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7 Days to Drink Less Online Alcohol Reduction Program

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You will receive a 15-minute audio where you will discover:

· How much can you drink before it’s too much?

Discover where to draw the line between healthy drinking or problem behavior (Hint: The public health Alcohol guidelines is probably giving you misleading advice that doesn’t fit your particular life conditions)

· Have you ever found yourself drinking after promising yourself you wouldn’t?

Discover the subconscious causes of why that happens and how to gain control of your relationship with alcohol.

· Discover when your mind is more vulnerable to the temptation of drinking and how you can prepare yourself for it in advance

– so you can experience full control of your drinking behavior.

Why reprogramming your subconscious mind is the single most effective thing you can do to drink less without relying on willpower, and why it’s the only way to avoid old habits creeping up again in the next distressing event.

· Two strange moments when you get into a hypnotic state every day,

no matter what your days look like, and how you can leverage that to effortlessly rewire your brain to drink less

· “Drink One, Water One” – What you must do to hack the “physiological thirst feedback” of your body, and force your brain to stop craving alcohol (Hint: this has nothing to do with hypnosis, it relies purely on physiological feedback loops of your body and mind)