complexion, free from redness is

well worth it

Are you’re constantly frustrated with redness, irritation, ingrown hairs and razor bumps?

The tricks in this course will enable you to master the necessary safety razor skills to combat all of the above…

Honestly, one blade is all you need. A stainless steel or platinum blade in your safety razor will effortlessly cut through your whiskers…

The process is incredibly pleasurable. It’s like a ritual and a calming way to start your day…

Let’s not forget you’re running sharp blade across your face. And as manly as that sounds, we have to take precautions to disinfect the blades and keep your skin free from infection, always…

Shaving nicks and cuts will be a thing of the past. ONE blade cuts the hair to the surface of your skin. All multi-blade cartridges will do is remove layers of skin…

Shaving brush management. It’s the most important process of shaving. You’ll develop a rich, lubricating lather for the blade to glide across…

  • Save $100/year. The safety razor blades are so much cheaper than cartridges
  • Have a pleasurable shave with the classic, therapeutic methods 
  • Master the safety razor in NO TIME with this course
  • Connect with your father and grandfather. They shaved this way!
  • Mitigate the effects of razor burn, redness and razor bumps
  • Greatly reduce the risk of ingrown hairs 

You’re here because you feel there must be an easier way to shave. A way that solves razor burn, ingrown hairs and redness.

You deserve to have healthy, glowing skin.

17 over-the-shoulder video tutorials.

Safety razor checklists.

Infographics for blade sharpness and brush types comparisons.

Shaving map illustration for facial hair growth.

Bonus comic on the history of shaving.

Whiteboard animation videos on cartridge razors and the ‘environmental dilemma’.

Master the Safety Razor TODAY!

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