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7 Minute Ageless Body Secret

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It’s causing everything from weight gain and a flabby body,

to hair loss, joint pain, digestive distress, and fatigue,

and most women know….

it isn’t just from aging!

Do you feel like you put more effort into hiding your embarrassing rolls than showing off the body you wish you had?

Are you tired of squeezing into your jeans and covering up your flabby body wishing you actually wanted to spend a romantic night with your man without feeling self conscious about how you look, but are just too darn tired to care anymore?

I understand your pain and frustration and once thought that a firm and energized body was something I’d never see on myself again.

I used to have a flabbier older looking body with zero energy and weighed more in my early 30’s than I do now at 50+ with a 20 year old son.

The truth is that your weight loss efforts could be sabotaged

due to an underlying condition that 1 in 3 women suffer from

…and don’t even know it!

This outbreak is on the rise, and is said to affect 5-8 X more women  than men, and that up to 60% of people that have this condition, are NOT even aware they have it, despite telling their doctors that something is wrong.


Dawn Sylvester

Women’s Anti-aging Expert.

That’s me on the beach in Miami a few months ago at age 56!

Hello, I am women’s weight loss coach and anti-aging expert Dawn Sylvester.

I have been coaching women into losing weight while anti-aging, sculpting, re-energizing and transforming their bodies for 20+ years… with mind blowing success.

Someone saw that picture of me and posted “put your clothes back on Dawn, you’re putting the 20 year old girls to shame!”

After discovering “the secret” to busting through my old ideas about nutrition, and UNDERSTANDING MY EXHAUSTION, not to mention the exercise myths that I held onto… I became a coach for women, specializing in nutrition, metabolism, anti-aging and weight loss.

When I learned how to combat what I heard so many women were feeling, I considered it my job to inform and help them regain their youthful bodies back like I did.

  Attention Frustrated Females!

What we thought in the past would get us “in shape” is exactly what has lead to long term damage.

Too much cardio produces excess amounts of aging accelerants called free radicals, making you look and feel older, while putting your adrenals and thyroid at risk.

Dieting and long bouts of cardio will NEVER change how  firm, sculpted or energized your body is and might actually PREVENT you from losing weight causing harmful effects to your hormones

Do you feel like it’ll be impossible to ever feel good again,… and going to the gym takes so much out of you… so you don’t exercise at all? 

I can assure you, that it isn’t just “that you’re older” and quite possibly it’s your doctor that is too “old school” to be up on the latest findings. 

All you want is someone to acknowledge that your body is crying for help. You want  your energy levels back and would do anything to see a firmer, more youthful body again!

Changing your shape is NOT about giving up food but about using the RIGHT kind of exercise.

In my early 30’s, I practically had a “reserved” spot on the cardio equipment in the trendiest gym. After looking at a picture of myself on a vacation, I realized that the pounds were really starting to creep up.

So I followed the latest trendy diet, only to give into cravings from starvation within days. Then I’d try to “out exercise” my bad food choices by working out for longer or cutting more calories. All I ended up with was a flabbier, older looking body that was exhausted, losing hair, irritable, hungry and GAINING MORE WEIGHT.

in my 30’s, I hired the top trainers

and was told to exercise MORE OFTEN, DO MORE CARDIO and eat LESS.

Those trainers were dead wrong

and I understand now that all their advice did was sabotage my weight loss goals.

I ended up with devastating FEMALE ISSUES, felt EXHAUSTED, SUFFERED from a THYROID DISORDER, ADRENAL BURNOUT and was constantly getting sick. I hate to admit, but I even tried diet pills that made me jittery and nauseous, unable to sleep. AND… This was all BEFORE I had a child!!

When I say “I know how you feel, I really do….”

For years I continued to make the mistakes I still see women making in the quest for a lean and tight figure. I didn’t realize that while I was going bonzo with cardio and diet foods that my body was aging faster and becoming a perfect fat storing machine…and the weight kept piling on.

Does this all feel and sound familiar?

That’s why I understand your despair and want to tell you that it isn’t your fault that you have been mislead.



I was celebrating the fat me NEVER coming back and now you can too with access to “the secret” that has transformed thousands of women!

Now I own a gym with my Firefighter husband (did I mention that he is 11 years younger than me?)…and get interviewed by doctors and wellness practitioners while being regularly invited to do guest speaking engagements for women’s groups. I also contribute to fitness sites and magazines and am a local sought after expert on ageless energy, women’s training and anti-aging.

pantsHave you vowed over and over to NEVER cram your body into a pair of Spanx or Tummy Taming Jeans Again?

ONE OF THE BIGGEST WOMEN’S ISSUES I HEAR EVERY DAY IS the myth for women to follow old school methods of extreme dieting, while spending hours in the gym!

