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The straw that could break me financially.

My mind span out of control with worry about how I would support this child.

I had pictures in my head of us struggling just to put food on the table.

As hard as I racked my brains for an answer to my problems… no answer came.

What I know now is that an answer always comes.

The Universe is sending an answer to our problems all the time.

It’s just waiting on us to hear it.

For me the answer came in the most unexpected way.

Just down the road from my house in fact.

In Joe’s Café.

I used to go there in the afternoons.

For some quite time to think.

Mostly about how I was going to come up with the money I needed to take care of my soon to be expanded family.

I didn’t do much thinking though.

Most of the time was spent feeling like a ‘failure’.

…A loser that couldn’t support his family.

I actually had fantasies of living on a tropical island somewhere when I was younger.

…Taking exotic trips with my family whenever I felt like it.

…And working just a few hours a week.

But my life was a far cry from this fantasy.

With just $2000 dollars to my name in the bank.

Not much for a life’s work.

I was feeling sorry for myself one day in Joe’s Café, and filled to the brim with worry when I heard a man’s voice from behind me…