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3 Minute Meditations

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Plus: I’ll show you the 3 most common barriers
stopping you from meditating…

Hey. My name’s Adam Brewer, and I live in Playa Del Rey, CA with my partner Liz and our son Skye.

I’ll cut to the chase.

Meditation has been the biggest game changer in allowing me to lead a life of joy and peace of mind

…And over the years, I’ve come across so many complicated techniques, “know-it-all” coaches and overpriced guides

That I decided to take my 18 years of meditation experience and separate the facts from fiction.

In just 5 minutes, I’m going to show you the one method that will change the way you look at meditation.

It’ll take just a few minutes of your day…

You can practice it anywhere…

And best of all, you’ll be able to meditate like a pro and feel true inner peace in just 21 days.

But, before I tell you more about the proven meditation method that have changed thousands of lives in 40 countries.

I’m going to reveal the 3 most common barriers stopping you from getting the peace of mind you deserve…

You can’t sit still for extended periods of time.

Join the club, my friend.

For years, I suffered from a syndrome called “I-Can’t-Sit-Still-Itis”…

…And chances are, you do too.

We live in a society that has us over-stimulated on every front, with our phones, laptops, radios and TVs. It’s no wonder you feel like you can’t sit still…

But, you needn’t worry…

Because I’ve tailored my meditation program to your syndrome.

With my method, you won’t have to sit still for 20 minutes…

Or 10 minutes…

…Or even 5 minutes…

In fact, you’ll only have to take 3 minutes out of your day using my meditation hack.

You can’t fit meditation into your already busy schedule.

These days, if you’re anything like me, you’ve got a billion commitments that seem to demand your time.

Whether it’s picking up your kid from school, or putting in overtime at the office…

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

The thing is, society makes us feel like we’ve always got to be doing, doing & doing…

Society has got it wrong.

If we continue to do, do, and do, without taking any rest, relaxation, or reflection, we’ll hit a breaking point…

And trust me, you don’t want to reach that point.

Each and every one of us can take 3 minutes out of our day to meditate…

…And the truth is, it’s imperative that you do.

By taking a few minutes out of your day to refuel yourself, you’ll notice your mind becomes sharper, your quality of sleep improves, and your life starts to change for the better

That’s a guarantee from me.

You don’t know where to begin.

We’ve all been there.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “it’s the starts that stop people”…

And it couldn’t be anymore true.

Through my years of experience, I’ve learnt that people struggle to start meditating because of 2 reasons:

  1. The course or guru is way too expensive.
  2. The average person can’t sit still for 20 minutes.

If you can relate to any of those points, you’ve come to the right place, friend…

… Because I created my entire program with people like you in mind.

If you continue reading, I’m going to show you the inexpensive, at-home solution to meditating like a pro…

And trust me, it’s a piece of cake.

You Get All Of This…

I created this program for folks with a busy schedule, so anyone can practice my techniques.

With 3-Minute-Meditations, you’re guaranteed incredible results in just 180 seconds a day

And it’ll only take you 21 days to witness a decrease in stress, anxiety and all emotional triggers in your life.

However, I would like to warn you.

If long winded courses are something that really gets you going, 3-Minute Meditations probably isn’t for you.

In all seriousness, 90% of online courses never get completed

…And if you’re paying me money, I want you to complete my program.

So, I made 3-Minute-Meditations short, sweet, and punchy. I’d liken it to French Cuisine.

With my breakthrough meditation ‘hack’ or method, you’ll experience the benefits of meditation in half the time it would take you with other programs…

The method is to “micro-dose’” your meditation when you first start.

That is, make your meditation “bite-sized and digestible” so that you want to do it again.

This program provides you with 16 different 3-minute guided meditations. All you have to do is sit down, press play and feel the stress melt away.

It really is the full package…

Component 1:

The 3MM Companion Guide ($19 Value)

The 3MM book cuts through the industry-jargon and filters out the nonsense. In this book, you’ll find out the simplified truth about meditating, and why anyone can do it.