I was called by an old friend that recently hired a trainer. She mentioned that she was asking him why she feels sick after every session. His reply was “well, do you want to get rid of that fat or not!?” (and then tells her that she should follow a 1000 calorie diet daily for 4 weeks, doing cardio 6 times weekly IF she wants a thin body!)

This enraged me!

This method of training is exactly what breaks our bodies down and harms our hormones, making it a dangerous and impossible to follow plan that no-one can or should stick to!

If you are getting your weight loss advice from buff twenty-something male “fitness experts” telling you to fast, count your calories and lift heavy weights, but you’re packing on the pounds and can’t walk for days…don’t listen.

The problem is that most exercise books and diet plans are written by men and work for men.

Give them a week and the weight seems to fall off! Take them to the beach and it’s “shirts off” right away.

But for us? Bathing suit shopping and the beach is our worst nightmare!

Imagine Slipping into a Fitted Sexy Dress Never Having to Endure An

Uncomfortable “Girdle” Like Your Grandmother Used to Wear Without Extreme Dieting, or EVER Stepping onto a Treadmill

Having kids or getting older is not the reason you still have fat

surrounding your belly, or a flabby butt, or those extra rolls spilling over the edge of your bra.

Maybe it’s time you listen to someone you can relate to.

A woman that only trains women… and gets results, without damaging or overtaxing your body so that you can look and feel younger than you have in years.


You Can Unlock your Fat Burning Hormones


Anti-age your Body and Reclaim your Youth

as you Target Your Trouble Spots

Sculpting and Firming your belly, arms, hips and thighs.


Girls seriously between you and I…

That deadly combo of cutting calories and cardio alone is a woman’s worst enemy if you are trying ditch those embarrassing rolls.

Ever wonder why you’ve spent hours walking, going to Zumba or exercising hard while barely eating, but the bulges never seem to go away, and the pounds keep adding up every year?

It isn’t that you aren’t exercising enough!

Doctors have shown studies that too much exercise can cause everything from fatigue, to altering hormonal levels while harming the immune system, and increasing cortisol.(1) Too much stress equals stored belly fat, not less of it, while also creating free radicals. Those nasty little buggers inside of your body that you don’t see that cause inflammation, broken metabolic rates, weight gain, and disease…

…all while weakening your immune system making you look and feel older while you keep gaining weight and feeling exhausted.

Extreme exercise  actually damages cells and ages your body.

As we age, our human growth hormone (the anti-aging magical cocktail) production slows down, making us feel and look exhausted and aged.

It has been proven that short bursts of exercise provide the energy to tap into fat storing cells torching flab while releasing a “cocktail” of youthful hormones that create a firm and strong body promoting weight loss that lasts.





With a shift in my approach that lead me to discover the way to incinerate stubborn fat quickly… I have been coaching women into shedding layers of unsightly bulges revealing their slimmest, firmest and sexiest bodies ever!

Wouldn’t it be exciting to have a few hours extra to spend doing things you love with a fit and sexy figure, and the confidence and the energy you had when you were young?

If you have been dieting and spending money on gym memberships but are not seeing results and are more discouraged than ever, you are wasting time!


Imagine Cutting Exercise Time Down
by More than 88%
while achieving Body Sculpting Results
in 7 minutes!

The fact is that women’s bodies need different exercises and methods than men do. We are physically not designed to endure the types of heavy and extreme weightlifting that men do without possibly leading to injury. From ligaments to tendons, and hips to belly’s, our bodies mechanics are built differently, and respond differently than a man’s.

We do not have the testosterone that men do that gives them the ability to grow huge muscles, but we still need to get stronger and add lean muscle tissue if we want a faster metabolic rate and a streamlined, lean body…besides what woman wants to look bulky and bigger anyways, let alone spend hours in the gym?

Hey girls, think about it…Don’t we want everything on our bodies to be raised and lifted, sculpted and firm?

Then why do we run or exercise for hours POUNDING and AGING our bodies while PULLING EVERYTHING DOWN towards the ground?

Wouldn’t you rather DEFY GRAVITY and LOOK LIKE EVERYTHING IS LIFTED? Imagine finding an energizing time machine that awakens your body and MAKES YOU LOOK AND FEEL LIKE YOU ARE “AGING BACKWARDS”

**As soon as I shifted my exercise routine away from cardio, and added energizing foods,

I didn’t have to lay on the bed anymore and pull up my zipper while sucking in my belly.

My love handles (who ever named them that?) were starting to melt away…I stopped the insane calorie cutting and ate real foods, while feeling an energy start to take over as my body got firmer, and leaner, and WOW!!! Did that make me feel sexy!

