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21 Day Mom Strong Program

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You shouldn’t have to suffer…pelvic floor dysfunction affects everything! You can’t jump, run, sneeze, cough without peeing your pants, maybe even suffer from back pain. You might feel like your stomach is literally hanging out too…and guess what? It is…your intestines are hanging out due to a hole that hidden in your “inner core” due to pelvic floor dysfunction. And let me tell you…this issue that affects over 40% of women can be reversed without spending thousands of dollars on surgeries, years of rebuilding your core strength with grueling workouts, but a simple, easy, effective 21 day program that anyone can do.

I’m here to help YOU do the right exercises at the right time, rebuild your core and pelvic floor, stop you from peeing your pants, and finally get that pre-baby body back! So let’s do it! TOGETHER!

NOTE: In addition to core healing most women experience more than 10 lbs of weight loss. If you don’t more than 10 lbs to lose please keep that in mind.