I’ve also included in the book a 21-Day Meditation Challenge where you, the reader, will sit and meditate 3 minutes a day (according to the techniques I provide you), for 21 days straight.

If you’ve ever wanted to meditate, this is your opportunity to get hooked.

Component 2:

Audio Accelerator Package ($27 Value)

Because you chose to take action today, your order includes 16 follow-along, guided audio meditations, which you’ll find out more about in the 3MM book.

All you have to do is press play and follow along!

Component 3:

Video Accelerator Package ($27 Value)

Because you chose to take action today, your order includes 7 follow-along, guided video meditations. For those of you who are visual, I’ve got you covered. I’ve taken the audio meditations and set them to a beautiful, serene nature video.

All you have to do is press play and follow along!

I’m also throwing in a couple of bonuses…


Secrets For Meditation Success Videos ($27 Value)

When it comes to meditation, there’s certain practices that you can do BEFORE you begin that’ll greatly increase the rewards you reap from it.

In these 2 videos I explain how to find your meditation spot, and how to properly sit for meditation.


Meditation X(tended) Pack ($47 Value)

Think you’re ready to sit for longer than 3 minutes?

I’ve included an additional 10 guided audio meditations where I’ll lead you through four 5-minute Mindfulness Meditations, three Intentional Meditations (5 min, 10 min & 15 min) and three Oneness Meditations (5 min, 10 min & 15 min).

That’s an extra 2 HOURS of valuable content for you.

Imagine… in just 3 minutes a day you’ll experience

  • Be far more patient with your loved ones so you can develop deep, meaningful relationships…
  • Feel comfortable in all situations so that you can attend any party, wedding, or date with ZERO anxiety or self consciousness…
  • Having HUGE energy levels throughout the day, allowing you to be more productive while doing the things you love…
  • Saving money on therapists & medications, so you can finally buy those holiday tickets you’ve been waiting on!
  • Becoming less susceptible to anxiety attacks so you can finally feel in control of your life…

But don’t take my word for it! Here’s what my customers have to say:



So, what are you waiting for?

You’re just one click away from getting the peace you deserve!

And, I’m offering you a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee…

So why not take this risk free opportunity?

Give it a try for 60 days, and if you don’t experience any change, simply contact me and I will personally refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

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Q & A’s

Q. What if I can’t afford $27 but know I need this?

A. Reach out to me with Subject line reading Scholarship…because I do offer a few scholarships.

Q. I’ve been meditating for years, just not consistently. Will this be for me?

A. YES!!! The real benefits of meditation are felt and experienced through daily meditation. I intentionally picked a length of time for the meditation that anyone can fit into their days, whether you’ve been at this before, but it didn’t stick or this is your first time.

Q. What if I already have a consistent meditation practice?

A. That is completely fine. Consider this another option for when you are time crunched… kind of like meditation-to-go!

Q. I’m not religious. Does this technique have any particular religious affiliation?

A. This practice is not affiliated with any religion. It is for anyone… whether you’re religious, spiritual or anywhere in between.

Q. Is 3 minutes of meditation really enough to get results?

A. Absolutely!!! Just look at some of the testimonials to hear about the results people got whether or not they had meditated before or had never tried it. The best part about it being 3 minutes is that it allows you to create a HABIT. What most people experience is that they eventually, if not very quickly, love the feeling and they naturally want to sit longer. 🙂


My name’s Adam Brewer, and I’m a meditation guide, wellness coach and mind/body specialist. I live in Playa Del Rey, CA with my partner Liz and our son Skye.

Simply put, meditation changed my life…

Back in 2003, I lacked purpose. I lacked ambition. I had NO solid ground in my life…

Until I started meditating.

I’ve been practicing since then, and teaching it to others for the last 5 years; and I can’t wait for you to learn the secret to living a fulfilling life of joy and peace.

To learn more, please visit