Girls, there is a warning:


This is also not for you if you don’t think that you have to do ANYTHING different to change what your body looks like now, or put in some effort to achieve the body that you stare at and admire on others.

Here is where you will Discover

the Exciting Body Sculpting Breakthrough

that you never knew existed …that takes only 7 minutes

One KEY SECRET to this plan is that the short movement patterns and the order that you will be doing them is what will continue to torch calories for hours, long after you are done working out. That means WHEN YOU ARE NOT EXERCISING YOUR INTERNAL FURNACE IS STILL MELTING STORED FAT FOR UP TO 36 HOURS even when you are sitting on the couch watching TV! (which is the complete opposite of cardio)

In the fitness world, this is know as the “afterburn effect” and the hottest trainers in Hollywood use workouts like these to sculpt the stars quickly!

….However, you can be a mom, a teacher that sits at a desk, or a CEO of a top company, and get star like results at home using little to no equipment with the short and efficient workouts in this plan.

People often ask me..”Do you work out for hours EVERY day?!” When I say “NO…minutes, and usually not every day”…

FIRST, they don’t believe me.THEN, they want to know my secret.

After years of enduring diets and the wrong exercises I discovered how to train my body so that it burns fat continuously without following a strict diet, stepping on a scale or counting a single calorie.

This fat destroying body firming plan is backed by the science geared towards a women’s specific needs so that you melt off the weight, sculpting stubborn fat cells like your body is constantly on fire!

…and speaking of fire, I might add that I am “friskier”and look and feel younger than I did when I was in my thirties!

Why suffer with the latest “eat nothing for hours” diet trends, while you keep adding on the pounds only to feel older, frumpier, and hopelessly depressed when you can WORKOUT LESS, EAT MORE and FEEL YOUNG AGAIN!


Imaging waking up with a Slim Firm Body THAT FITS INTO EVERYTHING,

with a Flatter Belly, a Tight Rear and Slim Hips EVERY time you get dressed!


Our Resting Metabolic Rate is slowing down forcing us to store fat, while our BMI is rapidly getting higher!

This is caused by lost muscle, fad diets and and a sluggish metabolic rate…all contributing to disabilities associated with getting fatter and aging rapidly! (1)


Could it be that the experts and your Doctors “advice” is sabotaging your weight loss?

Even though there are exercise physiologists with years of solid backgrounds…

a lot of those studies are out of date! Some doctors still say “walking” is enough to anti-age our bodies when that is 100% not true! It also used to be thought that extreme cardio was good for us. We are now seeing studies of the damaging effects from muscle wasting, chronic wear and tear on joints and overuse injuries. Cardiologists are even saying that hours of extreme cardio is bad for our hearts!(2)

KEY TAKEAWAY: Studies show us that shorter specific exercises that target the entire body’s muscular development while increasing oxygen uptake is the key to anti-aging, hormone balance, getting the weight off and keeping it off.


Around age 30, our bodies start the decline of muscle loss and fat gain.

Our addiction to sugar, simple carbohydrates and weight gain has taken over our lives. Our cells start dying off as our telomeres (the DNA cells that shrink and age us) start getting shorter… making us more vulnerable to weight gain, diabetes, obesity related disorders, depression, bone loss, and loss of sex drive.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Now is the time to take control of TIME, and AGING. If we are not involved in an exercise program that reverses weight gain, strengthens our bodies and hearts while creating balance, our cells and muscle fibers shrink. Our aging hormones will then take over turning our bodies into fat storing, flabby, aged worn out women.


Compulsive exercise actually promotes the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. (3)This is a hormone often associated with belly fat.

From extra wear and tear on joints, to unfavorably altering our body internally, overtraining increases the possibility of breaking down our hormonal systems and accelerating the aging process.(4)

KEY TAKEAWAY: Whether it be extreme damaging exercises or not enough exercise, or that we spend hours sitting daily under stress, eating toxic foods…Obesity is affecting two thirds of our population with devastating aging, emotional and medical issues. Cortisol is a “stress hormone” that contributes to the bulge around our bellies that surrounds our organs known as visceral fat. Visceral fat is the worst kind of fat that leads us down the path to obesity related disease…contributing to high medical bills and complications as we age, with depression, needing caretakers and the inability to move easily.


Scientists and research shows that age related muscle loss starts in our 30’s and leads to aging issues, pain and poor posture, hormone imbalances and obesity related disease. The good news is that it is preventable. By following a plan of resistance training, you can prevent age related muscle loss while getting stronger instead of weaker and improve the body’s ability to convert protein…which is essential for muscle formation.(5)

We continue to blame our weight on our genes saying “all the women in my family are fat.” It doesn’t matter if you’ve always suffered, or every woman in your family is apple shaped, pear shaped or miserably obese…we have the ability to reverse that cycle and trick our gene pool while safely losing weight, getting leaner and keeping it off for life!

