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112 Amazing Dog Hacks

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73 Ways to Effortlessly Transform Your Dog Into A More Obedient, Healthier & Happier Pup… PLUS, You’ll Discover 39 Amazing Dog Hacks That’ll Save You Time, Money & Hours of Frustration

The information on this page will allow you to SAVE $443 per year on vet bills and pet meds PLUS prevent you from WASTING over 26 hours of your time per year on vet visits.

Duston McGroarty

The Dog Solution

Dear Fellow Dog Owner,

It’s finally here! I’m so excited about the release of my brand new guide, The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook!

Please take 2 minutes to read this page and discover the exciting (and SIMPLE) ways to train your dog to be more obedient, healthier, and happier than EVER before!

(Also make sure you read to the end of this page because I have a special surprise that I’m sure you’ll be excited about.)

Breaking Bad Doggy Habits:

Also Discover Quick Simple Fixes to…

Stop Your Dog From DIGGING, Keep Your Dog From JUMPING On People, Stop Unwanted Barking, NATURALLY Cure Your Dog’s Itchy Skin, Stop Your Dog from Chewing & Transform Your Dog Into A Happy, Healthy Pooch!

Many of the quick fixes, all-natural cures, and simple training methods you’ll discover in this guide will also help to RELIEVE stress and increase happiness in your dog. This is a natural side effect your dog will experience from some of the powerful methods you’ll find inside! This occurs due to the robust effects these methods have on your dog such as:

  • Strong desire to be obedient
  • State of calmness around other dogs
  • Decreased Anxiety Levels
  • Lower chance of disease
  • Cures joint pain, bad hips, & skin conditions
  • Increased Natural Energy
  • Naturally Repel Fleas & Ticks

So not only will you enjoy a more relaxed and stress-free dog with improved joint health, skin health, and less risk of disease and other health issues, but you’ll also enjoy an OBEDIENT dog!

How can this guide STOP bad doggy behavior in its tracks and make your dog obey your every command?

    Quiet Barky McBarkerson with vinegar?

  • Learn 73 sneaky tricks to tap into the subconscious mind of your dog and make them obey your every command while still maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.
  • You might already know from my previous articles that certain mixtures of essential oils can dramatically change the temperment of your dog… and that means less stress and anxiety, increased natural energy, and a more obedient pup. I’ll also show you at LEAST 15 other natural oils, supplements, and common household ingredients that are great for doggy arthritis, diabetes, joint pain, bad hips, and more!
  • Eating poop can lead to infectious diseases and parasites… but it could also mean your dog has an underlying health issue. Either way, it’s not a good situation. I’ll show you 3 ways to keep your dog from eating poop and how to guarantee they’re getting all the necessary nutrients they need for optimal health.
  • How to use moth balls to protect your yard and to keep your dog from digging. And you’ll be surprised to know the 4 odd reasons WHY your dog is digging!
  • Nearly 15 million dogs have taken this prescription medication that has resulted in death in some dogs… is your pup taking it?
  • A common recommendation for an itchy pup is to give them fish oil supplements… the problem is, fish oils often contain deadly toxins, including high levels of dangerous PCBs, dioxins and detectable levels of mercury… find out what you should give your dog instead.
  • How teaching your dog this “four letter word” will keep them from jumping up on people for good. This means less stress for you when visitors come over.
  • STOP SHEDDING: Discover the SINGLE ingredient you probably have in your pantry right now that will significantly cut down on the amount of hair your dog sheds. Forget about harmful medications, this ingredient is 100% natural.
  • Dog Chewing

  • Teach your dog this 1 word to stop them from barking IMMEDIATELY. This works on ANY dog, no matter their age, and no matter how much they love to bark.
  • Discover how this 1 WEIRD LIQUID can stop your dog from chewing for good. One taste of this and they’ll never think about chewing again!
  • Beware of these 3 sinister dog foods (that could be deadly) that are sold at EVERY pet store and big box store in the world. You’ll see exactly how to avoid feeding your dog these foods to protect their health.
  • Do you know how to do Doggy CPR? Good news… find out exactly how to do it and how NOT to do it. (If done incorrectly it could cause death!)

…and so much more!!

Imagine waking up tomorrow with a happy, healthy, obedient dog who can’t wait to start the day by your side…

…Imagine how your dog will feel when their joints stop aching, their skin is silky smooth and they become calm, relaxed, and stress-free…

The good news is turning your pup into a picture perfect dog is actually pretty simple…

…All you have to do is follow these simple, easy, and time-tested dog training secrets.

I’ll also share with you…

You’re also going to discover how to teach your dog some really cool tricks (no matter their age) like Army Crawl, High Five (or Four!), Bring Their Tail, and more so…

…You can impress your friends and family, and finally give your dog the sense of accomplishment that they so desire

You’ll learn how to teach your dog tricks like…

  • Training your dog to jump through your arms.
  • Teaching your dog how to grab you a beer out of the fridge. (this one will leave your friends SPEECHLESS!)
  • Train your dog to walk and dance on their hind legs. This one is not so easy for large dogs though.
  • Teach your dog to speak, to SNEEZE on command, to shake their head “No”, and to play dead.
  • You’ll learn how to train your dog to pick up their toys and put them back into the toy bin. (this one is REALLY cool!)
  • Discover how to get your dog to bring you their tail, to ring a bell to go outside, to shut doors, to identify their toys on command, to jump the rope, and even LIMP!
  • You’ll even learn how to train your dog with a clicker, how to teach your dog to bow, how to train them to poop or pee on command, how to wave, and how to PROPERLY leash train them.

…and so much more!

100% all-natural cures to help fight doggy diseases100% Money Back Guarantee

As an added bonus, after you complete your order today, you’ll be given instructions on how to obtain your FREE bonus as described below:

Free Report

Free Bonus: 15 Foods That Could KILL Your Dog

The number of things that a dog will ingest far outweigh the number of things that they will not ingest. As dog owners we have to educate ourselves on certain foods that may be good for us but not for them.

Many people may not realize that common foods that we eat daily can be deadly for our canine friends. Many of us are guilty of slipping a bit of food from the dinner table without knowing the potential harm.

The best way to avoid a dangerous situation with your dog is to educate yourself on the common foods that can be harmful to your pet.

This report describes the 15 most common foods to avoid giving to your pooch.

The DOG OWNER’s Secret Handbook

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Here’s to your new obedient, healthy, happy dog,

Jonathan Gutierrez