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50% Commissions! – Worm Farming For Profit

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Q. Do worm farms stink?

A. No quite the opposite, if you don’t overfeed your worms they will eat all your organic garbage within hours.

Worms eat three times their body weight in food a day. Unlike humans their casings, or poop is completely odorless

Q. How profitable is worm farming?

A. it’s kind of his profitable as you wanted to be. I’m almost a hobby farmer because I don’t want to stress of running a big business.

If I decided to go big all I would have to do is to tend to more bins. A single bin for me makes around $250 a month and tending four takes me about one hour per week.

Q. Is it true that worms eat eggshells?

A. Yes, and all kinds of other organic waste as well. Egg shells are particularly good for your worms. Because of the calcium it thickens their skin and makes them more resilient.

Q. Will the worm farming business be better in the future?

A. My opinion is yes, here’s why…

As more and more people recognize that organic foods are better for them. Organic farmers will need worms for aeration of soil. They need worm casings as a fantastic source of organic fertilizer.

Also, whether you may like it or not the marijuana industry is growing fast.

Their consumption of worm fertilizers is one of the highest.

They also pay top dollar and with the limited supply right now prices are going up everyday..

Q. Who Buys worms and worm waste products?

A. More people than you think. Organic gardeners,
fisherman, composters & golf courses. There’re even some landfills, food processors and big restaurants that are buying worms. Millions to eat organic waste.