“I believe that our minds must change before we can change our bodies…and that we can convince ourselves into thinking, acting and feeling younger… and I am going to give you to tools to do that”

Here are the tools so that you can take back your youthful sexy body!


What is the 7 Minute Secret?

The 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret is your body’s fat torching, body firming  “fountain of youth!”

  • It is 7 minute follow along video workouts that can be done anywhere, for beginners to advanced exercisers with little to no equipment that keeps your metabolic rate in a state of “afterburn” burning calories long after you are done working out. This has also shown to keep telomeres (the aging DNA cells that determine how fast you age) in an active state, slowing the aging process!(2)

  • It is a 3 STAGE WORKOUT PLAN with targeted specific exercises that sculpt and burn fat in your belly, hips, arms, back and thighs, incinerating fat while adding on firmer metabolism raising lean muscle. (the tissue responsible for burning calories when you are NOT working out!)


  • It is the missing link that will shift your body to work in your favor, turning on fat melting hormones so that you burn calories instead of ever storing them.

  • Re-awaken your libido as you increase energy and blood flow to places you might have forgotten about, without using harmful pills or creams.

  • It is a plan to firm up and tighten saggy skin and excess flab whether you are 25 or 75! You will be coached into how to exercise properly with moves that target your body so you can look forward to functional strength and a firmer looking, youthful figure.

What the 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret is NOT…

  • The “secret” is NOT long exercise sessions that don’t produce results and actually KEEP you flabbier with a slower metabolic rate.

  • The “secret” is NOT having to go to a gym, do boring cardio, sit on a machine, or lift big heavy weights with the probability of getting injured while never seeing results.

  • The “secret” is NOT any trendy low calorie diet or fad that doesn’t let you eat real foods and that you need a calculator or an app for.

  • The “secret” is NOT about starving yourself into a weak and flabbier tired and foggy brained old gal.

Get rid of those old habits and exercise myths that are aging you faster starting TODAY.

You will never have to weigh yourself or count calories on your plate again when you Turn your Body into a Youthful Fat Torching Furnace that is Continuously Melting Off EVERY Bite of Food you Eat!


Say hello to sexy fitted clothes and goodbye to hating shopping.

(you might even want to shop for something really sexy now!)

Want to be the girl that everyone wants to know the “SECRET” to your New Sexy Body?

Think of how you’ll feel when you’re looking slimmer and younger … than in any picture or family photo you’ve ever taken!

Wouldn’t it be exciting to look in the mirror and love what you see ready to spend some “alone” time with your man, instead of making up excuses because you “just aren’t in the mood”?

Reclaim Your Youthful Body With Energy Levels you see in Girls Half Your Age with The 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret


Why waste another day hiding your body dreading another birthday when you can be celebrating how HOT you look starting TODAY!

P.s. Hey girls, I understand you are skeptical because I tried every new fad and exercise gimmick for years too. I’m done wasting my valuable time on what doesn’t work, and don’t have to worry about my weight any longer. I think you’ll agree that it’s time to end the emotional and physical rollercoaster that you have been on and take back control of your body.

Don’t spend another day thinking or dreaming about a leaner body.

Don’t wait for Monday or someday…“SOMEDAY IS NOW!”

Flatten Your Belly, Tone Flabby Muscle And Visibly Look And Feel 10 Years Younger In Only 7 Minutes!

  • An Easy to use Follow along bodyweight system that allows any woman at any fitness level to experience your most youthful and attractive looking body at any age!
  • Get Leaner and Stronger, with a Toned and More Youthful Body that Seemed Impossible Before with Movement Patterns that Target your Troublespots, fight off aging, and send your energy soaring!
  • You’ll be shocked at how fast your belly flattens and how your skin suddenly becomes firm and lifted right in front of your own eyes with these little known yet powerful and proven ageless body secrets that have been virtually hidden from the general republic.
  • Imagine regaining your confidence to slip into your favorite pair of jeans or wearing a slim fitted dress…suddenly you’re feeling more attractive and everyone around you takes notice of your younger, firmer, and more radiant body….most women report that they’ve never been more desired by their husbands as they are AFTER 50 with the ageless body secret!

Ageless Body Bundle

A 3 Step Flat Belly Formula for any woman, at any age, in any fitness level

  • HD Follow Along Workout Videos With Clear and Simple Coaching Instructions from Warm up to Cool Down.

  • Watch the Videos on Your Phone, Tablet, Computer or TV.

  • Expert Tips and Tools to Change Your Body, Your Fitness and Energy Levels, and Your Life in Just Minutes a Day from a top Anti-Aging and Fatloss Expert!
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